Sunday, March 21, 2010

SOOC - A Weekend Away

When your daily grind includes the words



amount not covered by insurance

you can bet you are overdue for a getaway.


Here we go – challenging the limits of Blogger picture capacity.

We started off Friday morning with a bang.


Remember this?  Well, another poor soul managed to crash in front of our house again.


A vet avoiding a dog narrowly missed the power pole but his Caddy didn’t like the ditch.  Itty Bit enjoyed the tow truck scene very much.


So we head out… and thank the Lord that we live in the Northwest where this sight is common, yet still stunning:


On our way, Mr. Daddy suddenly makes a u-turn and parks.  I grab the camera and do the messy work.


Yes friends, that is a herd of elk!  The photo was taken through a tangle of branches and blackberry bushes while sliding down a gravel/mud slope holding my camera for dear life.

And it wasn’t until I got to the bottom and started clicking away, that I had the sudden intelligence to shout up to Mr. Daddy, “Hey, these things aren’t dangerous are they?”

Then I scrambled back up and lost my lens cap.  Worth it, no?


Then we stopped for a *ahem* potty break.

IMG_7117(Don’t act all shocked… y’all know he has some revenge coming)


So we finally make it to the Game Park – where I realize quickly that I was kinda dumb to put myself out there with some wild animals when I’d have some begging me to take their latest head shots…


(Love how it says “Keep Moving” and they just roll down the windows and keep on feeding those critters)

You see everything up-close.  These guys are not afraid of anything.


  Now, I have to apologize for my language here.  No excuses.  I was just royally freaked out.

Should I really have been surprised when I turned around to see this?  All my freaking out was kinda scary for the little guy!  (But in all fairness, the thing LICKED me).


The zebra was quite a bit less threatening.  Though the shocking color of my arm may be scarier…


And the rhino was super cool


Mr. Daddy of course, had a few remarks about the COUGAR.


We had a blast with the bears.  The kodiaks were HUGE!

IMG_7180Itty Bit couldn’t get over the construction equipment in the background… go figure.

Mr. Daddy is easily trainable ;)  Here the bear has him feeding bread and showing off his skills:


Then came my favorite part…  heading out to the “plains” where all kinds of four-legged critter roam free.

I think Mr. Daddy was a bit chagrined at looking at this beautiful specimen without having a bow in his hands!


In case you’re wondering just how big these guys are – check out this for size… and these are the GIRLS!


The view was incredible:


And then we were besieged by the fallow deer.  Itty Bit recovered enough to feed one from the backseat:


The deer took one whiff of this, and decided to try MY window… wonder why?


This one had some major attitude:


And then we came to the part that I still have childhood emotional scars from… the buffalo:


Massive!  Except that they are FAR scarier when they are on both sides of your car, rocking it by trying to put their enormous heads through the window!

This one was just a baby:


(The childhood trauma had to do with being in a fullsize Dodge Ram pickup and having adult buffalo rocking it and LICKING me from both sides while I screamed and tried to roll up the NON-power windows.  Ever tried to fight a buffalo that doesn’t want you to roll up a window?  No?  You should try it sometime…)

But golly, isn’t this little guy the CUTEST THING EVER?  I apologize for being an idiot and not shooting in Auto.


And at the tail end of the route, we encountered this:


and this


and this


I mean, there was just no escaping the utter cuteness of being surrounded by a bunch of baby elk.



Even sleepy ones


They had their own gang


(Really, it should have been them sticking their tongues out at Mr. Daddy… I can just see them and their little gang motto, “Yo, you can’t shoot us!”)


After our most excellent adventure, we headed off to hang out with these guys… remember them?


(Which touched off a round of comments about Mr. “Volcyum” – thanks to Jewelz ;)

Here’s what was happening when I was chatting with the neighbor and she asked if my son was alright…?  Apparently, he was belting out “Ooh Eee Ooh Ahh Ahh Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang”


Then he found his inner rockstar


and inexplicably stopped to pick his nose 

(you’re welcome)



Then decided to groove and dance with one of the other hunter buddies:



(We really do have the best friends – you can see why he didn’t want to come home)

And out of the whole weekend, what did he enjoy most?

Peeing off the dock, of course.


Let’s just say the cowboy’s aim was a bit ‘off” from fear of falling into the water…


He was so exhausted that I caught him signing in his sleep the next morning:


He woke up to all the fun stuff outside the back door.

Except… those canadian geese are REAL!


And here’s our SOOC Straight Out Of the Camera shots… getting the squeeze from Daddy:








And because I don’t want to leave the ladies hanging… just for you - the sweet Mr. Volcyum that Itty Bit adores

(don’t say I never gave ya anything)



Join Melody for more!

Slurping Life


Foursons said...

Oh my gosh Rachel, this post must have taken you F.O.R.E.V.E.R! As I was reading through it I kept telling myself, "Oh, I'll comment on that. And that too!" Well before you know it I have a comment for every single photo you've posted. I'll save you the book I was going to write. Just know- that these photos are hilarious and I love them! The buffalo trick is soooo cool and I love Mr. Daddy asking if you got the shot. Oh, and "crap" is a bad word? I know your mother doesn't approve, but really I think it's OK. You're forgiven.

