Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mr. Rockin Hottie Magnum Daddy returns

Anyone else remember this?

magnum pi

It was originally an I Heart Faces entry that kinda sorta sprouted wings and grew its own story.

See, Lisa from Our Life With Dylan thought Mr. Daddy’s lovely expression reminded her of someone else that she just couldn’t put her finger on.

Then she figured it out and wrote this hilarious post that had me shrieking with laughter (and cleaning up Mountain Dew off my keyboard).

See, she thought the mustached version of my hubby looked a bit like the venerable Magnum P.I.

magnumpi 2

Oh yes she did.

(Seriously, go read it, it’s pee-your-pants funny)

And now the Mr. Rockin Hottie Magnum Daddy legend will just not die.  It crops up in conversations and I giggle hysterically every time I see a picture of Tom Selleck.

As I lovingly tease my husband, he pretends to be annoyed and usually remarks that most people mistook him for the hirusite Mark Spitz of Olympic swimming fame.


(I’ll pause while you thank me for searching high and low for a picture of the man that didn’t include his speedo.  I mean, that’s just wrong.)

Anyhoo… it had kinda died down as of late.  Until we ran into a friend we hadn’t seen for while.

And she was shocked at Mr. Daddy’s appearance.


My man had up and shaved his mustache one morning… no warning.

After she asked if he’d had the mustache for a long time (yes), she casually remarked,


“Well, that would be like Tom Selleck shaving his mustache off!”



(Just for you Lisa, just for you :)


Anonymous said...

OMG I can so see the resemblance! And I cracked up at that last comment: “Well, that would be like Tom Selleck shaving his mustache off!”

Very funny!

I was debating next week's True Story Tuesday post being about how my son recently noticed a bit of a resemblance between one of his toys and my I'll have to write that up!

Leiah said...

Guess who just got reminded of her latest TST post?

Pam D said...

Oh my. That made me kind of shudder, just because MY hubs has had his 'stache forEVER. I can't even imagine him without it, and while Adam kids around with him and tries to get him to shave it, I think I would feel like something very important was missing from my life. (runON, sentence, runON!). But yeah, I guess you have to accept the reality that you need a Ferarri and some Hawaiian shirts. Oh darn. ;<)

K said...

OMG I TOTALLY see the resembelence
Mr Daddy you are a very nice looking man but I vote for the Moustachiod look !
My DH also has a very nice mustache and I love it
"Long live the moustache" said Guy De Maupassant and he was right

Emily said...

I have totally thought that about Mr Daddy before too! And I noticed when he shaved off the mustache. I did remind me of the time Tom Selleck shaved it off on his Friend's appearance!

Foursons said...

Hahaha- don't you love how these things work? Hilarious. Chris shaved his mustache off shortly after we got married. I am so happy he did!

robin said...

I've always thought Tom Selleck was totally hot (moreso when he had his mustache too!) Sadly, my hubby doesn't look good with facial hair...but, Mr. Daddy, you definitely do/did the mustache justice!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

Oh Mr worked the mustache will be missed

He & Me + 3 said...

My hubs did that to me too. One day face hair the next day gone! I had to get used to it..but now I love it. Mr. Daddy has a great face either way. It just takes a little time to get used to. How long will he keep the clean shavin look? Til hunting season?

Kmama said...

Oh, so so funny. I just have to second what everyone else has said. LOL!!

Lisa said...

Oh, Rachel. Words cannot describe the feelings Ihave right now. Oh, wait, yes they can! LOL Embarrassed, tickled, cracking up, maybe not so embarrassed after all.... LOL Oh, Mr. Daddy. If you only knew what "punishment" you and this Mr. Rockin' Hottie Magnum Daddy has brought to my life. You have no idea. My family reminds me of it in some form at least once a week or so. Seriously. Plus, the "Magnum" stuff follows me wherever I go. :) Thanks, Rachel, for reminding the entire bloggy world I said your hubby was a hottie Magnum! LOLOL

P.S. And thank you SOOOO much for finding that picture of a speedo-less Mark Spitz. I really appreciate it!

oh, lordy, i am laughing my guts out over here.

Lisa said...

Oh, and THANK YOU for posting that for me! I needed that laugh this week! :)

Killlashandra said...

Ack he shaved! I can't imagine my husband without a mustache. It would be so weird. He'd probably look ten years younger, or at least that's what he says. LMAO

I don't know about the Tom Selleck look a like, but the olympic shot sure looks closer to me.

Kameron said...

That is so funny. I have NEVER seen my dad wthout facial hair. Most of the time he sported a full beard and mustache and the least has been a mustache and goatee. I told him (jokingly of course) that when he dies I'm going to shave it off just to see what his face looks like!

Stacy said...

My Dad had a bit of a resemblance to ole Tom, as well. He finally shaved off his mustache about 5 years or so ago and he looks totally different now. I think it was because it was totally gray LOL! Brian actually had a gotee for awhile. It came in Red - what a shock that was!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

BAHAHA LOL!!!!!!!!!!! That is classic!!! And thank you so very much for sparing us the speedo's LOL!

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