Thursday, March 18, 2010

Letter of Intent - Parent Fail

(*UPDATED TO ADD:  Oh wow, what a shocker…  whoever posted the original video appears to have gotten a bit out of sorts about the bad publicity.  So they predictably yanked the video.  Just trust me… it was bad)


Dear Horse-Owner/Parent/Lobotomy Candidate,


God watches over fools and children.

I earnestly believe that divine intervention is the only reason your little 4-year old kiddo survived the unbelievably dangerous situation you put her in.

Yes, the Fugly Horse of the Day has already covered this.  But city-folk who might be visiting horses need to see this.

Number One:  As a parent, your responsibility is to keep your child from avoidable danger.  If you were present on this occasion, you need to have your reproductive organs placed out of commission.

Number Two:  If you were the cad behind the video camera in this instance, you need to have your reproductive organs placed out of commission.

Number Three:  If you were the owner of the horses who happened to think this was a cute scene to videotape… you need to have your reproductive organs placed out of commission.

Shame on all of you.

Who was watching out for the kid?  All she sees is that these are a few giant teddy bears – cuz you know what?  I bet they pretty much are for the most part.

Before you rain judgment on the horse, consider that he warned her in horse language that he was not interested in her attempts to play.  She was annoying him and following him and NO ADULT around stepped in to consider,

“hey, when my little sister does that to me, I usually pop her on the head… I wonder what a thousand pound annoyed animal would do?”

No one intervenes to protect her.  No one thinks it’s inappropriate for a little one to be chasing horses in a herd setting.

Guess what?  I have an absolutely darling mare who would never harm a person.  But when horses are in a herd, they bicker just like siblings.  And a four-year old would be terrible collateral damage.

The vid is disturbing for the lack of intelligence on any grownup’s part… they claim the child was fine, but you can easily see how this could have been much worse.


*UPDATE:  Since the video has been removed, let me just describe for you… there were at least three horses in the field, with a little girl running BEHIND and between them.  She was chasing the one closest to her in the image.  He approached her once, decided he didn’t want whatever was in her hand, and walked off.  She followed him incessantly and he moved away a few times.  His body language clearly showed that he was annoyed but trying to get away.  Ultimately, right where the video is frozen, he just did this quick sidepass (sort of a sideways run) toward her, and knocked her over.  He stops as soon as she begins to fall – she does not go beneath his feet.  It happens in a heartbeat (I’ve actually never seen a horse run sideways that fast), and the video cuts immediately as the kid hits the ground.  Let me tell you, it was a heartstopping image).

If this horse had been mean in the slightest, he would have done far more than knock her down.  He would have charged her directly (something I’m not sure she would have survived), trampled her, struck out with his hooves, bit, kicked, and done all the things that a normal horse does to something that is nipping at its heels.

I bought my mare on the spot after watching a 6-year old throw rocks at her, dive under her, scream at her, wave his arms in her face, then ride her bareback.  When she didn’t kick the snot out of him (although I wanted to), I knew she would be as safe as I could hope for with my little one.

That little one, who by the way – has NEVER EVER EVER been in the horse pasture by himself.  EVER.

This girl is someone’s darling – make sure yours never end up in this situation either.




Still Stunned



Join Julie at Foursons for more Letters of Intent.

She’s got a doozy this week – hopefully her streak continues and her letter gets to the right people.

(I’ve got your back chica)



Shana Putnam said...

Well, the video doesn't work for me but I get the gist of it from your post. Who is the he double hockey sticks would allow a child that age in a pasture alone??? With one horse or 20 I would never allow Blaze in there. We have 2 and one of those is 32 years old and can barely lift her feet to walk anyway and every now and then she gets a wild hair and gets both back feet off the ground for a second but I wouldn't put him in there with even her alone. They are still 1000 pound animals. Some people are so dumb and you are right they should have their reproductive organs removed.

Buckeroomama said...

Oh, my! My heart beats in trepidation when I get too close to any animal with hooves, no matter how tame I've been assured they might be. What adult in their right mind would let a child get that close unsupervised or at least not know enough to ask the child to stop pestering the poor animal once it showed signs of not wanting to play?

