Thursday, May 27, 2010

Letters of Intent - Makeup Edition

It is finally the end of the week (hallelujah!) and I am ready to celebrate with some Letters of Intent!  Go get hooked up at Julie’s for some more get it all out goodness.



Dear Shana,

A long overdue public THANK YOU for the amazing giveaway of the Bare Escentuals foundation.  Yes, I know it was something like 3 months ago… I’m just totally behind like that.

But you were right… this stuff actually works for people with problem skin (thank you PCOS).  I am terrified of close up pictures because I am not a fan of showcasing my breakouts enhanced by my wrinkles (that combination should be illegal).

Anyhow – I’m hooked.  And I figure I’d save money using it because it’s foundation and concealer and powder in one, right?  So $60 for this big set that will last me months is a good tradeoff, huh?

 Bare Escentuals

Thanks again,

A Grateful Friend



Dear Itty Bit,


Boys do not wear makeup.



Your Very Unfair Mommy



Dear Mr. Daddy,

I so appreciate that you’re willing to watch Itty Bit so I can attend Bible Study.

I was only slightly alarmed that something so serious had occurred to warrant a text message:



Now, I’ll admit that I wasn’t overly freaked because I assumed he'd messed with some blush or drawn with some lipliner.

I certainly didn’t expect that he had gotten into the BRAND NEW PACKAGE of expensive stuff a mere two days after it had arrived.  I mean, it kinda goes without saying that if it comes by mail,  it ranks a bit higher on the “protect from curious little boys” meter, right?

Instead, I returned from Bible Study to find that Itty Bit had meticulously shaken all the powder out of FOUR containers, merrily mixed them up all across the bathroom counter, stool, and floor.  Mixed you say?  Oh yes, mixed with blush and my brand new brushes.  Meaning none of the brushes are any good for regular powder anymore.  And wouldn’t you know that the stuff that covers your pores so well, is also insidiously hard to clean up from bathroom surfaces?


But truly, what blew me away was our conversation:


Mr. Daddy:  Sorry hon.

Me:  (in disbelief) How’d he get into it?

Mr. Daddy:  He was in the bathroom.

Me:  That must have taken a long time to shake it all over.  How long was he in there?

Mr. Daddy:  15 or 20 minutes.

Me:  (screeching) FIFTEEN OR TWENTY MINUTES?!?!

Mr. Daddy:  Yeah.

Me:  What was he doing in there that long?  Why didn’t you check on him?

Mr. Daddy:  I was sleeping.



(you know, the kind that comes right before a natural disaster?)


Me:  You were sleeping?????!


Umm  yeah.

Let’s just say that Momma has gone a week without her makeup, and Daddy has gone a week praying that FedEx is quick.



The Wife Who Is Slipping A No-Doz in Your Iced Tea Next Week



Dear Julie,


Yes, we must do a long-overdue Battle Of the Blogs (BOB) soon.



Would you rather go a week without makeup…


Would you rather make your husband wear makeup for a week?




The Chick Who Will Take Pictures If #2 Wins


Merri Ann said...

I think it's very funny that your husband thought to break the makeup news in a text ... was he hoping you'd burn off a little steam before you headed home? Or perhaps he was hoping your bible study was centered around forgiveness? :))

Unknown said...

I have to ask by any chance is your hubby and my hubby related?? Cause that is soooo something mine would do.. LIke the time I got a call AT WORK askng if I was going to pick up my children AT SCHOOL. It was 4 pm. School ended at 3 pm. I rushed to the school, came home with my children after profuse apologies to the school and much appreciation for their NOT calling the law. I arrived home and the door swung open like the bars of a jail cell with a resounding thud that shook thehouse. The children remained behind me in the yard they knew it wasn't gonna be pretty. Hubby leapt off the recliner, saw the baby playing in the kitchen trash and knew the crap had hit the fan. Ohhhh yeah soooo not a good day for him

Floortime Lite Mama said...

I love you both
u guys are just sooo cute
Mr Daddy reminds me so much of my DH - that is exactly what he would do
I am an Everyday Minerals gal myself

Unknown said...

You too are hilarious! Hope you have a wonderful week-end!

Foursons said...

Oh my gosh Rachel, I would have been sooo upset! My skin is the same way what with wrinkles and break-outs all at the same time. And I'll take pictures too if #2 wins.

FYI- Picnik also has a blemish remover. You can post pictures with your skin looking beautiful if you so desire.

Thanks for linking up and I hope the FedEx man shows up soon!

