Monday, March 29, 2010

I Heart Faces - B&W Dramatic

This week is a great theme – you can go so many places with Black and White editing, but they all have to start with a memorable shot, right?

Check out the terrific entries this week!

This weeks’ theme description:

We are looking for B&W photos that are dramatic, sensational and/or moody in the way they are presented. Please don't just enter a typical portrait photo that has been converted to B&W. Something about your entry must catch our eye as being dramatic or moody for it to be passed along to the Guest Photographer Judge as a top entry for them to choose from.

At least one person must be in your photo. For this week only, as long as we can tell that there is a person in your photo you will be good to go (a face doesn't have to be clearly showing...but if it is, that's fine as well.)

And while I was there checking out some amazing entries, I realized that OHMYWORD, Amy and Angie have over 600 entries to go through already!

If only you could see the entire series… it was a dark and stormy night day and the sky was filled with swirling clouds.

First he stood still and waited for the water to settle around his boots.  He intently stared at the boy in the puddle.

Then he carefully lifted a foot to see his reflection ripple.



Yeah… and then he remembered he is three-years old and the rules state that one must stomp and splash the everliving raindrops out of any puddle… including his reflective buddy.

We played until the light began to disappear and the raindrops returned.

I hope he remembers this.


Mrs. Claus said...

I love the reflection in the puddle. Great shot!

American in Norway said...

Beautiful shot! Wow!

Whitney said...

i ♥ rainboots.

Dani³ said...

really wonderful! love the reflection too!

Hannah said...

Gorgeous. Love the reflection.

Shana said...

That picture is gorgeous as a black and white!

Michelle Pixie said...

I love both the color and the B&W so, so sweet! I am sure he will remember. :-)

Foursons said...

Beautiful words with the photo Rachel! You know how I feel about this one already. Great job and I have a feeling a new button to your sidebar is coming this week. :)

piphotos said...

That's such a great photo! You will cherish that forever! (ps- GREAT b/w)

K- floortime lite mama said...

even more gorgeous and timeless in Black and white

brian said...

Little boy + puddle = hours of fun and fascination

Heather said...

It's all about the reflection. Awesomeness!!

Danielle said...

I sure hope you win with this one. It is so beautiful.

Tina said...

I LOVE this photo!!! I actually have a REALLY moody b&w that I could enter!!

Michelle said...

That's a great shot! I love it.

Crystal Rae said...

I love this shot. It looks like he's having fun!

Leiah said...


Kmama said...

I'm so glad you used this one!!

Melissa said...

I love it Rachel! I just know our kiddos would get along so well together!

fiddlehead said...

Great capture. Love this shot.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I love this picture, especially the reflection!

Adrienne said...

this picture and the words are simply priceless and beautiful...I wanted to tear up thank you

HeatherOz said...

Oh yeah! That one is REALLY fabulous in black and white! I agree with Julie, this is a winner!!!!

Presley family said...

Beautiful shot!!

lifebythecreek said...

Mmm hmmm... great pick of a great pic! :<) LOVE it, and I love the fact that in the last post, Itty saw 2 mommies. In this post? we see 2 Itties....

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Oh I love it, and oh how I've missed that little guy.

Elizabeth said...

I love this picture..very cute!! The black and white is perfect here!

Sweet P.E.A. said...

nice shot!

Becca said...

Ok this needs to win my friend! What an amazing shot -- definitely dramatic and moody and cool :-) LOVE it!

amy jane carpenter said...

saw this on iheartfaces and just had to comment. I think it's fabulous!

Angie said...

beautiful picture, the shadow really gives it that "wow" factor! nice entry :)

fostermom3 said...

I really love this picture. I don't know what exactly it is about it. Everything in it is great. Wonderful job!

Natalie said...

And he will indeed remember this because his Mommy took this wonderful photo to capture the moment! Great entry for i heart faces this week. Haven't entered in a few weeks myself but stopped by after you stopped by my blog! Thanks for your sweet comment!

Killlashandra said...

Love it. B/w makes some of the best dramatic shots. You captured that reflection beautifully. :)

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