Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Glamour Shot Promise


Ever say something that you wish you could just backspace and make disappear?

Girls – you gotta back me up here.

I let my mouth write a check that my tail don’t want to cash, LOL.

But several of you have agreed to link up your own Glamour Shots after my stupid big-haired, chunky-earringed promise.  And if you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know I always hold  ya to your word (cuz apparently, I’m good for mine, even when it leads to royally embarrassing moments).

So I’ll start you off easy.

Here’s my little sister.

Emphasis on little.

Just how old does she look?


Yes, Ju will majorly stew over this, but she moved away so she can’t kick my butt in person anymore.

Though I happen to think she looks pretty cute and they went easy on the hair.

Cuz when they don’t go easy on the hair, it is not a pretty thing.  Not pretty at all.

Which is why I’m actually thankful that they did a dark background that caused my hair to disappear here and made it look like a uber-oval floating head was resting on a classy circa-1992 teal glove.  (Sorry, scan quality).


(You’d think this would be enough humiliation of its own, but oh no Mr. Daddy, you just had to push your luck)

I couldn’t find the black leather jacket ones - I probably burned them ten years ago - but here I am in all my big-hair glory.

*chirp chirp*


(Dear, I think this is beyond even)


Why, why, WHY would you do that to a chick?!?!

And the only answer I can think of is, because they could.

Hey, at least I should just be thankful that they didn’t expose me to the entire mall, right?

Your turn!  If you’ve got Glamour Shots or any kind of classic Texas-pageant-queen photos (sorry Texas chicks, it’s a hard rep to shake), link ‘em up and we’ll share the comment love!

(Please, please, please don’t make me stand here all by myself in my metallic shawl getup…)

And just for bragging rights - you can grab this awesome button Shana made for me!  Are we cool or what?!

Monday, March 29, 2010

True Story Tuesday - What are friends for?

Y’all, it’s time for True Story Tuesday!

You know, where we share in the public humiliation, amazement, or bizarreness that is blogworthy!

You’ve probably already got a post about something crazy that has happened.  Or feel free to write one up just for us (cuz you love us that much?) :)

Just grab the code from under the TST button on the sidebar, put it in your post somewhere, and link up your actual post address below.

And giddyup, time for some tales:




So… we post that record-setting, never-ending, picture-laden, post about our weekend away.  Don’t worry… we’ll include the visuals again here so you know where this is going.

Everything is hunky dory, until I realize that the hit counter keeps turning over.  And they seem to be hitting this particular post.

And I’m wondering who is so darn interested in this one?

And then it happens…

I remember a certain cute little blogger who had a cute little crush on a cute not-little Mr. Volcyum.

Yep… she’s discovered the little gift I left her.

And if you thought her comments on the original Mr. Volcyum post were hilarious…


clip_image002clip_image003Jewelz said...

Would it be inappropriate for me to say out aloud...the guy in the Volcom T-Shirt can hunt me ANYTIME! {{{blushes}}}....it's NOT cheating if you just look right?
eeepppp....I think I should just be quiet right about now.
backs out quietly
;0) Jewelz

(It touched off a firestorm of hilarious comments - trust me, go read the rest of them, then come back.  It’ll make a lot more sense, and we’ll be waitin’ right here for ya)

Anyhoo… those little clicks on the hit counter made a lot more sense, once I opened my email and literally sat on the floor and laughed myself to tears.

Mr. Daddy sat on the couch next to the laptop as I tried to read the message aloud through gasps and wheezes.  Girl, it was the best workout I’ve gotten in weeks, my abs hurt and my bladder still hasn’t recovered.

Without further ado, here is this week’s TST, really brought to you courtesy of Jewelz:

Jewelz has left a new comment on your post "SOOC - A Weekend Away":
ok...so I was a little slow getting around to putting up a response. To be honest I just had the photo of my Darlin Mr Volcyum playing with Itty Bit sittiing there on my screen for a little while...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


I got a little lost there for a bit, was taking him..eeerrm it, yes IT all in. Ok, now you've all been just a'waintin' patiently for my response haven't you? Lisa, I see you there, take a seat girl....I'm about to say JUST what y'all were a thinkin'
Warning, PUT DOWN YOUR DRINKS, unless you have a cloth and some monitor spray!.............................
Rach....that post was like good s@x!
Amazing s@x actually.
You grabbed me from the outset...you said grind bwahahahaha! No really......

