Friday, April 16, 2010

Letters of Intent - To the Ineffable Mr. Daddy

Loving me a good old Friday - and a chance to write some Letters of Intent. Thanks Julie for the shout out - head on over for some more!


Dear Mr. Daddy ~

Please explain again why you have spent the last 20 minutes replacing batteries in the GeoTrax trains when you will spend the next 48 hours complaining about the incessant and insanely obnoxious *chugga chugga*?



Your Deaf Wife Who Doesn’t Get It




Dear Mr. Daddy ~

Thanks for letting the Triaminic-drugged 3-year old sleep in the “big bed” for naptime yesterday.

He slept so soundly, he peed through our bedding.

A bit poetic that he was on your side, no?



The Mom Who Would Be Laughing If She Didn’t Have To Do the Laundry




Dear Mr. Daddy ~

Man up.

You need to go to the dentist.



Your Had-A-Baby-Without-An-Epidural Wife




Dear Mr. Daddy ~

I am totally sticking by you through the bit of bloggy trouble you stirred up with your comment over at Julie’s (WifeMomNurse).  I’m sorry someone didn't “get” your sense of humor.

I’m glad Brian (FireHubby) chimed in on his blog to back up his wife too.  No one should be ridiculed for being concerned about their children’s safety.  And the Mommy instinct should never be minimized simply because someone else isn’t experiencing the same thing.

And for the record – I am glad to know that you will do what it takes to defend your family on your property.



City Girl (who loves canines)




Dear Mr. Daddy ~

Thank you for the continued hilarity you are finding in THAT post.

You triggered that very unladylike snort when you looked at me with that poker face and said with all seriousness:

“There’s a shortage of perfect bre@sts in the world, it would be a shame to waste yours”.

(Fifty onceuponamiracle points if you tell me which movie that came from! :)

I know you thought it was hilarious to mention Heather Oz’s comment that means some guy came to the computer to look at my b**b.

But when I got to PixieMama’s comment on the follow-up post - about these:


 Michelle Pixie said...

I can't stand it! Can you have one in the mail to me like yesterday?! So dang cute!!

10:05 PM


And I completely and totally lost it… because I thought she was talking about my b**b.

Umm yeah.

So glad you got a kick out that too Dear.



Your Wife Who Is Having Blog Picture Remorse



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{Kimber} said...

adorable pic!! sweet little things!!

Brandi said...

HAHA! Great letters. Seriously, Mr. Daddy really needs to go to the dentist. I mean, *bock bock* come on, dude (and, yes, I can make fun of you and call you a chicken even though I will not go to the dentist myself). ;)

Adrienne said...

lol sounds like Mr Daddy needs to behave himself...

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...



Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

OK, had to join the circus over there.

#1, he only said to POISON the dog. I said I'd shoot it.


Big deal. One is slower, one is faster, but either way, problem eliminated.

You can bring the bullets over here, Mr Daddy, I'll make good use of 'em.


He & Me + 3 said...

Do you buy noisy toys for the boy to annoy Mr. Daddy? Because my friends buy the noisiest toys for my son to annoy me. LOL
I totally missed the dog post...had to go read it for myself. Wowzers. Half the time I don't use my humor in the comments because other people might not get it.
Darn Dana guessed the movie first. Love the Movie!

brian said...

See, this is why I think Mr. D and I are blog-brothers:

Spiking the kid's sippy cup with Triaminic? Check!

Letting the wife clean up after my occasional "mishaps"? Check!

Avoiding that sadistic dentist, with his stainless steel pointy probes? Check!

Throwing rocks at the blogland hornets' nest? Check!

Finding that things somehow have a way of backfiring? Check!

Laughing myself into even more trouble? Check!

Ending up in my wife's cross-hairs? Check!

Got plenty of room in the doghouse over here, Mr. D!


K- floortime lite mama said...

i am just spellbound with all the adorableness

Melissa said...

It is ALWAYS so entertaining to stop by for a visit!
Have a great week-end Rachel!

Michelle Pixie said...

Oh girl you are still killing me! What I wouldn't give to live a day in the live of you. ;-)

HeatherOz said...

Shoulda been here sooner! I totally know that line from Princess Bride! Not the first time you've quoted that movie on your blog! I LOVE it!
I thought it was pretty hilarious when my hubby came over to the computer to check out your boob. I peed my pants TWICE! (1st from your story)

robin said...

LOL! I love those!

We really like noisy toys and have a huge reserve of batteries just to keep them all going! (But I hate those tiny little screws you can barely see to remove nowadays..ugh!)

It was too funny that Mr. Daddy's side was messed up since it was he who put Itty Bit in there...ha! You're right...poetic justice!

Foursons said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Foursons said...

And yes, I'm the one who deleted the last comment. You can read it in your inbox. :) said...

I love your short and sweet letters. Hilarious.

Thanks for having my back when it came to my letter of intent. You two are great friends!


Buckeroomama said...

You are too funny!

I always tell the kids that we are out of batteries, esp. if they are pulling out the toys that make annoying sounds. :)

Happy weekend!

Kmama said...

My husband also "fixes" things just so he can complain about them later (namely legos!). I just wish I had the ability to "not hear" for those few minutes. LOL

This was a great post.

Kameron said...

I like to play the natural birth card on my hubby when he's being a weinie too! Ha!

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

Haha!! Great letters!!

And I so didn't see the big deal over the post, and Mr. Daddy's comment regarding same. Geesh! Hellllooooo!!! Kids come first!

(I so would have had hubs doing the laundry for the bedding!...but the irony of it...LOVE it!)

Happy week!

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Great letters and puppy pics!

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