Monday, May 03, 2010

I'm Not Even Kidding - Frosting Wars Continued

Umm, AGAIN?!?

Y’all know that my sis has this crazy decade-long frosting war with a guy who is practically her brother, right?

I mean, you couldn’t forget this?



It goes back… waaaay back.  Here’s last year’s.  (They routinely upstage any birthday party with their antics).



And one of the first pieces of photographic evidence of their epic battles:


And the next Easter:


(this post could alternatively be titled: “The Evolution of Ju’s Hair”)

And then this lovely series at yet another birthday party:



And before you whine too much about Ju being on the receiving end a disproportionate amount…

Murkatroid’s birthday gift to her this year was a hilarious letter entitling the bearer ONE FREE CREAMING.

Complete with a tub of chocolate frosting.

No Way.


Folks, it wasn’t pretty…

I mean, I still cringe at the sheer crime of wasting that much chocolate.


IMG_9726  IMG_9727 IMG_9729 IMG_9731

IMG_9733 IMG_9735 IMG_9737 IMG_9738 IMG_9740

As if that weren’t enough… partygoers started sticking wrapping paper to his lovely mud mask…

IMG_9741 IMG_9743 

.Doesn’t he look like some sort of Willy Wonka leprechaun? :)



Yes… I knew you wouldn’t believe it without pictures.  Anyone up for a video of burping contests? :)

(Sorry Linny, I know it disturbs you to no end, but it truly is one of my more accomplished talents!)


Leiah said...

All that chocolate...{sigh}

Cute pictures though!

Foursons said...

Oh my gosh Rachel- you burp?! Say it ain't so!!! OK, the challenge is totally on when we get together. :D

Kmama said...

LOL!!! A wonka leprechaun. Awesome.

Brandi said...

I want a bday invite next year. Y'all are having too much fun!

Michelle Pixie said...

I am with Brandi on this one! :D

And I love Ju's hair!!

Melissa said...

Oh this looks like fun! Uh, can I come next year!?
Stop over,
I have something for you!

Holly Renee said...

Ha! Frosting war for sure. Looks like she's winning for now. What a great present.

HeatherOz said...

I am also crying at the waste of chocolate! LOL

City girl turned Country Girl said...

LOL you weren't kidding about the frosting wars history!! Love his Bday gift to your sis HAHAHA!!

He & Me + 3 said...

That is too funny. So fun TOO!

Stacy said...

Wow, he sure was a good sport...and to VOLUNTEER for it even LOL! He must be a good friend. :)

Michelle said...


Kameron said...

I just love your family traditions...egss, frosting, what else?? :o)

Dyann said...

Okay, I think we were out of touch for too long, because I'm really surprised to see him at your family functions. How does that work?

Killlashandra said...

WHAH! That's hilarious, it possibly a waste of perfectly good chocolate except she did get a few good licks in. ;) Maybe eatable finger paints would be a good gag gift for a birthday sometime. LOL

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