Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm a dork

Like a bad bloggy friend dork.

I got overwhelmed with my email box and forgot who tagged me in this great little “10 Thing That Make Me Smile” list.

I confess that last weekend had some hardcore effort devoted to lowering my email count from 1700+ messages to 1000+ messages.  I am now only slightly drowning.  There’s a difference, right?

Anyway… effusive apologies to whomever tagged me in this darling endeavor and please, please – call me out in the comments if it was you!


So my parents picked up this terrific little reference book for me for Christmas:


God makes me smile.  Someday I hope to share the miracles He’s done in my life – wait til you hear!


My family makes me smile!

IMG_9846 (Biceps make me smile too… but that’s getting a little off track.)

Smiling?  Especially this picture of my mom totally kicking Mr. Daddy’s butt at tetherball.


I’m only laughing because she totally kicked my butt 10 minutes earlier…


My Kona girl makes me smile!


Watch the attitude girlie!


My favorite bowl makes me smile.  Something about this green cheers me up.


Nevermind the two expired avocados that I just found in there *ahem*


Okay, I’m gonna try not to fill up my Top Ten with food items… but this stuff has kept me alive the past few weeks:


Yes, I realize that NINE boxes of Tangerine Orange Zinger tea may seem a bit obsessive to you.  But I could not find this stuff anywhere!  I finally ventured to Target and absconded with every single one on the shelf.  I figured they owed me for the bloody Dollar Section debacle.  Kidding, kidding.  I paid for ‘em.

If you have a sore throat, this stuff won’t make you nauseous like those zinc logenzes will.  Good stuff!


OhMyLord – if you haven’t tried this yet, you need to!

Head out to Target, again - avoid the deadly Dollar Section, and get yourself some of this laundry detergent!

Why am I waxing poetic over suds? (And Target, feel free to contact me for a giveaway or paid review! :)  It’s because this stuff ROCKS!  Remember my busted wrist?  You get FIFTY loads out of this puppy, and you just pick it up like it’s a bottle of hand soap.

Seriously… and you PUMP instead of that messy POUR… I’m in love!



And something that makes me smile because my kitchen doesn’t smell like garlic bread after dinner:


Okay, so maybe I like it because it makes the house smell like I can bake.  Let me have my denial, k?


I totally smiled while I set up these bottles of cologne in front of a very confused Itty Bit.

Cuz Mr. Daddy (self-proclaimed Redneck Supreme) has more smelly stuff than his Citified wife.

Yes kids, let’s count them… THIRTEEN bottles of the stuff.  Yum!

(I refused to photograph the bottle of elk pee… that doesn’t qualify as attracting HUMAN females)


Is this why the chicks at Starbucks are always hitting on him?


These boys make me smile: Itty Bit and Cutie Left, who were so engrossed in the 3-D roller coaster ride, that they didn’t realize Mr. Daddy was stacking cups on their little heads:



Okay, I tried hard to keep this from being about all things edible.  And I can’t believe I’m admitting that I again CLEARED A SHELF at a store with a mild obsession.  But if you’ve ever tried these, you’ll understand why they make me smile (and clear shelves):


Not to be confused with the regular Gardetto’s – which you can find everywhere.  These little Mustard Pretzel delights are wickedly hard to locate.  If you find some, email me.



I know I’m cheating… but my bloggy friends make me smile every.single.day.  I love the silly and supportive comments – it’s like getting hugs every day.

And how can I look at this picture and not smile?



And what makes you smile today?


Anonymous said...

YOU! :<) Really, unless it's one of Mr. Daddy's deep posts, I get more laughs here than anywhere else. I LOVE visiting your "space on the web".....

Foursons said...

Oh my gosh, I love those mustard Gardetto's too! I lived on those things in college. Could not get enough of them.

I love that photo of Itty Bit and Cutie Left. How funny that they were that absorbed so as not to notice cups balancing on their heads!

That green bowl is very cool. Do you have a matching set, or just the one?

Brandi said...

All wonderful reasons to smile a lot!!! :)

I'm going to smile while I pretend this cup of decaf is the REAL thing. *sob* No, wait, I mean SMILE!!! *sob, sob* Sorry, I have to go...

Kmama said...

Great things to make you smile!!

Jdaddy, hands down, beats Mr. Daddy in the cologne contest. The man is a walking whore. Every year he asks for something new. He collects cologne. It's a sickness.

Unknown said...

That green bowl looks like a pattern made by Mccoy Pottery company. I would know cause my mom collected the stuff for years.. I love old pottery. Lol @ the kids so engrossed in the rollercoaster thing..

Danielle said...

What wonderful things to make you smile.

I've never seen pump laundry detergent. I am definitely going to be looking for that from now on!!

Michelle Pixie said...

Mmmmm Mustard Pretzel!! Love them!

I love the idea of the pump soap but with 5 people that bottle looks like it would last us about a day. *SIGH* I have to buy the big bulk one at Costco and thankfully I just have to push a button to dispense it. =)

Shana Putnam said...

I love your list Rachel. I really love the Gardetto's Rye circle things. It is very hard to find just those too. I understand.

He & Me + 3 said...

Everyone should do a smiles post. So much to smile about and be thankful for. YOu are blessed Rachel. Love that green bowl too:) & of course your family always makes me smile:)

Unknown said...

You definitely make me smile - and I needed one this morning. Thanks!

Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama said...

Reading about the things that make you smile made me smile. I agree with He & Me + 3...everyone should do a smile post at least once in their bloggy career, to celebrate those little and not-so-little things that bring a smile to your face!

Love how Itty Bit and Cutie Left were so caught up in the rollercoaster ride that they were completely unaware of the cups balancing on thier heads! Love it!

Michelle said...

What a great list! I would probably have a bunch of food on my top 10 list of things that make me smile. Like Oreo cookies and brownies!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

you make me smile darling
all that charm and joie de vivre

wife.mom.nurse said...

you do :)

and firehubby of course :)

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

Great list!!! I'm trying hard to catch up with everyone too, its amazing how quickly you can fall behind!!! {like on projects you promised a friend you would try to make, but just never got to it....yeah...sorry}

And next time I go to Target I am all over that laundry detergent. 50 loads in such a small bottle!!!!!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I love your list! It made ME smile!

I was wondering about that detergent, and how good it worked. I just may have to pick it up!

Dyann said...

Thanks for your post. Today I really needed it, as it would seem that I've forgotten how to smile at the kiddos.

Does the Target detergent work? My monkeys are stain-attractors.

And I remember you making me try those mustard Ghardettos. They're oddly addicting.

Dyann said...

...and 1700 emails? Good Land!

HeatherOz said...

Dear Dork, (haha j/k)
OMG! I DO NOT like pretzels!! But DaddyO brought some mustard flavored pretzels home for the kids lunches and I keep stealing them. They are just gonna have to be hungry! LOL
I have to go...........steal from my baby's mouths!

Unknown said...

I hope you feel better so you can save some of your delightful tea for later. :-) This is a wonderful post. Love the pics and the smile reasons. Sometimes I just smile because. Then people can wonder what I'm up to...:-)

Holly Renee said...

Tetherball!! I forgot about that game. So much fun. Sounds like your mom schools you in it, wonder where she got her awesome skills? Also, Kona is hilarious. I lovelovelove that picture!

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