Monday, February 01, 2010

True Story Tuesday - On being upstaged

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On Being Upstaged

I realize this is the saga that is dying a slow and very painful death… but I promise – we’ll put this puppy to bed after this week.

Reluctantly, I’ll remind you that this started with an evil Kirby vacuum cleaner and an unplanned haircut.

Which led to the mysterious demise of our camper that I had been cleaning with the aforementioned Kirby.

And of course, led in sum total to a bout of panic after posting my confession online and realizing that my parents would see it.

Sooo… my little stinker who moved away sister came for a visit and I made dinner.  My mother sat down to catch up on some blog reading while I silently panicked and wondered just how the evening was going to end.

There were a few interesting “hmmmm… hmmmm’s” and I was dreading my father’s reaction.

As the story was read aloud, my sister’s face registered unawareness.  Would you believe she actually did not remember this?  Maybe my threats of not letting her borrow my LA Gear shoes or my Hypercolor shirt (hardy-har) actually were traumatic enough to cause amnesia.

In any case, she finished the story with equal parts amusement and amazement.  My mom was kinda chuckling before she got to the end.  Then she said,

“Yeah, I remember when the camper got wrecked.  I broke the vent thingie”.

WHAT?  You did?




Then I looked over at Dad.  Ooooh.  Not good.  He didn’t look amused or amazed or… well, anything except rather peeved.

I quickly moved on to other subjects.

(What, you thought that was it?  Oh no, this was just the prelude).

We sit down to dinner and my dad opens with, “Well, you almost killed your mother.”



Then follows the story…

Why of course it was my fault.  We’d given my dad a giftcard for a nice dinner for his birthday that week.  Silly me.


He took my mother out and they enjoyed each other's company over some good food.

Then my father went to get something out of the car and returned to find my mother…

slumped over into the chair next to her.

She was nearly unconscious with other diners attempting to help her.

Now I know you’re thinking… shellfish allergies, right?

Oh no.  In a mighty effort to keep from passing out, my mother struggled to tell them:

I just gave blood.



(Yes, I know I say “seriously” waaay too often.  I like it.)

Two calls from the doctor later, they determine that she might be a tad bit too petite to be donating.

(Which I would looove the blood bank to take into consideration… especially since they call up to TWELVE times a day because of her rare blood type).

Guess what?  When you take a portion of a petite person’s blood volume, you should warn them that a large meal might send their remaining blood to where the yummy meal is… which would leave their pretty head a bit, shall we say, unattended?

A new example of “giving ‘til it hurts”, eh?  Sorry Mom.  But I do have to say that I’m grateful that your story served as a timely distraction for my otherwise certain belated punishment for crimes against the camper.



You know the drill!  We’d love to share some comment love – just link up and we’ll be around looking for your great True Story Tuesdays!


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

That was great! I was hoping to hear their reaction to your confession. I can't believe your sister didn't remember!
I love how your dad blamed you for the restaurant incident! LOL!
I'm going to join in this week. I finally have a good one!

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

tee hee hee....I never knew that about giving blood...but I guess since I will never be called petite I don't have to worry!!!

I really wish I could come up with a story good enough to share....maybe someday...

brian said...

Me too...I'm too petite said...


You are killing me!

Your poor mom. That is scary.

But, she was nice to take on for the team ;)
What a way to distract dad.

brian said...

Funny how something that was so big in your own mind is now barely remembered...

...By your sister, that is.

Your dad still seems to carry a grudge! :)

BTW, nice touch, almost kill mom :)

Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma said...

I didn't know that about giving blood either! Hypercolor shirts - those should so make a comeback! Remember when we blew our breath on everyone else's shirts just to see the magic? Yummy, lol!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OMGsoh you are killing us all here ROFL!!!! Thanks for the closing on the story ;) Hope your not still in trouble *giggles*!!

Foursons said...

OK wait a minute. Did I miss something? Why did your mom think SHE broke the vent? I'm completely confused.

And was it your dad's birthday this weekend when you went out to dinner?

Sorry- I'm totally blowing your funny. I'm the person who says, "I don't get it."

Emily said...

LOL...that is crazy. And your poor mom. I still can't believe you confessed...I deny 'til the end!

Kmama said...

LOL. I'm glad you followed-up on this story!! I'm with Emily, deny to the end!! LOL

I'm glad your mom is okay. that must have been so scary for her and everyone there!!

Lisa said...

Okay, I am partially with Julie here. How come your mom thought SHE broke the vent thingy? I get the distraction of the passing out story and how it must have been close to your dad's bday when all of this happened, but did your mom ALSO fall through the vent? lol And I'm not even a natural blond! LOL I can't believe your sister didn't remember. That is totally priceless.

Stacy said...

Well, its a good thing your dad can't ground you anymore, right?? I have another story that I should write where I seriously thought my dad would harm me for wrecking a vehicle. It was traumatic.

Glad your mom recovered! I wrote a story a while back about my blood giving, so I really feel her pain. I don't think I'm too petite, though LOL!

Shana Putnam said...

Loved the LA Gear I had some that were pink, black and white with 2 pairs of shoestrings and then of course you had to wear 2 pairs of socks with the colors alternating. great memories. Oh sorry I got off on a shoe

HeatherOz said...

OH, you guys are so wonderfully entertaining! I think I am going to use the excuse that I'm too petite to give blood! What blood type is your Mom?

Anonymous said...

LA Gears...oh my.

Your poor momma! Little thing almost passing out!

This time upstaging your story was a good thing!

Mom Of Many said...

Once upon a time I didn't weigh enough to give blood. Sigh. Oh the joys of menopause....

He & Me + 3 said...

who knew about giving blood? Certainly not me. Your poor mommy. I can't believe your sister didn't remember. LOL

Jana said...

This just keeps getting better and better, I need to get back to ttt but I have been so dang busy! I love seeing what you have going on though. HI-larious!

Michelle Pixie said...

I love how that became your fault?! At least you didn't get too much grief over the camper but I am sure it's bound to come up again at some point. ;)

Having worked at the blood bank for more years than I would like to count, I am sorry your mom had such a horrible reaction...and honestly I've never heard that eating a big meal afterwards could cause such a reaction? Very Strange.

Killlashandra said...

I'm glad she's ok. I would have thought the warning would come before the needle though.

Katie said...

Lol, I had forgotten about those hypercolor shirts! I am really enjoying your blog, btw. :)

Unknown said...

Oh no! First the camper and then your mothers demise... This is serious! : ) I hope you are all done wreaking havoc on those poor parents of yours!

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