Kmama said... Heads would have ROLLED over my make up. I can only imagine how angry you were. But it's also kinda funny! ;-)

Mr. Daddy said...

WEll sweetie, let's just let this be an example of how unfit I am to have another little one.....LOL

And I did kinda sorta had it mostly cleaned up when you got home!!!!

Didn't I????

DEAR.... :o)

Your still not upset,,,,,

Are you?

I will let you borrow my camo make up :o)

I will even sacrifice some of my essence of Elk scent, as a bonus prize.....


Sylvia Plathypus said... goodness. There would have been blood on the walls at my house!! So sorry, hon...*hugs* I have one of those hubbies, too, the kind who routinely lets large spans of time pass when there is that ominous quiet that should be immediately checked on? SUCH an idiot. LOL If I don't hear anything for a minute or two, I am SURE to be investigating!! Guess that's why god made mothers...for the smart moves. =)

Shana Putnam said...

LOL! Oh my goodness Rachel. I am so sorry but I did have to laugh. What is it with men? (sorry mr. daddy I have to agree) They just take the quiet as a good thing bot realizing that it is usually a bad sign haha. I bet Itty Bit had fun though. I am glad you are getting a new set though! i told you it was good. When I do actually wear it I love it. You would think after saying that that I would wear it today. But, not gonna happen ;) You are very welcome by the way. man, i feel like I am talking in circles today so sorry if this seems wonky.

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

Dude, Mr Daddy, I love you sincerely......but....

you are so dead.

He should WEAR make up for a week. ;) And NO, camo doesn't count!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Mr Daddy-

Juanita ran out of "concealer" once and I offered her some of mine... two shades of green, tan, brown and gray all in one nice pack, complete with mirror. It was a no-go. Just no telling about gals.


Stacy said...

Having bought that stuff myself I would be seriously upset if that happened. Mr. would be in the doghouse for awhile on that one! LOL!

I think men should wear makeup for a week. Just to see how much work we go through to look this dang purty. It is work. Kinda like how men should know what it is like to be pregnant. Maybe then they wouldn't complain so much when they have a cold for a week. Having had a 24 hr/day "flu" for months makes me have very little sympathy. ;)

Killlashandra said...

MWAHAHAHAHAH! Ok, been there seen that one. I rarely wear make up. Heck considering the serious lack of sleep I get I don't even dry my hair in the morning. Whoever said that my son would be sleeping through the night by the time he's one should experience one of my nights!

Anyway, when W.W. has been quiet for 15 to 20 minutes especially anywhere near the vicinity of my bathroom or his sister's room the make up will be found. Fortunately we do not have any expensive make up but I've lost track of the number of times I've seen my eye shadow smeared boy fleeing through the house from his sister!

Michelle said...

Oh no!! I hope the FexEx man comes quick! And I am soooo voting for #2. Mostly because it would be funny to see him in makeup, but I also don't wear makeup regularly, so I go weeks w/out makeup anyway!

Unknown said...

And, I now have another reason to avoid makeup like the plague! Thanks Mr. Daddy!

And, I vote for #2. Since I do not personally wear any (unless threatened by my photog buddies), #1 is kind of pointless for me. But I think Mr. Daddy needs a makeover!!!!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I rarely wear make-up, though the Bare Essencuals brand has tempted me off and on, but I can totally imagine this happening in my house too!

And I LOVE the way you guys *bicker* online! :)

Julie said...

OH NO!! Was it your new bare minerals. Curses!! My daughter did that once with my bare minerals...dumped the whole thing. I shed a tear or two! ha ha

Isn't that stuff great! far as the hubs sleeping thing...I think a No Doze is definitely in order!!

I love your blog!!

HeatherOz said...

Oh No! Isn't that always how it goes. You get something expensive and the hubs sleeps through the kids destroying it!
I think we should all take photos of our hubby's wearing make-up. Most of them are probably sound sleepers so we could apply and snap pics while they are in dreamland.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Oh my. I have no words. #2 is the definite winner for sure!

GunDiva said...

It would take a gun to my head for me to wear makeup for a week, so I guess #1 is my pick :)


Anonymous said...

In real life, I would rather go without makeup for a week. I only put it on 2-3 times a week anyways. But it would be SO MUCH FUNNIER to make my dad or boyfriend wear it, dontcha think?!

danette said...

The advance-warning text msg is too funny... so sorry about the icky cleanup though :/.

I'm gonna have to vote #2 also. (Sorry Mr. Daddy) lol ;)

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