Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thank You Very Much - Catchup

The Daily Dribbles

I am so sorry I missed Kmama’s TYVM last week.  I’m going with the excuse below:

I try to take it one day at a time,

but sometimes several days attack me at once.


Well, I had a WEEK like that.  You’d think it would make for some excellent Thank You Very Much topics, right?

You’d think.

Except that I’m still balancing that “who reads this” and “who will get upset about it” stuff.  Once bit, twice shy.


Jumping right in, I’d like to give a hearty Thank You Very Much to the sweet husband who has blown up this cougar thing to epic proportions.  Inviting my parents to dinner last night was supposed to be a FUN thing, not an evening of dodging remarks like the below (Thank You Very Much):

Mom:  Really?  A bald eagle?  That’s cool

Rach:  It flew just in front of my windshield – it was amazing!

Dad:  So… you have pelicans around here?

Rach:  UGH


And as if to rub it in my face… some gnarly roadkill snacker had to drag the pitbull head back out onto the road THREE DAYS LATER.  Thank You Very Much.  (Excuse me while I go get sick again).  Though to be fair, it still looks like a cougar, Thank You Very Much.


To Ms. Katiebug, your mama’s story (A Southern Belle Trying Not To Rust) about your little adventure had me in tears – the good kind.  And made me feel a million times better that anything I’ve ever hit has already been dead, Thank You Very Much.


And enough with the roadkill (Did you read the comments on the TST post Dear?  They want to know embarrassing Mr. Daddy stories!  Yay!), I want to pass along my sincerest thanks to our local certifiable weatherman.

I don’t actually blame you for the weather.

I do, however, take issue with you mentioning that little four-letter-word that sent my mind into a frenzy:


Oh yes, and after you mentioned that beautiful little word that had me dreaming of a snow day, you went and changed your mind, Thank You Very Much.

And changing your mind to RAIN was so much better.

Except that you were even wrong on that!  (And being wrong on RAIN has got to be hard to live down in the Pacific Northwest, Thank You Very Much).

I mean, the sunshine was nice, but next time – just tell us sunshine and don’t have me feverishly emptying the storage closet looking for Itty Bit’s snowsuit…


I’m so ready for Friday, how bout you?!?  Head over to Kmama’s for some free therapy!


Michelle Pixie said...

I so need to get a job as a weather girl because my magic 8 ball is totally working today! :D

Kmama said...

LOL at the bald eagle = pelican comment. HILARIOUS (to me).

What an adorable pic of Itty Bit. Was he about 2 in that picture?

We had rain yesterday, but sunshine today. Yay!!

Thanks for linking up!

singedwingangel said...

OH we are out of the snow for now I hope... we are getting rain rain and oh yeah more rain.. but we did have a few days of sunshine..

Anonymous said...

I'm so ready for spring time! We gotta get together very soon. I miss ya.

HeatherOz said...

The amazing animal sightings just get better and better! hahaha
I would be mad too at the silly weather guesser for teasing you with THAT four letter word! It meant missing possible photo ops of Itty Bit. That picture is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Bring on the embarrassing Mr. Daddy stories!

I wish I had a job where I could be wrong 50% of the time. They were predicting Snowmageden for Massachusetts a few weeks ago, and...nothing (Although, the rest of the east coast got clobbered).

I have an all-but-abandoned blog on Livejournal that I started for my family...and experienced all kinds of flack for things I'd write. My family is still unaware that this one exists (so shhhhh...don't tell) and it's so freeing to be able to write and not have to worry about fall-out at family dinner because of something I posted (and it was always the posts that I'd never expect would offend, go figure).

Foursons said...

Cracking up that the severed head still looked like a cougar. Of course it did!

And bring on the embarassing Mr. Daddy stories. I'm warming up my sarcasm and will come with my best.

He & Me + 3 said...

Gotta love the weather men. I just layer and strip around here because you never know what the day holds and you can't trust them:) LOL
I love your family and their humor. Laughter is the best medicine. I come here for my daily dose...Thank you very much:)

Brandi said...

I'll be watching for those embarrassing Mr. Daddy stories as well... payback is glorious!

That picture of your little guy is fabulous! Awww, he's so beautiful!

Leiah said...

I'm so glad Miss Katie was able to make you giggle again...with her feline suicide note no less. Apparently her car is has some kind of animal magnetism (ha!) because she's hit a cat, a dog, a turtle, a couple of squirrels, a deer and almost a cow. Can't wait to hear some stories on Mr. Daddy - I'm sure we'll all be sweet as can be with our comments. {insert evil giggle here}

Lisa said...

I can't believe the head got drug back into the road. yuck. lol. Our snow seems to have left (crossing fingers and spitting away snowy-spirits like Barbara Jean on Reba) for now and we had two GLORIOUS days of sunshine and now it has turned to rain.

Love the picture of itty bit. So adorable.

And I feel you on the "what should or shouldn't I" post on the blog posts. Sometimes I just wanna break loose and really let loose, but am afraid of getting in trouble! lol Happy Thursday!!

Pam said...

Such a cute pic. I am so ready for spring and today while being out and about I saw signs of it all over the place! TN is not far from busting out in bloom.

Danielle said...

That picture of Itty Bitty is precious.

Those darn weathermen. They can't get it right here either. They claim it was going to rain all week and I have yet to see a drop yet!

And yes I am looking forward to TGIF. Have a great weekend Rachel.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OHHH I love stories to embarrass the Hubby's!! Good job Rach! And seriously...A teasing with rain?! Love me some Spring rain!

ps~ The pic of Itty Bit is SOOOOO cute!!

La Familia Garcia said...

haha....and by the way what a great picture!!!

Killlashandra said...

Yeah well when the say snow here, it means the same thing as there. Maybe if you're lucky you'll see a couple flurries before the rain, which lasts just long enough to mud up the drive. ;)

Big Mama Cass said...

Oh my... how PERFECT is that picture of him. *gasp* PERFECTION!

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