There was vehicular drama..I thought of John Stratham (The Transporter) and Vin Deisel (xXx)
You had my attention you little tease.

You set the scene...an outing, driving...drama heightened...wild animals...a thrilling little chase for the perfect shot to send off to National Geograph, another drama as Rach does her own stunt...no stunt double for this gal nuh ah....and slides down a dangerous embankment, disappointment as she loses her lens cap...oh no, NOT THE LENS CAP! (I'm a photographer, I understand your pain Girl!)


A pit stop...with a little tease as Rach voyeuristically snaps a shot of Mr Daddy....I was sure there was gonna be butt...alas not,


however the tension mounts again, I hold my breath.......and I get YAKS! Yaks? My confusion and disappointment soon dissolves into peels of laughter as Rach gets a little tongue action!

At which point I am glad Itty Bit was looking away!


Then I was quickly brought back to the moment as Mr Daddy made a few remarks about the COUGAR,


I prepared for the worst as I clicked nervously on the link, thinking it was going to take me to a picture of me stalking Mr Volcyum, I thought 'The gigs up Jewelz'....I feel much relief as I am reminded of the time Rach mistook a Pitbull she hit for a Cougar ((I can understand how you made that mistake Rach, honest I can.))......

(as we slowly stopped hiccupping and wiped the tears from our eyes, the next email came in…)

...cont...(I KNEW it was gonna be tooo long for one post bwahahahahaha)
Then I settled back for a pleasant journey as we took in the sights you had snapped on your ride through the park


and I was lulled into a false sense of security when BAM there is my name, a hightlighted link, right below Mr Volcyum's um, er, ah...'package'.....


ok you had my attention and lost me all in the exact same moment Rach, sorry...and the 'dance begins'....now's when you sensitive type should scroll right past the rest of my response....

whilst I did briefly take in the cyoooote pics of Itty Bit singin'


and pickin his cute as a button nose,


I did really just scroll past them...uh ha nice, sweet a grown man dancin' with Itty Bit...


yeah yeah, cute pics of Mr Daddy lovingly sqeezing Itty Bit's head {mild motherly concern that Itty Bit's Head might just fall off, fleetingly passes through my mind}


Rach mentioned THEM, Mr Daddy's hunting buddies.....I scroll on because I just KNOW Rach will have done us proud and snapped another shot, perhaps an action shot of my Mr Volcyum, maybe one without his shirt on, maybe!!!!!!} scroll back to Cute Itty Bit signing in his sleep....


nawww...linger a little here 'cause it is very very sweet....scroll down again...geese-meh,


head squeezing , more head squeezing...the excitement mounts, oh please oh please Rach don't disappoint me....bah more head queezing cummon Rach then.........

.......... BAM............


There he is, smilin sweetly at me {{{{sigh}}} that was SO worth all the scrolling down!  I bizarrely I feel like I need a cigarette....and I don't even smoke!!! Go Figure :0)

Now I do understand Rach if you choose not to post my response BUT if you take down that last photo, I'll a come lookin fir ya! Bwahahahahahahahaha

(and then, a final comment)

....wonders if it is officially stalking if I simply drop back to this post and stare for a bit???
{{{SIGHS}}}} AND he plays guitar! Lawdy lawdy someone catch me, I think I'm gonna swoon.
NO, wait!
Mr Daddy I have an idea *cough 'deviously cunning plan' cough*!!! Quick, go fetch Mr Volcyum, THEN I'll feel faint ~winks at Mr Daddy~ get it??? {{{~winks again and touches her finger to her nose knowingly~}}}


Oh, it was too much!  She had me snorting and guffawing and so close to peeing my pants it was beyond funny and into the emergency stage.  (Don’t you even pretend that you don’t know what the “pee-pee” dance is…)

So… this remind you of the last time your comment section inspired hysterical laughter?  Or the last time an entire topic of inside jokes was born from an offhand remark?

(Oh yes dear friends, I do call this fella “Mr. Volcyum” every time I see him!)

Thanks Jewelz, you are a good sport for letting me include thse


So link up below!  We’d love to visit and spread some comment love!  See you soon :)


I Heart Faces - B&W Dramatic

This week is a great theme – you can go so many places with Black and White editing, but they all have to start with a memorable shot, right?

Check out the terrific entries this week!

