Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm Not Even Kidding - Stupid Injury #14117

Oh seriously?

I was sitting here feeling so bad for Julie Fourson’s  (who broke her hand whilst walking?!?!)  I’m still waiting for the whole story, but I’m guessing it takes longer to type with your hand fractured in multiple places…

Anyhow – was feeling awful for her and wondering if she’d need surgery and all that… then we had to head out to a day full of errands.

And at the same store that Itty Bit yelled, “I WANT MY PERCY!” (oh trust me, that’s not what it sounded like); this was the scene:

062610 ouch

Go ahead and guess for a minute here – what may have possibly happened to qualify as Stupid Injury #14117?


And somehow I doubt anyone will come up with the actual version.

See, Itty Bit will be starting soccer.  YAY!  Except now I’m terrified that Bubba is gonna tackle him all the time and render the sport just as dangerous as football (which is a no-no for a kid with one kidney).

So we are looking for a teeny tiny pair of shin guards for the little guy when he spots a teeny tiny soccer ball and decides to start a little game right there in the aisle.

I’m quite embarrassed to admit that right next to those basketballs in the picture were a display of *ahem* protective devices for boys.  And I spotted one that said “YOUTH” and I was actually confused over whether Itty Bit needed one for soccer.  (Hey, don’t laugh… I have NO CLUE about these things!)

So as I turned to ask Mr. Daddy, “Does Itty Bit need an Itty Bitty Bits protector"?”, I was suddenly in a blinding amount of pain.


Friends, see my glasses in my left hand?  And my right hand pressed against my eye?

Oh yes… Mr. Daddy had gotten involved in the little soccer game on Aisle Four.

And with his athletic prowess, had kicked that teeny tiny (hard, very hard) soccer ball over the cart and directly into my face.


I think I laughed and cried at the same time.  And seven hours later, my nose is still bruised with a perfect imprint of my glasses.

The man’s explanation?

“Well, I was trying to kick it over Itty Bit’s head and just figured it would hit you a little lower”.

“A little lower?  Like in my stomach?”


"And you were kicking it OVER Itty Bit’s head?  While he stood in front of you?”


There you have it my friends, Stupid Injury #14117.

And the best part?

See behind me?




Allenspark Lodge said...

So. Ummm- are you going back to that store anytime soon? 'Cause I think it might be worth following y'all around (from a distance).

Shana Putnam said...

Oh my goodness Rachel. You are definitely accident prone lol. I wold follow at a distance too haha.

Unknown said...

Revenge my friend! Revenge! I bet Mr Daddy is watching his back constantly huh?

Foursons said...

Oh gosh. I thought you had run into that pole behind you. Mr. Daddy needs to be grounded. He is getting way to big for his britches. Kicking the ball in your face, inappropriate comments on my blog...that man. *Shaking head.*

Just FYI- there may be multiple fractures in my hand, but for sure 2 clean breaks in the big bones that lead to your middle and ring fingers. As in broken in half! I have no control over those fingers and they keep twisting on their own will.

OK- now that it has taken me 20 mins to type this...hope your eye gets better soon!

Mr. Daddy said...

OK, from the dog house here....In my own defense, I did NOT kick it. I was demonstrating to Itty Bit the art of rolling the ball to the top of the foot and lifting (or flicking) it over and object or opponent...and I was trying to place it in her arms as she was holding on to the cart.


Missed it by that much!!!!

Sorry DEAR.....

And I did feel REALLY Bad, until SHE started giggling....

And ya'll know how contagious that is. right?

And Julie I have heard of doing things to get out of house work and cooking, but that is a little EXTREME! don't you think....

Emily said...

Oh no! Mr Daddy probably needed a protector after that! ;)

Foursons said...

Mr. D- the giggling was due to the fact that y'all were in a store WITH witnesses! Make the dog house comfy, you may be there until the glasses imprint goes away. :)

And nothing is too extreme in my house to get out of housework. 1 female, 4 males. You do the math.

Foursons said...

Make that 5 males. Apparently, I NEED you to do the math because I can't.

Anonymous said...

That one is great because it wasn't your fault :) I remember last year at campmeeting there was an impromptu frisbee game started, and I turned and WHACK got the frisbee right in the face... Knocked a lens outta my glasses!

GunDiva said...

What I love is that you stopped to take a picture. Now that's a blogger through and through.

Seriously, Rach, we've got to pad you up good for the ride in August. I've got a pretty gonna-be bruise forming on my leg from a broken tree branch today. Maybe we'll work on desensitizing the horses to bubble wrap and wrap you up in it before our ride.

Unknown said...

Oh good golly. Seriously Rach, I am with Gun Diva on this one. You really need bubble wrap. Although then Mr. D would be trying to lift (sure, Mr. D - whatever you want to call it to ease your guilt) the ball into the hole at the top of your head from the bubble wrap.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! Shame on you Mr. Daddy! I hope you think of your beautiful wife's nose everytime you think about playing soccor in the store! :) LOL

You guys crack me up!

McCrakensx4 said...

That is seriously something my hubby would do...hope your glasses imprint goes away quickly! At least he didn't blame you...cuz that is something that my hubby would as well! (I should have been ready to catch it!)

He & Me + 3 said...

OMGosh...I swear our families are similar...with the boys anyways. Nothing like catching a ball with your face. Yep...been there done that. Hope your bruise is gone soon. OUCH

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

That had to be hilarious to see! LOL!!!
I hope Itty Bit loves soccer!

Kelly said...

Advice from this mom to Itty Bit's mom - buy the cup~

This kid on Cam's soccer team took a swift kick to the ummm.. you get the picture, those kids clump up and kick like crazy at one ball, it's not hard to see them missing and kicking some poor childs "boys".

Looks like you may need a helmet. Good thing you are on the right asle.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

NOOO... the BEST part is that your husband TOOK A PICTURE! Ha! Your husband and my husband must never meet at a Walmart. They would have a full fledged game and keep score!

Mrs. NB

Stacy said...

Oh my goodness! I'm not sure it is so much that you are accident prone, as it is you are constantly in the company of wild boys. Boys I think covers both your son and your husband, as those antics are very much in the "only a child would play kickball in a STORE!" LOL!

Beth Zimmerman said...

So are you on the *People of WalMart* now or did Mr. Daddy take this picture?

Dyann said...

I, too, love that Mr. Daddy thought to take a picture.

And I hope you've kissed her nose a thousand times over.

Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama said...

I am dying over this -- not laughing that you got hurt, of course, only laughing at how it came about...oh boy, I'm only digging myself in deeper, aren't I? Anyways, I love that Mr. Daddy snagged a photo immediately afterwards!

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