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OHHH yes I have seen the video!! I agree I have never seen a horse run sideways that quickly and in the manner that he did! I am surprised it took them this long to take it down, I swear it's been at least a week since I seen it! I agree with everything you said!! Definitely NOT a place for a child to be!!

Unknown said...

Morons abound and apparently they are breeding. Which makes it harder for the kids.. and I think the thing that makes me so angry is these are the people that get by with it, but let you or I spank our kids, not even hard, and we have CPS called on us and at the door within an hour of it.. GRRRRR....

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

That is CRAZY!!!! What were they THINKING?

Stacy said...

Oh for Pete's Sakes! Some people are just stupid, plain and simple. One time Brian, my parents and I were going through Yellowstone. People had their cars stopped clogging up the road, got out of the car with THEIR CHILDREN to try to get close to a GRIZZLY BEAR CUB. His momma was on the other side of the road. We seriously thought some carnage was going to happen.

We had to explain to the neighbor boys that climbing on our horses in the pasture was a no-no after we found them all each sitting on a horse in the shelter. Yeah. Not good, kids...not good.

S Club Mama said...

It's so awful that parents don't take care of their children. Someone once said that it's weird that being a parent is the most important job but it's the only job that you don't need any qualifications for, you have no training for. They just send you home with this kid and it doesn't seem like anyone prays for those who have no parenting skills, no compassion, no patience, no tenderness. It's sad.

Shannon said...

Rachel...that is such a crazy story, makes me sick to my stomach. I used to work at Children's Hospital in Seattle and there was a little girl there who had snuck behind a horse and was kicked in the head. She was around 4 and will be severely mentally and physically damaged forever. It was heart breaking.
On another note! Your bracelets are here and they are beautiful! Email me your address and I will send them out!

GunDiva said...

Horrible! You would not believe some of the stuff I saw parents attempt to allow thier children to do with or around horses when I was a wrangler. I say attempt, because, I was always the one to stop them. Parents either don't know, or don't care, about the danger horses present.

HeatherOz said...

I hope CPS got a look at the video before it was taken down!! Why would you risk your children getting hurt?! Trying to get a popular Youtube video? Morons!!!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Man I am just so outraged
How is it okay for people like this to have kids - while people who would make wondrful parents struggle and struggle

Leiah said...

Another reason to ask why is it called common sense when so many people appear not to have it. Argh!

Kameron said...

There are many people who whould have their ovaries revoked! I don't even let me kids get to close to my CAT, let a lone a horse!

Margaret said...

I will never understand how parents can not care about what their kids do and would allow them to do things like that.

Foursons said...

Holy cow, the ignorance of some people is astounding. How, why, what? Why would you allow your child to be in that kind of danger? *sigh* I hope she really is OK.

Thanks for linking up and for the encouragement. It's been a crazy day today! (Sure wish I had all the medicine I needed today.)

Simply Valorie said...

I spent my summers working on ranches, and even though I was never allowed in the corral alone, and I was taught how to work with horses, I still got a broken rib off a mean one. That little girl is lucky to be alive. Those parents are stupid.

Danielle said...

How sad. I can't believe someone would post that. I agree with you; they shouldn't be allowed anymore children. Where is CPS when you need them?

Killlashandra said...

Hmmm...I'd say the parents and the horse owner are way way at fault here. Who would let their kid do that? Idiots.

Unknown said...

You are so right! They need their reproductive parts REMOVED! Too bad that can't actually be the answer to some of the parental nonsense happening!

He & Me + 3 said...

I get all freaked out when SM is messing with the dog too much...let alone a 1000 pound animal. Oh my those parents need to have something removed and it isn't their brain because that seems to be already gone.

Stacyonthecouch said...

I left you a blog award at my place since your TST is most of the reason I have followers :) Thank you for your blog. And I also want that DST hour back .. I JUST recovered today by skipping work. LONG week. said...

What the heck were those rockheads thinking (oh, can you think if you have rocks instead of brains)

I hope she really was ok.

Darn, I was hoping to see the video...

Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama said...

dn't seen that video, but from what you described... ::shudder::
That level of ignorance is astounding. I hope that little girl is truely OK.

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