And remind me- is Mr. Volcyum legal? I don't want to make any lude comments before I know he's not some teeny bopper. *sigh*

Michelle Pixie said...

Okay can I just say Ditto to Julie's comment?! Ditto, Ditto, oh and Ditto on that too!

Omigosh Rachel I loved everything about this post! :)

renee said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! and the videos! thanks for sharing! what a great time! wish i could have tagged along!!!

Emily said...

Wow...that was a lot of pictures! Y'all have been busy. I love them all. Well except the potty break..tmi! LOL!

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

Oh my goodness - those are fantastic!! Looks like you really had a terrific weekend!! Those baby Elk were adorable!!

Unknown said...

OH I wish we had something like that around here. I would have a ball and would have to triple lock teh car doors to keep ouryoungest from getting out to play with teh animals lol

Unknown said...

What a blast of a week-end Rach! You got some fantastic photos here and you videos crack me up!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Those pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing with us. It looks like you all had a great time!

Leiah said...

What a fun weekend! The pictures are amazing. What? No video of Itty Bit singing? I love his rock star pose - precious!

GunDiva said...

Love them all! Looks like you had a great weekend.

Rachel said...

Ha ha Julie - actually, I said "Oh G*d" when the yak licked my arm from behind me. That's considered cussing in our family if you're not in prayer (but maybe I WAS???)

And I said "holy smacks" when the bear caught Mr. Daddy's bread toss.

Yeah, that was a potty mouth day for me...

Lisa said...


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this whole post!
Where the heck is Jewelz...she'd love that last image I know she would!
I kind of want to hear what she says so I can live vicariously through her, she has the Kahoonas to say what us ladies are thinking.
Nope not "me" thinking anything about the image I mean the OTHER ladies that have commented. Ahem....

Get her the heck over here I need the milk out of my nose trick thing to happen again!

Love itty bitty signing in his sleep, you just have to frame that, love the nose picking, the videos. All of it!
Fantastic post!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh my gosh I am so rolling in laughter over here!! If that is bad language for you then you don't want to hear me when I get startled ;) I loved all of the pictures!! I think I might be to scared to go to one of those places LOL!! The babies were so cute though! Among other cute things in your pics ;) Itty Bit of course! Oh and I love the mis-aimed after pic LOL!!

MrsMann said...

What a fun post!! Love it! All of it. Can't begin to remember which I wanted to comment on cause there was just too many. :)

Kmama said...

Oh my gosh, that animal (deer?) sticking out it's tongue was hilarious!! I laughed so hard at your video when you got licked. Mr. Daddy giving you the "Geez Rach" totally cracked me up!

I cannot imagine being that close to buffalo. There was a buffalo farm behind/next to my parent's old house and we would go and look at them (from behind an electric fence), but would run if they looked at all annoyed. LOL

He & Me + 3 said...

What a fun post. Those pictures were so great. I am loving Itty Bit's faces while getting the squeeze. He is such a ham. I love it. His jeans are too cute too. I think we have those as well:) GAP?
Peeing off the dock? Too fun...for him:)
Sounds like you do have the best friends.
Thanks for the last picture:)

robin said...

LOL! I loved your entire lengthy post full of those wonderful pictures and comments!!!!!! We've gone through a similar kind of animal place (the zebras were scary!) I love the video when you were licked - I would have done the same thing!!! So cute that Itty Bit was signing in his sleep! (My preschooler has that same carseat.) Oh, and I have pics of my brothers as kids making potty stops in the woods (you can't see anything) that I took just for bargaining purposes when they became teens (and it all worked out just as I planned!) Again, great post!!!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

YOU live in paradaise girlfriend There is so much to comment on here really - dont know where to start
Will just say - amazing family and amazing setting

Tina said...

Okay, this place is awesome, my kids would not be able to handle it!! My favorite are def. the baby elk. . . sooooo cute. Almost as cute as Mr. Volcyum. Does he know he is a blog celebrity?? :)

Stacyonthecouch said...

Love the pics. And those Elk babies are adorable, obviously not as cute as Itty Bit singing, lol. And I love the confused look on that deer .. reminds of when that reindeer(?) saw Rudolphs nose for the 1st ime. Looks like a great place to visit.

Stacy said...

What a fun weekend! That animal park is very cool. I've been through one in Rapid City, SD, that doesn't look that nice. Very fun, though. :) said...

The sacrifices one makes (think lens cap :( for the ones we love ;)

What an amazing park. That is really fun. I am sure ittybit had as much fun as his parents.

cute pix :) ~Julie

HeatherOz said...

Wow! I want to go there! So much more fun than a zoo! My kids would love it! My fave photo is the one of Itty Bit doing the wet-pants-dance! So funny!

Big Mama Cass said...

OMG that is awesome!!! Where is that place?? what is it called? I have to tell hubby about it.

Love the bear grabbin the bread and of course you throwing the camera in your lap! HAAAAAA!

Dyann said...

Big Mama, it's called the Olympic Game Farm Park and it's in Sequim.

