Friday, May 21, 2010

Super Late Catch-Up Letters of Intent

Otherwise known as the bleed from your eyeballs a’la picture overload post.  Sorry.

The past few weeks have been C.R.A.Z.Y.  You’ll see.

Hop along with Julie for Letters of Intent.  It’s my sanity preservative!



Dear Itty Bit -

For somehow managing to excel at hitting the toilet at the exact right angle to splash it right back on you… take a bow.

For then running out to the front lawn show everyone your Diego undies, I am utterly grateful.

On Mother’s Day no less…


Your Loving (and speechless) Mommy



To Wavy ~

You’re proof that a superstar talent can still come in a Nice Guy package.

Captaining your team to the playoffs in your Senior year… does it get much better?


We were already pretty darn excited – but that backwards kick was truly outrageous :)


(Umm yeah… he kicked it with his left foot while completely in midair.  He’s got skilz I tell ya)

By the way… I still remember holding you at a few minutes old and even changing a stinky or two… so keep on flashing that winning smile, I got the goods on you.


Love the Chick Who Suddenly Feels Old



Dear Itty Bit -

I appreciate the NON-STOP screaming at Wavy’s game.

I know all of the other fans did as well.

GO WAVY GOOOOOOOOOO! is acceptable when they are actually playing.

Not when the crowd is quiet because he’s down with an elbow to the head.

And while we’re talking about playoff game etiquette… I hate to break it to you, but the insane cheering had less to do with your undeniable cuteness, and more to do with winning in a shootout after double overtime.

Though I’m sure they all appreciated that you took a bow.




Your Momma With the Giggles



Dear My Four-Year Old ~

I know you loved your birthday dinner at Red Robin.  And I think they loved you there too.


But you absolutely stole the show from the poor girl dressed in that bird outfit.

When the toddler sitting behind us was being a bit of a stinker and hitting her parents… that Dad of hers had finally had enough.  He leaned down low and started:




and apparently that was your cue.

Most of the restaurant in our section fell apart as you turned around and eagerly yelled:





Your Momma Who Loves Your Impeccable Timing



To my Dad,

Thanks a lot for putting a moratorium on any pictures of you on my blog.


This counts for half a point.



The Daughter Who Loves How Much That Boy Loves You



To My Sis ~

Thank you for the birthday visit.


And for bringing your girls.


(See, May-May agrees that you need to visit more often!)


And for the awesome gifts.


(“Luloo” was May-May’s “I Love You”.  Yes she painted that!  Help me talk her into Etsy!)

And Mom’s present was cool too!


I ahem, am sorry for the scene that greeted you at the park.  I know you’re used to all girls…



Your Karate Sibling



Dear Mr. Daddy,




‘nuf said.




Your Brave Wife and Fun-Loving Kid



Dear Itty Bit,

You do realize the zoo admission was $36.40 for our little family?

I was thrilled that you found something that absolutely fascinated you!


IMG_0538 IMG_0551




Even more thrilled that you wanted to spend all day here.


But heck – it was probably your favorite birthday present, right?

I can’t get over how small you are next to these big ‘uns.  And all you want to do is climb in and grab the controls.



Your Momma Who Knows Better Than to Mess With What’s In Your Blood



To This Wacky Weather,

Quit it.  It was gorgeous out.  Until the clouds started sliding by at frightening speed.




Thanks for freaking my kid out who finally realized the snapping sounds were trees breaking.



The Girl Who Needs Some Sunshine… have you SEEN my legs???



Dear Pups,

You boys are getting HUGE!

You’re still kinda freaking Itty Bit out with the romping, but he’s coming around.




But I don’t really think you’re fooling anyone when Papa yells, “NO DIGGING IN THE GRASS”, and you pop up your little head with this “who me?” look…



The Girl Who Wishes You’d Sit Still For Her Camera More Often




To the bloggers we get to meet tomorrow,

WHOO-HOO!  We are so stinking excited to see you!

And please forgive me in advance.  Mr. Daddy is hilarious in person, but I sadly, edit and re-edit in many attempts at funniness.  And unfortunately, there’s no backspace and copy/paste functions in actual conversation.  So if I go quiet, it’s probably just in awe of you because I’m feeling less-than cerebral :)

(Any guesses who we’re meeting???)




