Thursday, June 24, 2010

Letters of Intent - Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Fridays are especially wunderbar with my friend Julie from Foursons and her Letters of Intent. 



Dear Julie,

Sorry about the YUCK factor to yesterday’s snake post.

I know you really enjoyed that picture of the headless rattlesnake in the frying pan.  And to assure you that you certainly… here are the remaining rattler family  photos:


Evil Brotherrattlesnake3

and Baby Brother (who she noted “at least got to keep his head”)rattlesnake

Now, will you please help me kick Mr. Daddy’s cute tushie for his mockery of my caterwauling at the sight of the THREE garter snakes that my sister had just happened to bring to our Father’s Day celebration?



Caterwauling Girl Hiding Behind Her Aunt


p.s.  Yes, garter snakes have venom, but not much of it.  Posh -  tomato, tomatoh, it’s a SNAKE.




Dear Itty Bit and Cutie Left:


I know you guys were having a grand time playing soccer:


and Cindy Lou Hoo was your darling cheerleader:


But I’m telling you guys… do not underestimate Bubba:


He might be the littlest one there… and he might be a whole 20 months younger than Cutie Left…



When the kid says he wants to play:


And he’s got his game face on:


It’s not gonna matter if you two scheme some kind of 2-on-1 play:



Trust me kiddos… you’re a whole lot safer in here!


Cuz this kid will



You didn’t think he got that bloody lip THREE TIMES that day for nuthin, did ya?



The Mom/Grandma/Aunt Who Could Barely Watch the Carnage




Dear Itty Bit,


See, I thought you might prefer soccer because you’re pretty good with kicking.

I was rather worried at your first at-bat, since you don’t seem to practice your throwing/catching skills much (and about that throwing thing… I’m kinda GLAD you don’t work on it much :)


See, I was only worried because you come from a long line of baseball champs.  And, you know… it’s pretty easy for the family to see you three boys and think we’ve got 1/3 of our next state team right in our yard.

Just wanted to say a grand THANK YOU JESUS when I saw you knock that first puppy outta the park :)




Your Picked-Last-For-Kickball Momma (Who Just Breathed a Big Sigh of Relief)



Thanks y’all for sticking through this picture overload post… we’ve had fun welcoming summer!  How about you?


Ashley T said...

Too cute (ok not the snakes but you know what I mean)!

Stopping by from the Foursons!

Kmama said...

EEEK at the snakes.

We have that same t-ball set. Buddy loves it. Doesn't it make your heart swell when they do good like that??

The Simple Life said...

what wonderful pictures!
When Cameron was smaller, I had to remind my nephew that he wouldn't always be smaller than him. At first that 9 months makes a difference, but when they are older that 9 months wont matter at all!

I hope this weekend is as full of fun as last weekend seems in these pictures!

brian said...

Some one gave that last snake quite a headache :)

{Kimber} said...

creepy snake!!!!! *shudder*

sweet t-ball pics :)

Bits-n-Pieces said...

eww on the snake, but awwww on the other pics!!

McCrakensx4 said...

I AGREE... A SNAKE IS A SNAKE (and yes I am yelling that!!! I HATE snakes! YUCK! BUt I do love soccer playing boys and I have to agree...NEVER underustimate the power of the younger ones!! lol said...

What terrific summer fun and that Ity Bit is quite an athlete!

As for the snakes...ewwwwwww!

Tiffany said...

Ok, rattlers are just disgusting. Mr. Daddy can just lay off for the squealing harassment - I would have gone after the snake with a shotgun.

But the boys are just precious! Tell Itty Bit we (as the baseball nut family) are uber proud of him - I see a family vs family game in our future!

Foursons said...

That sure looked like 2 snakes that kept their heads to me. But I suppose it all doesn't matter much when you see a dead snake every time you turn around. Those are some BIG rattlesnakes!

Girl, you can tell a story in pictures like no one else. I absolutely love Bubba coming in with his game face on and Itty Bit and Cutie Left conspiring against him. Bwahahahaha. Classic.

And you go Itty Bit! Way to knock it outta the park!

Thanks for linking up chica.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Fun post Miss Rachel! I love your pictures!

Killlashandra said...

I love his game face! That's so awesome. :)

Brandi said...

What is with all the snakes??? *shiver* I need to go back and read the post I missed! :)

Great pics of the kiddos playing soccer!

Anonymous said...

Eww snakes. Love the soccer pictures.

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

WOW those are some BIG snakes! Snakes don't bug me though....its the SPIDERS! YEEKS!!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your stories in pictures! ♥

I totally ♥ YOU!

He & Me + 3 said...

Did you have any doubts about him hitting that ball out of the park? I mean him and SM are twins.
Enough with the snakes..Ewww my skin is crawling. I hate snakes. Gah!
Love that the little guy was so tough. Too cute.

Marice said...

ewwwkkkk for those snakes :(

the guys and that little gal are all so cute!

HeatherOz said...

The letter is so much fun with the pictures to go along with it! Especially with those 3 good lookin' boys!

GunDiva said...

Those are some big darn snakes. Glad they're dead.

Hey, when you come to play with us in August, there won't be any rattlesnakes. I can promise that! (they can't live at our altitude.)