Monday, March 15, 2010

Tales from the Bafroom

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Tales from the Bafroom

Because I know y’all can’t get enough of the potty humor that comes with having a 3-year old boy, I’ll selflessly share a recent adventure.

(Whoa, two grammar-snob offenses in that sentence, I love it!)

Happily, Itty Bit decided he was interested in being a big boy and without prompting whizzed in the potty one day at 20-months old.

This was a huge deal since doctors had warned us not to push potty training because of his kidney issues.  After the first Children’s Hospital visit where a prone Itty Bit peed vertically all over the nice young Swedish doctor, the guy acknowledged that the kid could “do his business like nobody’s business”.

Fast foward to a couple weeks ago:  Itty Bit had awoken from a nap and said “I hafta go pee-pee” in a rather urgent tone.

A bit of background:

Any of you who have grown up traumatized by a younger sibling who religiously relieves herself of clothing and runs naked down the sidewalk while you wail, “MOM, she’s doing it AGAAAAAIN!”… know what I mean about having a “stripper”.


It’s only me?

I’m the only one with a streaker sibling?  cough *Ju* cough

(And I finally had enough and called an intervention when she did it last month ;)


Ahem – back to the story.

So Itty Bit has no interest in disrobing of his on volition.  Which usually means he needs a hand in pulling his pants and tighty-whities down to a safe (dry) distance.

My mother recently had commented on Itty Bit’s remarkable aim.  Seriously – we never have to clean up after this kid.  Unfortunately, I think he will be mortified when he reads this blog later and realizes that I’m bragging about this?

Let me just preface this to say:  there are reasons that daddies should teach little boys the nuances of urinating.

Itty Bit stood dutifully at the toilet after I shucked his pants and stepped away.

Daddy would have been awfully helpful at that moment if he’d been around to teach him to *ahem* “ADJUST himself.

The poor kid had slept on his tummy and as he stood there, we both were suddenly shocked by a stream of pee that shot directly sideways with remarkable distance.

So shocked, that as I screamed, he stopped midstream.

He looked utterly confused.

Then solved his own problem.


Yes my friends, my brilliant child simply turned 90 degrees, and continued to pee sideways into the toilet like it was the most normal thing.


Got any fun stories to share?  Any moments that made you go “no way… he”?!  Join in and we’ll be around  for some comment love!



Shana said...

Now that takes some So funny. I can just imagine a kid doing that too. Thank you for the laugh!

Tomara said...

Do you rent out your 3 year old to mother's of 5 1/2 year olds that can't aim worth beans?

You made me laugh again. Thanks!

Mommies-Miracles said...

I definitely enjoyed the laugh, thanks so much for posting this, I can just imagine it now! I've got a 1 year old little boy and this is one thing I don't look forward to.

Rachel said...

Just so y'all know... a cool trick that doesn't waste Cheerios or M&M's... I'd take a square of toilet paper and wad it up and the kid would think it was hilarious to "chase it around" with his little weapon. Kept the mess rather contained :)

Dyann said...

You've got a creative problem solver in that one!

What a great story to retell time & time again when he's old enough to be embarassed about it!

Lily said...

Oh my gosh that is funny! I don't think any of our boys will appreciate their potty stories that we share! heeheehee
Yesterday, Ashton peed on my back while trying to pee in a cup in the car. What am I supposed to do while we are waiting for DaddyO to get out of a store and I have 4 kids that I don't want to lug in to the store? Anyway, this is not the first time one of my boys has peed on me in the car!

Emily said...

Hilarious! I wish that Jack had that skill...I feel like I'm cleaning our bathroom daily! YUCK!

Sierra said...

So funny!! Its a good thing his business wasn't pointing up!!
My mom in law had 9 (yes nine) boys and told me that she cleaned the bathroom walls of, um...splatter, every morning as the school bus pulled away. She is nicer than i am. I make my boys pee sitting down. lol!

Kmama said...

LOL!! What a great "trick". LOL

Kids are so funny...always using their brain in ways we adults would never think of.

Adrienne said...

I love your blog and this post ...I love kiddos they are the best.....I wanted to try to do some posts today but I may not get to them because I am playing vacation catch up....If I don't I will get to it next week I promise!

Life with Kaishon said...

That is such a cute story : ) I love it! Boys are brilliant for sure!

Foursons said...

Smart boy! Mine would just cry from having just woken up and not liking things working incorrectly. :D

I don't have mine written yet. I'm struggling. Ugh.

robin said...

