Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank You Very Much - Sneaky Bloggers and Sneaky Boys

Time for some free therapy!  Join KMama for more notes of thankfulness!

A big giant Thank You Very Much goes to….



Oh yes, Little Miss Organized Me who completely goofed about the dates for our meeting up with Wife.Mom.Nurse and Switch2PlanB.  I can’t complain too much about it though, since we got an unexpected date out of it and it took me three days to eat that giant cookie.  (I kid, I kid).

And to Brian?  Thank You Very Much for stealing my unpublished post about our ahem adventures.
Oh yes, it’s absolutely worth it.  Go find it here for some giggles.


A super-enthusiastic Thank You Very Much to the kiddo who is mastering the art of sneaky misbehavior.



Don’t think for a moment that I didn’t know you had snuck that birthday present and were attempting to pry the box open with a butter knife.



And along those same lines, Thank You Very Much for taking advantage of my attempts to catch up on Bible Study during your bathtime.  As I sat on the floor 3 feet away, you merrily emptied the contents of your bubble bath into the water.

After I’d warned you not to.

Honey, it only makes bubbles when you add it to the running water… thus my warning about wasting the stuff.

I was very impressed with your innate understanding of my priorities when you totally narc’d on yourself and told me, “there’s still a little bit left!”

How could anyone resist your follow-up?


Momma?  I’m berry, berry, berry sorry.
I pwomise I will nebber nebber do it agin.


And Mr. Daddy?

Thank You Very Much for being totally clueless at me setting up a shot of an empty coffee cup.


For casually flipping the crumpled up napkins and the remains of Itty Bit’s ice cream cone into my sweet shot:


Thank You Very Much.

It wouldn’t have been half as funny if Brian hadn’t seen the whole thing and cracked up too.


There,  I feel a wee bit more grateful and ready to face the day!

And THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sticking with us during this hectic time – I’m trying to catch up with some comment love because we’ve missed y’all!  Are you this busy too?!?!


Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...

This is cute! I love the bottom lip apology--it gets me every time too!

And I'm with you on the comments--things feel like they are in a whirlwind right now! I can barely visit half the people I love to read!

Unknown said...

OH wow.. stop, take a breath, in and out there feel calmer now?? Who can resist the pouty lip face..Ha at the cup shot did ya whack him one I woulda..

Shana Putnam said...

Oh that pout. I know that face. It is eerily hard to resist. *sigh* What is a parent to do? I am glad you got a date night out of the early bird special though. Hey we can all use one of those right?? I have to tell you that Blaze just poured his entire bottle of bubbles in the tub with no water in it. Yeah, didn't work so well but he got in and got really "keen Momma". Insert the pout face there.

Foursons said...

Oh my gosh, Itty Bit's pouty face is soooo similar to Nolan's! Somehow I find it cuter on Itty Bit. Why is that?

Oh and my sister cut off the tip of her finger with a BUTTER KNIFE while trying to open an Oreo. True Story.

Mary said...

That little lip sticking out is oh, so cute! How funny that he's learning how to be sneaky!

Emily said...

Man, has he mastered the lip or what?!

Unknown said...

Love that little pouty boy!

Kmama said...

So what exactly was worth using a butter knife to try and jimmy open? LOL So cute.

Brian's post was too funny!

Brandi said...

Busted. HAHA! Loved that one... too funny! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, those boys know how to work their mamas, don't they? It doesn't get any better... just sayin'. And yes, I/we have been soooo busy the past few months... but today was the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! booooyah! Now... off to Nashville tomorrow; spend next week planning for day camp and PTF stuff for next school year. Then to Destin, then day camp, then a week off, then Webelos Encampment (4 a tent. yippee). THEN a breather (I think) and then off to Branson and Oklahoma. Then... time for school AGAIN. Hurray.. school is out. yippe... *sigh*

Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama said...

Oh that face! How cute is that pout?!
And I love the pictures of Itty Bit trying to get at his birthday gift (and love that you grabbed the camera and got pictures!)

Killlashandra said...

Oh birthday presents, W.W. is going to turn 5 in a couple weeks and getting into the presents would be a big no no. Although Daddy has long since decided that using packing tape to wrap gifts works as an excellent deterrent. LOL

HeatherOz said...

Itty Bit! Sneaking the present AND dumping out the bubbles! The pout makes up for it all. Smart boy!
I'm so glad I am not the only busy one with no time for reading blogs! Makes my guilt a little less!