This weeks’ theme description:

We are looking for B&W photos that are dramatic, sensational and/or moody in the way they are presented. Please don't just enter a typical portrait photo that has been converted to B&W. Something about your entry must catch our eye as being dramatic or moody for it to be passed along to the Guest Photographer Judge as a top entry for them to choose from.

At least one person must be in your photo. For this week only, as long as we can tell that there is a person in your photo you will be good to go (a face doesn't have to be clearly showing...but if it is, that's fine as well.)

And while I was there checking out some amazing entries, I realized that OHMYWORD, Amy and Angie have over 600 entries to go through already!

If only you could see the entire series… it was a dark and stormy night day and the sky was filled with swirling clouds.

First he stood still and waited for the water to settle around his boots.  He intently stared at the boy in the puddle.

Then he carefully lifted a foot to see his reflection ripple.



Yeah… and then he remembered he is three-years old and the rules state that one must stomp and splash the everliving raindrops out of any puddle… including his reflective buddy.

We played until the light began to disappear and the raindrops returned.

I hope he remembers this.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Glamour Shots and Don't Do Two Mommies!

*sorry - having to update this to close comments - we are being spammed to death...

The boykid has started this cross-eyed thing where he thinks it’s hilarious to look just to the right of me and exclaim:
Which is adorable once, twice, and maybe even three times.
And then your own mother’s voice starts ringing in your head (yes, even a deaf chick assigns her mother a “voice” in her mind, hee hee)

Which leads to my dilemma.
I’ve (foolishly) been a bit too careless in throwing out the admonition


Which I’m sure makes absolutely no sense to anyone else in the grocery store.
And I totally apologize for not being able to keep up with commenting lately – I’ve has super-limited quality time with my bloggy buddies and I am missing y’all.  Stick with me k?  I’ll try to make it up to you!

In most excellent news, a number of you have given your word that you would be willing to dig up those priceless treasures known as Glamour Shots (yes, based on the classic exposure tale).
Seriously?!?!  Y’all are gluttons for public humiliation like me?  I feel so loved!
Anyhoo – I’m gonna hold y’all to it!  Tomorrow I’m desperately trying to pull together an iheartfaces entry, Tuesday is a PEE-YOUR-PANTS-FUNNY True Story Tuesday (if I can get permission to share it), and Wednesday will be the day to link up your most fabulous Glamour Shots!
Come on – it’ll be fun!  Who doesn’t like an easy post, fun new visitors, and some admiring comments (please be nice y’all… my fragile ego can only stand so much)?!?
(Alright Mr. Daddy, we’re even now.  Right?  You promised).

Friday, March 26, 2010

SOOC - Reflections by Mr. Daddy


The miracles of possibilities.
And those possibilities, revealed in little boys.

For more Straight Out Of the Camera images, visit Melody at Slurping Life
Slurping Life

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Letters of Intent - Who pays?

Julie from Foursons hosts this great weekly chance to speak your mind and (often) get results.

For more Letters of Intent, find her here:



I’ll be honest.

I had a cutesy post lined up.

You know… something along the lines of addressing my kid’s nap strike and how I keep injuring myself in imbecilic ways.

But then I read the article (below).

And it chilled me to the core.

So this is my letter… I’m posting the text of the news article and asking you to read it.

ABCNews.com’s article has more details.  Here is the Komonews.com version:

SEATTLE -- The mother of a Ballard High School student is fuming after the health center on campus helped facilitate her daughter's abortion during school hours.

The mother, whom KOMO News has chosen to identify only as "Jill," says the clinic kept the information "confidential."

When she signed a consent form, Jill figured it meant her 15 year old could go to the Ballard Teen Health Center located inside the high school for an earache, a sports physical, even birth control, but not for help terminating a pregnancy.

"She took a pregnancy test at school at the teen health center," she said. "Nowhere in this paperwork does it mention abortion or facilitating abortion."

Jill says her daughter, a pro-life advocate, was given a pass, put in a taxi and sent off to have an abortion during school hours all without her family knowing.

"We had no idea this was being facilitated on campus," said Jill. "They just told her that if she concealed it from her family, that it would be free of charge and no financial responsibility."

The Seattle School District says it doesn't run the health clinics at high schools. Swedish Medical Center runs the clinic at Ballard High and protects the students' privacy.

T.J. Cosgrove of the King County Health Department, which administers the school-based programs for the health department, says it's always best if parents are involved in their children's health care, but don't always have a say.