LOL! I haven't encountered that yet...fortunately! Actually, I wasn't aware of that circumstance (and I'll ask hubby about it later, lol!) Itty Bit's a hoot!

Leiah said...

Yes, He knew what He was doing when He made me the mom of a girl. It was bad enough cleaning up all the hair in the bathroom without having to deal with all that extra stuff those boys do!

Stacy said...

LOL that is too funny! Oh what having a little boy will teach you, huh?

Are kids weren't strippers either, which I am very grateful for! :)

Michelle Pixie said...

Not having boys of my own it's moments like these I feel like I am not missing out on pee off of the ceiling does not sound like my cup of tea...but I am sure glad I get to live them vicariously through you! :D

Brandi said...

LOL! Love it! ;) Mine aren't that smart (or just don't care) 'cause it just ends up where it ends up and that place is NEVER the toilet.

PennsylvaniaBelle said...

He could teach a few grown men a thing or two!

{Kimber} said...

how funny!!!!!! silly boys!
I can't figure out in Wordpress how to link to your blog {working on it} but I did link up today :)

Margaret said...

That is talent for sure. I couldn't help but laugh at this. He will be mortified that you posted about this when he is older lol

Michelle said...

Gotta love potty training stories! I have to admit though, that is pretty incredible.

Tara said...

LOL!!! We are going to start potty training April 1 (if mommy doesn't push the start date back again)! I hope A is a great aim because his daddy is NOT!! I'm going to try and participate next week. I love TST, seriously!

Big Mama Cass said...


that is an awesome story!!! SO funny!! HAHAHAHAHA

I had that sibling too btw. And perhaps... ahem... i was that sibling. *sheepish grin*

K- floortime lite mama said...

what a great kid

julie said...

Maybe I've been living with all boys for too long, but I can totally understand his reasoning in "solving the problem." So funny!

TheRixonFive said...

holy cow I can't stop laughing at that one ... tears ... I have tears! said...

That is so funny! He is a brilliant problem solver :)

Look at you...18 TST links...awesome.

When the princess was age 2 and 3 she used to run around only in her undies. We would come home from being out and about and the first thing she would do was strip down to those cute little disney princess undies. Fond memories :)

Hey! Guess looks like we will be coming to Seattle at the end of May! Yeah!

We thought it would be in the fall...but the kids are driving us to drink (okay, i don't drink, but you know what I mean) so, we are going to celebrate our anniversary 4 months early. I NEED A BREAK!!!!
HOLY PEJEEBERS! (Yeah, who knows what that means, but I am trying not to cuss here!!! ;)

I have missed you two. Hope all is well :)

I will read down and find out.


He & Me + 3 said...

That was hilarious & some quick thinking. How do guys stop peeing on a dime when someone yells or startles them? It is amazing.

Jennifer Haas said...

I just love potty stories. I have a few of my own. Giving me ideas for a future true story....

I can't seem to get my post up each Tuesday until night time, I hope that's ok!

Pam said...

LOL...always full of laughs.

brian said...

This is why I have a "no girls in the bathroom" policy :0

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I LOVE that you just blogged about that! He He!!! I am thinking about paying for Itty Bit's first therapy session... He is sure going to need it after this post! ;0)

But, I must admit: That is so talent! Talent that all of my boys are lacking!! And I have the bathrooms to prove it! :0(

Mrs. NB

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...
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Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That is so funny! That kid is a quick thinker! I wish my son had perfect aim. I am so sick of cleaning up my bathroom!

Anonymous said...

Can't stop laughing!

This post was all kinds of funny, from the stripping sibling to the sideways peeing!

I wish the 2- and 3-year-olds I used to teach had half the aim as Itty Bit does. I swear, some days I spent half my workday not reading to or playing with the preschoolers, but on the floor in the bathroom, cleaning up thier puddles & floods instead!

Anonymous said...

Can't stop laughing!

This post was all kinds of funny, from the stripping sibling to the sideways peeing!

I wish the 2- and 3-year-olds I used to teach had half the aim as Itty Bit does. I swear, some days I spent half my workday not reading to or playing with the preschoolers, but on the floor in the bathroom, cleaning up thier puddles & floods instead!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh I am finally getting caught up and I'm glad I did cause I wouldn't have wanted to miss this post!! LOL!! I'm loving the *correction method* LOL!!!!!!!!!!!