One Excited Chick



And I promise… last one…

To the boy who burst in as I was hoping for 8.2 seconds of privacy to pee… took one look at my exasperated countenance and exclaimed,

“Oh Mommy, you are darling!”

Apparently my mini-bladder is darling, just darling.



The One Who Wonders Where You Get This Goofiness



Sorry… blogging has been hard to come by lately and I finally got a few seconds to write some darling words.

And ahem, please pray that I do not do anything TST-worthy in front of wifemomnurse and switch2planb!


Pam D said...

I'll have to reread that when it isn't so late... cause each item is worth a guffaw or several! LOVE your birthday gifts; you have a talented family! And your boy has skilz, too... just in a different way. :<) Mr. Daddy was skeered of a camel? heeeee.... weinie.... ! And finally, I am jealous beYOND belief... two of my favorite blogging families getting together! Each of you hug each other for me, OK? Or just one big lifebythecreek group hug? Thanks...

GunDiva said...

I missed you! Glad you found time to get everyone caught up. Now, when are WE going to get together? Hint: High Country Rendezvous is coming up.

Have a great time with your bloggy meet up tomorrow - can't wait to hear all about it.

Mr. Daddy said...

I wasn't skeered!!!!

someone had to take the pictures...LOL

Rachel said...

"Someone had to take the pictures"?!?!

Ohh... is that why I found fourteen pictures of my butt before I even got on the camel?

Just sayin...

Shana said...

Love all of them. I have to say the peeing picture is classic though. Hilarious. I love that you went to the zoo and he was enthralled with the big machines too. All boy lol.

Kmama said...

Have fun meeting up!! Sounds like a good time.

LOL at the pics of Itty Bit peeing.

singedwingangel said...

I have pics of my youngst IN a backhoe with the guy who was digging out for my mom's house. He was in heaven.. He got to run the bucket and make itmove.. oh yeah weheard about that for WEEKS.. I am so LOVING the peeing on the tree picture. I literally busted out laughing. AS a mom of 3 boys I knew it had to be somethign only a boy would do roflmbo..priceless.. yeah your hubby is a skeerdy cat lol.

Foursons said...

Not to sure who Wavy is, but very cool! I love watching high schoolers showcase a natural talent that most people don't come by in a lifetime.

And Itty Bit bowing because he thinks people are cheering for HIS cheering? Oh my word...hilarious!

The counting thing...also filled with hilarity. Unless of course it is you counting for HIM to straighten up and he continues to count which in turns causes you to laugh which in turn totally blows any kind of punishment you were about to hand out which in turn makes him think he's so darn cute that he can do anything which in turn makes you believe he's so darn cute he can do anything which in turn...

The picture of Itty Bit peeing on the tree and you standing behind him laughing...classic.

I am cracking up that you paid $36.40 to go to the zoo only to stand and watch big trucks do construction. Bwahahahahaha.

Oh my gosh, the photo of the pup looking guilty with grass hanging out of his doesn't get any better than that!

I'm so jealous you're meeting Julie and Brian. Wwwaaaaaa!

Thanks for linking up girly, you ARE darling!

HeatherOz said...

You saved the best letter for last! Itty Bit is sooooooo funny! I love it!
Best pic was definitely him peeing on the tree!

Leiah said...

You've been really busy lately - good thing because I've been missing you guys. Have fun with Brian & Julie - so jealous!

Beth said...

Lovin on your post as usual! I would say mad skilz run in the family! So does cuteness! :)

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

Oh Dear Itty Bit,
You are all boy!! I LOVE that you are as all boy as my boys are all boy - its nice knowing that someone else shares in my joy/pain of tree peeing, underwearing showing, and tractor loving motherhood.

Your Mommy's Bloggy Buddy Who LOVES Laughing with Your Super Fun Family.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I loved the pictures and the little stories!
Itty Bit is so darn cute!!!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh my goodness...Totally LOL'd at Itty Bit's bowing BAHAHA!!! He is so cute!!! Leave it to a boy to find the tractor most exciting! Hope you had a great time meeting your bloggy friends!! That is always a blast!

Michelle said...

HA HA HA!! Itty Bits antics have me rollin' with his showing off his underwear and peeing on the tree! Both of which my oldest son did at that age!

Hope you have/had a great time meeting your bloggy friends!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh my goodness I hope it was fun meeting Julie and Bryan.
That was such a great post. The peeing by the tree took me by surprise. Pants all the way down. LOL tooo funny!

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