"At any age in the state of Washington, an individual can consent to a termination of pregnancy," he said.
But Jill says she not only didn't have a say in her daughter's abortion, but also didn't know about it.

"Makes me feel like my rights were completely stripped away."


I don’t want to talk politics.

I am just unbelievably frightened at the fact that this happened – that a school allowed and encouraged it.

What on earth would they have done if this teenager began hemorrhaging?

This isn’t politics at all, this is parenting.

Parents have a legal responsibility for anything their minor children do… how an they be held to it if a public school is allowed to make health decisions for a child?  Decisions that are life-threatening and life-changing.

This school is local to me.  I played against their girls’ basketball teams.  This scares me to no end.


Who paid?  Well, at least one precious life did.



Grieved and Scared


p.s.  I am confused… at my high school, you had to have a note from your parent if you showed up late.  And they’d call your parents if you didn’t show up at all.  Am I missing something?

TYMV - Break out the bubble wrap

YAY!  I love Thank You Very Much Day!  It means a chance at some free therapy and gives hope that the weekend is coming.
Thanks Kmama!  Be sure to check out her other links – just guessing I’m not the only thankful one this week!

Apparently, we earned a boatload of things to be thankful for after daring to have a fun weekend
We returned home to a lovely bill from the surgeon who messed my wrist up TEN MONTHS AGO, Thank You Very Much.  (I say “messed up”, because the physical therapist mentioned in passing that he might have gone a bit deeper and CAUSED carpal tunnel… UGH!)
Remember the anesthesiologist who threw a 2-year old fit, and the teenybopper nurse who pulled the stitches out the wrong way?  Yeah, well I wrote the dude two letters about that (unanswered, by the way), sent in my co-pay, and I’m not interested in forking over another $2000… Thank You Very Much.
medical bill(image from Google)
To the perfect storm that conspired to take Mr. Daddy out of town for three days this week… Thank You Very Much.
I mean, the world KNOWS I can’t build a fire to save myself, so this week has really tested my Girl Scout non-abilities, Thank You Very Much.
To the kid who decided to leave me some artwork on the bathroom cabinet… I love it honey, but next time don’t use my lip liner, k?  Thank You Very Much.
And the granddaddy of them all… to the dollar section at Target that sucked me in and left me injured within 20 seconds of entering the store, Thank You Very Much.
To the cheapo candleholder that wasn’t quite attached to the metal piece it was supposed to hang from… for falling to the floor and breaking, Thank You Very Much.
To the non-existent staff that scurried out of sight as soon as that telltale CRASH was heard, Thank You Very Much.
I was still nice enough to clean up the shards so no little kid got hurt, Thank You Very Much.
And when I approached the customer service counter with the glass in one hand, and a furiously bleeding gash in the other, and asked for a bandaid… Mr. Teenaged Customer Service Dude – do NOT look like you’re gonna pass out on me!  I need your help!  For throwing a box of kleenex, a band aid, and some wound spray at me, Thank You Very Much.
To the 3-year old who was oblivious to the drama and swiped a $1 pack of Nerf bullets and hollered in my face “OPEN OPEN OPEN!” as I stood there bleeding, Thank You Very Much.
To Mr. Teenaged Customer Service Dude, for forcing me to hold the medical stuff with my good hand, try to contain my bloody mess with the other, and CARRY a 40-pound kid into the bathroom by myself, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
To the 40-pound sack of potatoes who suddenly saw the ungodly amount of blood being dumped into the sink and started shrieking, Thank You Very Much for alerting the rest of the store to the scene.
I’m sure they all assumed the right thing hearing, “MOMMY IS BLEEDING!  MOMMY IS BLEEDING BAD!” from the women’s restroom.
For continuing to narrate the story at the top of your lungs, Thank You Very Much.
(Yes honey, I have a bandaid)
(Yes honey, it’ll get better)

Anyone else remember that I’m not exactly good with blood?  Especially when your hand is cupped and it still overflows?  UGH.
I spend the rest of the night with kleenex on top of the band aid cuz the sucker keeps opening, Thank You Very Much.
So… last night the kiddo needs help to the bathroom and I jump up to rescue him.  And wouldn’t you know, someone moved the couch, Thank You Very Much.
My entire foot gets stuck under the couch but the rest of my short-but-ungainly body is still flying forward.
I land on my elbow and, hitting my head and scraping up my stuck foot.
And yep, opened up that stinking little bleeder, Thank You Very Much.
My neck is out, I have a nice headache, very gnarly bruise on my foot, and my elbow is just fine.  I need a whole body made out of elbows please.
Ms. Julie Foursons has advised me that I need to get myself some bubble wrap.  And you know what… Mr. Daddy would totally love that, eh?  Thank You Very Much!

