Thursday, March 18, 2010

TYVM - I want my hour back


Free therapy time!  Courtesy of Kmama’s Thank You Very Much!  It’s been a rocky week with much to be thankful for!

Join up, you’ll feel better… and might even feel a LOT better after reading everyone else’s TYVM posts!


First and foremost – Thank You Very Much to whomever came up with DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.  I am stinkin’ exhausted because my brain apparently doesn’t follow the little switcheroo and the rest of my body is rapidly approaching zombie stage from lack of sleep.

What?  I’m just not tired a whole hour earlier!  But I sure am when I have to get up a whole hour earlier!

Anyone else have a weeklong transition?!?  (Yes, the kiddo doesn’t get Daylight Savings either!)


To my son who was has discovered LOCKS and managed to lock us both out of a bathroom that has TWO doors – within 20 seconds of entering the house, Thank You Very Much.  I should have waited until you were doing the Pee-Pee Dance and let you suffer some natural consequences for a bit before breaking out the screwdriver.


To that same child who went AWOL and had me wondering about another closed bathroom door… for the scene that unfolded, Thank You Very Much.

As I sneakily opened the door and reached around to ensure it wasn’t in the process of being locked, I got slimed with white stuff all over the doorknob.

Honey, please don’t grow up so quick, Thank You Very Much.


Mr. Daddy, PLEASE put that stuff up – two days in a row of this scene is more than this mama can handle.


I know y’all are already more than done with all the talk of the accident.  But to the yellow Escape that matched my beloved Ducky that approached from the opposite direction EXACTLY as I passed the scene of the accident and gave me a crazy surreal view of what I must have looked like before crushing that truck, Thank You Very Much.  That heart attack took years off my life and totally made me not want to drive the rest of the way to pick up Mr. Daddy from work.


In all seriousness – thank y’all very much for dropping by GunDiva’s blog yesterday to not make me feel like I bombed my first guest blog :)  You guys ROCK!


And just because no post would be complete without an adventure… check out our more successful recent trip to Chuck E. Cheese.  No, I did not beat anyone else’s children and Itty Bit and Cutie Left had a blast!  Well, Itty Bit was having a blast.  You’ll see…

See, Cutie Left’s look of absolute determination.  This kid doesn’t mess around.


(then they switched spots and it was Itty Bit’s turn)


Umm, Daddy?  Can I play too?





(see his poor little hand trying to reclaim his gun?)




Dude, you have REAL guns.  Let the kiddos have their game, Thank You Very Much ;)


Leiah said...

I love it - "dude, you have real guns'...bahahahahaha

And you totally rocked it at Ms. Gundiva's...go you!

And I also l.o.a.t.h. DST. Seriously - who/what/how does it benefit?

Foursons said...

Nolan has locked us out of the bathrooms and bedrooms many a times. Stinker. I have a strange little key that looks like part of a minature coat hanger sitting on top of my air conditioner switch thingy on my wall for just such an occassion.

I'm suprised you braved Chuck E Cheese again! Did you stay out of the bounce house this time? I detest that place.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Look who is being the big bully at Chuckie Cheese now!!!


Mrs. NB

Ruby Red Slippers said...

That is my hubby and the video games with our boys...
You need to get them both Nerf guns...all my boys have spent HOURS playing...and invest in the extra nerf bullets...I'm just sayin'
{And thank you very much whoever invented Day-light savings time...It is NOT saving my sanity...I am exhausted, too!!!}

Brandi said...

Our boys like to lock the doors too, but no one is in the locked room. They just think it's funny to lock the door.

We have those funny little keys too (that Julie mentioned)... we kept finding them on the moldings above each door and had NO idea what the heck they were. I threw all of them away except 1 that I threw in our 'junk' drawer. I figured it had to go to something. We finally figured out what they were for.

I personally like Day Light Savings. I just think we shouldn't 'Fall Back.' Why can't they just leave well enough alone???! ;)

Those pics of Itty and Mr. Daddy are hilarious!

Pam D said...

I think I'm with Brandi; not so much that I like Daylight Savings time (the extra light is nice in the afternoons now, but it makes for the need to get really heavy shades in the summer so my boy can FEEL like he's going to bed at night) but I just wish they would pick ONE time and stick with it (panting... whew... WHAT a run-on crazy sentence!). As for Mr. Daddy, I think it's time for the shock collar. Before he TOTALLY embarsses Itty Bit somewhere. Just a little twinge whenever he tries to play with someone else's toys....

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Too funny...I mean why should Mr.Daddy pick up after himself? That is a lot to ask my friend and come to think of it what kind of dad would he be if he did not try to take a toy gun???? LOL

GunDiva said...

You rocked your guest post yesterday! Thank you so much.

And, Mr. Daddy? Go play with your own guns :) Pretty soon Itty Bit's going to be trying to take those out of your hands too. Enjoy them while they're still yours.

{Kimber} said...

MEN!!! and their toys...sometimes I think that is the only reason they have kids so they have an excuse to play with toys FOREVER!! :)

I'm with ya on the body is so mixed up!

K- floortime lite mama said...

I love these stories Rach
Love the struggles of your boys with the guns
We are also all jetlagged from the time change though I am sure R will manage to wake up early for the weekend

Pam said...

With you on the time change thing! I love it this way but I hate it when it has to change. a good thing! LOL

Mr. Daddy said...

Hey what do you mean it was his turn??? I bought the tokens!!!!

Emily said...

I am so with you on daylight savings time. I say in the fall, we just set our clocks back half an hour and call it even.

Emily said...

I am so with you on daylight savings time. I say in the fall, we just set our clocks back half an hour and call it even.

He & Me + 3 said...

Too funny about the gun game. LOL My hubs does that all the time and by the time he hands them the game it is over. LOL They get so mad with him. Hee hee.
I am so tired right now...Haven't wanted to get up either. Why does morning come so early?

Michelle Pixie said...

It just goes to show boys never grow up! :D

And I am so with you on this daylight savings. Poor Monkey is so confused she has fallen asleep in two places other than her bed the past two days and she is my child who will NOT under any circumstances sleep anywhere else besides her bed. :(

HeatherOz said...

Poor Itty Bit tryin to get that gun!
I remember daylight savings. It was always so hard on the kids!! We no longer have to deal with it now that we live in AZ!

Farmers Wife said...

Ha it's like he's saying " aw dad give me the gun already..." dads are like that!

Kmama said...

LOL at Mr. Daddy stealing the game. That is so typical, isn't it??

I forgot to thank DST too. I'm a freaking mess. Not to mention, the kiddos are wide awake until I'm going to bed each night. Ugh.

Thanks for linking up@

City girl turned Country Girl said...

LOL that last picture is cracking me up!!!! Now I LOVE having more daylight but yes it is kicking my butt too!!! Now you just wait till you have the heart failure as he tries the razor with that cream!!

Rising Rainbow said...

I will probably adjust to daylight savings time about the time they reverse it in the fall. Not my fav either.

What is it about the big boys with little boys toys anyway?? LOL