Rachel, when you go back, take some time & play with the bears. Many of them have been trained. If you wave your bread up, like a one-armed conductor instructing her choir to stand in unison, some of the bears will rear up on their hind legs. Sometimes they'll even stand all the way up and wave. It's really cool.

And we discovered quite accidentally that they really, REALLY like slightly moldy strawberries and too-soft smoked salmon.

But be careful in small cars. The buffalo can get really aggressive and have done serious damage to some vehicles. (But buffalo breath in a hot car doesn't bode well for passengers who tend toward carsickness. Don't ask me how I know.)

brian said...

Ok, I admit I played the video a few times just to hear what it sounds like when you laugh...

melody said...

Thank you for all the rocking, booger picking, peeing off the dock, almost swearing, head squeezing fun...and the eye candy at the end.


Jewelz said... I was a little slow getting around to putting up a response. To be honest I just had the photo of my Darlin Mr Volcyum playing with Itty Bit sittiing there on my screen for a little while...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................I got a little lost there for a bit, was taking him..eeerrm it, yes IT all in. Ok, now you've all been just a'waintin' patiently for my response haven't you? Lisa, I see you there, take a seat girl....I'm about to say JUST what y'all were a thinkin'
Warning, PUT DOWN YOUR DRINKS, unless you have a cloth and some monitor spray!.............................
Rach....that post was like good sex!
Amazing sex actually.
You grabbed me from the said grind bwahahahaha! No really......
There was vehicular drama..I thought of John Stratham (The Transporter) and Vin Deisel (xXx)
You had my attention you little tease.
You set the outing, driving...drama heightened...wild animals...a thrilling little chase for the perfect shot to send off to National Geograph, another drama as Rach does her own stunt double for this gal nuh ah....and slides down a dangerous embankment, disappointment as she loses her lens cap...oh no, NOT THE LENS CAP! (I'm a photographer, I understand your pain Girl!)
A pit stop...with a little tease as Rach voyeuristically snaps a shot of Mr Daddy....I was sure there was gonna be butt...alas not, however the tension mounts again, I hold my breath.......and I get YAKS! Yaks? My confusion and disappointment soon dissolves into peels of laughter as Rach gets a little tongue action! At which point I am glad Itty Bit was looking away!
Then I was quickly brought back to the moment as Mr Daddy made a few remarks about the COUGAR, I prepared for the worst as I clicked nervously on the link, thinking it was going to take me to a picture of me stalking Mr Volcyum, I thought 'The gigs up Jewelz'....I feel much relief as I am reminded of the time Rach mistook a Pitbull she hit for a Cougar ((I can understand how you made that mistake Rach, honest I can.))......

Jewelz said...

...cont...(I KNEW it was gonna be tooo long for one post bwahahahahaha)
Then I settled back for a pleasant journey as we took in the sights you had snapped on your ride through the park and I was lulled into a false sense of security when BAM there is my name, a hightlighted link, right below Mr Volcyum's um, er, ah...'package'.....ok you had my attention and lost me all in the exact same moment Rach, sorry...and the 'dance begins''s when you sensitive type should scroll right past the rest of my response....whilst I did briefly take in the cyoooote pics of Itty Bit singin' and pickin his cute as a button nose, I did really just scroll past them...uh ha nice, sweet a grown man dancin' with Itty Bit...yeah yeah, cute pics of Mr Daddy lovingly sqeezing Itty Bit's head {mild motherly concern that Itty Bit's Head might just fall off, fleetingly passes through my mind}
Rach mentioned THEM, Mr Daddy's hunting buddies.....I scroll on because I just KNOW Rach will have done us proud and snapped another shot, perhaps an action shot of my Mr Volcyum, maybe one without his shirt on, maybe!!!!!!} scroll back to Cute Itty Bit signing in his sleep....nawww...linger a little here 'cause it is very very sweet....scroll down again...geese-meh, head squeezing , more head squeezing...the excitement mounts, oh please oh please Rach don't disappoint me....bah more head queezing cummon Rach then.........
.......... BAM............
There he is, smilin sweetly at me {{{{sigh}}} that was SO worth all the scrolling down!I
Bizarrely I feel like I need a cigarette....and I don't even smoke!!! Go Figure :0)

Now I do understand Rach if you choose not to post my response BUT if you take down that last photo, I'll a come lookin fir ya! Bwahahahahahahahaha
Daym he's a eyeful of candy aint he? I am ashamed to say my marriage is in danger. First my husband had to deal with Vin Disel, then Jason Stratham and now Mr Volcyum {{{sigh}}}

{{{{unashamedly hugs Rach and kisses her MWAAAAAH}}}}
Thank you Thank you Thank you you blessed child.


Jewelz said...

....wonders if it is officially stalking if I simply drop back to this post and stare for a bit???
{{{SIGHS}}}} AND he plays guitar! Lawdy lawdy someone catch me, I think I'm gonna swoon.
NO, wait!
Mr Daddy I have an idea *cough 'deviously cunning plan' cough*!!! Quick, go fetch Mr Volcyum, THEN I'll feel faint ~winks at Mr Daddy~ get it??? {{{~winks again and touches her finger to her nose knowingly~}}}


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