(tip of the day… don’t Google “wrap yourself in bubble wrap”.  you’re welcome)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Bet your child has never ever said...

“Mommy!  We need to go to the car wash RIGHT NOW!”


Because of buffalo spit


(yes darlings, that was MY window… thankyouverymuch)

Monday, March 22, 2010

True Story Tuesday - Composition, Aperture, and Exposure

Hey y'all!  Glad to see everyone back for another round of True Story Tuesdays – where the stories are outrageous, miraculous, hilarious, amazing, and downright true!  If you have one of those family legends that fits the bill, we’d love to have you play along and send some linky love your way!

(Really sorry, but I’m pressed for time in trying to fix all of thinks that just go back to people’s main blogs… please click on your actual post title, then copy and paste the www address to that exact post, rather than just your blog name, k?  Otherwise we’ll get lost trying to find your tale… and every TST deserves some comments, right?!?! :)

So grab the code from below the True Story Tuesday button on the right sidebar, throw it into your post and link back up for some comment love!

This week brought to you by a chick who would really rather not have to share her own embarrassing secrets in order to tell the funny stuff.  But since I’m a glutton for punishment (or at least public humiliation), here goes:



Embarrassing stuff out of the way first:  I did a couple of pageants in my teen years.  I could tell you that I did it for the experience, the confidence-building, the lessons in charm… but I did it for the money.  Yep folks, I was all about putting myself through college.  (Don’t laugh, it actually worked in a roundabout way).

So the first order of business was to go get some of these:


Anybody else remember those?  The ones that make 14-year olds look like 21-year olds, and 65-year olds look like… well… like some really mature kids trying on makeup for the first time.

(Sorry… there’s only a few times in your life that woman should be photographed with bare shoulders.  A prom, a wedding, or the beach.  And for all of our sakes, keep the ones with feather boas off the living room wall please :)

Back to business, I had some pictures that needed to be taken.  And trust me, I tried to dig the evidence up for y’all to make fun of – but blessed relief unfortunately they are in a steamer truck underneath my coin collection.

(Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha)

Just picture me with a massive hairdo because the first thing any of those pseudo makeover artists wanted to do was rat the heck out of my long hair.  It took me weeks to get my curls back.

Anyway, we show up at the front counter of the Glamour Shots at the mall.


See, the storefront faces the inside of the mall and this particular locale was a VERY BUSY mall.

We get all signed up (a waiver in case my hair goes up in flames after 2 cans of Aquanet, or my eyelashes fall off from the weight of the mascara), and the young guy behind the counter starts picking out some outfits for the shoot.

He grabs a black leather jacket (yeah right… that’ll go over well for a Miss Teen pageant), some shiny gold taffeta hideousness, and the preresiquite feather boa (that my mother promptly gave back to him).

He points out the makeup chair, and leads me to the front of the store where the changing rooms are.

He briskly pulls aside a curtain and stands there explaining which outfit to put on first.


(You doubt it?  Go here)

As he stands there talking, a poor teenaged girl is standing there with nothing but undies on… looking shocked and trying desperately to hide the sudden exposure with a self-hug.


He is absolutely clueless to the scene behind him, though several shoppers have noticed and staring in shock at the mortified girl.

I finally find my voice and kind of “ummm… uhhh… uhhhh… you…. ummm…” and gesture wildly at the dressing room.

He continues his rote monologue about the clothes as he starts to turn and suddenly falls silent.

Oh friends… if there were ever a time to win $100,000 for the funniest video… it was when those two locked eyes and you could feel the heat on his face and hear every single word that girl mentally screamed at him with her expression.

Seriously… why does this keep happening to me?!?!


This remind you of another crazy story that is just begging to be written?  Or one that you already have in your blog?  Easy peasy – grab the code, link your goodies up, and we’ll be around with some comment love!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

SOOC - A Weekend Away

When your daily grind includes the words



amount not covered by insurance

you can bet you are overdue for a getaway.


Here we go – challenging the limits of Blogger picture capacity.

We started off Friday morning with a bang.


Remember this?  Well, another poor soul managed to crash in front of our house again.


A vet avoiding a dog narrowly missed the power pole but his Caddy didn’t like the ditch.  Itty Bit enjoyed the tow truck scene very much.


So we head out… and thank the Lord that we live in the Northwest where this sight is common, yet still stunning:


On our way, Mr. Daddy suddenly makes a u-turn and parks.  I grab the camera and do the messy work.


Yes friends, that is a herd of elk!  The photo was taken through a tangle of branches and blackberry bushes while sliding down a gravel/mud slope holding my camera for dear life.

And it wasn’t until I got to the bottom and started clicking away, that I had the sudden intelligence to shout up to Mr. Daddy, “Hey, these things aren’t dangerous are they?”

Then I scrambled back up and lost my lens cap.  Worth it, no?


Then we stopped for a *ahem* potty break.

IMG_7117(Don’t act all shocked… y’all know he has some revenge coming)


So we finally make it to the Game Park – where I realize quickly that I was kinda dumb to put myself out there with some wild animals when I’d have some begging me to take their latest head shots…


(Love how it says “Keep Moving” and they just roll down the windows and keep on feeding those critters)

You see everything up-close.  These guys are not afraid of anything.


  Now, I have to apologize for my language here.  No excuses.  I was just royally freaked out.

Should I really have been surprised when I turned around to see this?  All my freaking out was kinda scary for the little guy!  (But in all fairness, the thing LICKED me).


The zebra was quite a bit less threatening.  Though the shocking color of my arm may be scarier…


And the rhino was super cool


Mr. Daddy of course, had a few remarks about the COUGAR.


We had a blast with the bears.  The kodiaks were HUGE!

IMG_7180Itty Bit couldn’t get over the construction equipment in the background… go figure.

Mr. Daddy is easily trainable ;)  Here the bear has him feeding bread and showing off his skills:


Then came my favorite part…  heading out to the “plains” where all kinds of four-legged critter roam free.

I think Mr. Daddy was a bit chagrined at looking at this beautiful specimen without having a bow in his hands!


In case you’re wondering just how big these guys are – check out this for size… and these are the GIRLS!


The view was incredible:


And then we were besieged by the fallow deer.  Itty Bit recovered enough to feed one from the backseat:


The deer took one whiff of this, and decided to try MY window… wonder why?


This one had some major attitude:


And then we came to the part that I still have childhood emotional scars from… the buffalo:


Massive!  Except that they are FAR scarier when they are on both sides of your car, rocking it by trying to put their enormous heads through the window!

This one was just a baby:


(The childhood trauma had to do with being in a fullsize Dodge Ram pickup and having adult buffalo rocking it and LICKING me from both sides while I screamed and tried to roll up the NON-power windows.  Ever tried to fight a buffalo that doesn’t want you to roll up a window?  No?  You should try it sometime…)

But golly, isn’t this little guy the CUTEST THING EVER?  I apologize for being an idiot and not shooting in Auto.


And at the tail end of the route, we encountered this:


and this


and this


I mean, there was just no escaping the utter cuteness of being surrounded by a bunch of baby elk.



Even sleepy ones


They had their own gang


(Really, it should have been them sticking their tongues out at Mr. Daddy… I can just see them and their little gang motto, “Yo, you can’t shoot us!”)


After our most excellent adventure, we headed off to hang out with these guys… remember them?


(Which touched off a round of comments about Mr. “Volcyum” – thanks to Jewelz ;)

Here’s what was happening when I was chatting with the neighbor and she asked if my son was alright…?  Apparently, he was belting out “Ooh Eee Ooh Ahh Ahh Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang”


Then he found his inner rockstar


and inexplicably stopped to pick his nose 

(you’re welcome)



Then decided to groove and dance with one of the other hunter buddies:



(We really do have the best friends – you can see why he didn’t want to come home)

And out of the whole weekend, what did he enjoy most?

Peeing off the dock, of course.


Let’s just say the cowboy’s aim was a bit ‘off” from fear of falling into the water…


He was so exhausted that I caught him signing in his sleep the next morning:


He woke up to all the fun stuff outside the back door.

Except… those canadian geese are REAL!


And here’s our SOOC Straight Out Of the Camera shots… getting the squeeze from Daddy:








And because I don’t want to leave the ladies hanging… just for you - the sweet Mr. Volcyum that Itty Bit adores

(don’t say I never gave ya anything)



Join Melody for more!

Slurping Life