Friday, June 04, 2010

Letters Of Intent - Beating the buzzer

Oy! I am so insanely behind, it's sad. I'm still a-waitin' for those lazy days of summer, and they are avoiding my house like they’ve been warned off by those Jehovah's Witness ladies or something.

(Again, I ain’t hating on them, but sure am wondering how they ever survived the sight of my husband greeting them bright and early in his tighty-whiteys?)


Trying to catch up after a hectic week – and I’m just barely beating the buzzer for Julie’s Letters of Intent.  Cuz you always know I got a lot to say, right?



Dear Warm Bloggers,

Y’all are posting pictures of all your summer fun.  The beaches, the swimming pools, the water parks.

For the love of all that is hi-carb and holy, would you quit making me so jealous?!?!


I mean, can you say LAUNDRY?!?


(And after this picture was snapped, Oh yes he did.  Oh YES).


The Woman Waiting to Break Out the SPF50



Dear Itty Bit,


You  may not bring the turkey baster in the bathtub.




Because you know that is my bloggy catch-up time…

and that stream of water flew the entire distance of the bathroom to land across the laptop that I’d tried to strategically defend behind the towel cabinet.


(What is in that baby shampoo?  See the smeared letter “N”???)


Your Momma Who Doesn’t Think Bathtime Should Be Blogworthy



To Mr. Daddy,

Oh no you didn’t.

Surely you didn’t?


After my sweet reminder that our potty-trained little guy needs a pull-up for a nap, I suggested that he lay down in his bed for a little while.  What happened instead was that he played for an hour while you slept next to him in our bed.

Oh yes dear… you had no clue that the poor kid had peed himself so badly that when I went to pull of his clothes and said, “Oh no honey, you’re all wet!” – he sleepily replied, “No I not.  My boobies aren’t wet!”

And many hours later at bedtime, when the house was still and I snuck into bed after blogging late… I was shocked to find my entire side of the bed soaking wet.

I must say I was rather shocked at your solution.

After I stripped down the bed (in the dark, in the middle of the night), I stumbled with an armload of wet linens through a dark house to the laundry room (and you recall how I injure myself in idiotic wayswhy oh why would you think it would be safe for a deaf person to traverse a dark house?!?! :) I returned to find you missing.

Oh yes, your solution was to sneak off to the couch and leave me to sleep on the dry side of the bed.

God’ll get ya.



The Wife Who Is Right About Some Things Sometimes



Dear Itty Bit,

What was I supposed to say to that?

Dr. Spock doesn’t have a chapter called:

When Your Child Says: “But I Don’t Want a Big Pee-Pee, I Want To Be A Giiiiiiiirl!”



Your redneck Daddy about passed out.


You rock.



Your Momma Who Thinks You Are The Funniest Thing On the Planet and Are Perfect As A Boy



Dear New Bloggy Friends -

You totally made my week!  I’m so glad you joined in time for our fun giveaway!  Stick around, I promise it gets interesting around here when my husband hijacks my blog… :)



The Grateful Chick Who Does A Little Happy Dance Every Time That Follower Widget Goes Up

p.s. cuz you know King Julien just won’t quit teasing me about her blog domination…




Love y’all!  Wishing you a terrific weekend.  Now head over to Julie’s Letters of Intent for more!


Shana Putnam said...

Ok the smeared N is a little scary no?? I laughed so hard at the i wanna be a girl comment and I can't believe you Mr Daddy! Leaving the wet on Rachel's side lol. My hubby would do that too so don't feel bad Rachel. We have had a lot of rain recently but it has been hot and the air feels like you are breathing in liquid. Yuck. I love to see the follower widget numbers go up too although mine is about to slow way down since I am almost through all m giveaways but I am working hard to get things ready to sell. I couldn't send you any pics because when my computer crashed here while back I lost all the pictures i had in it. Yes it still hurts.

brian said...

Turkey baster in the tub--does that boy know how to party or what?

HeatherOz said...

I just made it before the buzzer too! You have the craziest silly boys on your hands! My husband passes out any time one of my boys says they want to be a girl! I guess i will never show him the pictures I have when Lily dressed them up in princess dresses AND put make-up on them.

Leiah said...

Do you know what is funnier than hearing the Misadventures of Mr. Daddy? Knowing his rebuttal is already percolating in his head. Can't wait!

Oh and can I just say that Itty Bit really should come spend some time with Miss Leiah - we would have the best time together. That little kiddo makes me laugh so hard!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Mr. Daddy,
Don't worry. When the kid figures "it" out, he'll be glad he has one. And just THINK of the speech you can give at his wedding reception.

Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama said...

I am so glad you beat the buzzer and got this posted -- what a great start to my morning! I love the picture of Itty Bit puddle jumping. I'm still giggling over the Bath-time turkey baster incident and Itty Bit's anatomy comment. And I feel your pain with the pee-flooded bed. Shane still winds up crawling in with us many nights, and when he soaks through his diaper...ugh. There's nothing like waking up in a puddle of someone else's pee. At least Mr. Daddy laft you the dry side of the bed. My husband's solution was to throw a fleece blanket over my side and say, "there, that should get you through the night." O_o

Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama said...

*left Gah.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

OMG how I love your posts
SO much fun

Foursons said...

First off, sorry I'm just now getting to this. My niece is graduating tomorrow and we were celebrating her today.

Girl, drive on down and I will show you some warm weather that will make you beg to return to the rainy season at your house.

Seriously, what IS in that baby shampoo? That is some serious chemicals right there.

Honestly, I love it when I have the bed to myself. I'd be happy if Chris chose the couch so I could have the dry side of the bed. :)

Thanks for linking up, and I am soooo still dominating. Booyah. said...


I am back in the blogasphere again!

I have missed you guys...seriously! I wish we could hang out again. What a great time!

You two are amazing...I think the four of us would be dangerous together! LOL!

Oh, and that Itty-bit...I am in love.
"Put your glasses on so you can see far." oh my gosh...I just adore him!

It is going to take awhile for me to stop missing you is like we have known each other for a long, long time :)

Okay, enough of this mushy see I am just a sentimental girl.

Amazing visit ;) you might have to stop by to get the wink...



Unknown said...

Oh stinking my! That was hilarious, and totally worth the wait. And after the adventures you have had around the house lately, I am not sure I want to hear Mr. Daddys rebuttal. But Bit worried about his bits - too funny! Thanks for the giggles.

Unknown said...

And how have I never seen the King Julian nickname before now? Gold, sister. Simply gold.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

LOL LOL LOL!!! There isn't a moment of reading that where I was not laughing!! Well....Maybe except for the part where you found a wet bed then a missing Hubby...Bad Mr Daddy!!

OH you crack me up!!

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

ROFL... what a great post... But the letter N scares me, we used to use that shampoo....( which could explain one of my kids)

And what is with those men in the middle of the night ...although ( and please hear my humor here) I have weird accident too, and I am not deaf, but I am getting my hearing checked in the morning) LOL

Kmama said...

You have the funniest stories ever!! Shame on Mr. Daddy for letting you take care of the bed and going to sleep on the couch. That's totally something Jdaddy would do too. Men.

Beth Zimmerman said...

You guys are so funny and the itty-bit stories are priceless!

Unknown said...

Ok, so my daughter wants to stand over the toilet so she can pee like a boy. Lately, she wants to pretend she's a dog and lifts her leg.

Yes, really.

Go figure.

And the best part is that we get to blog about it! :)

Sylvia Plathypus said...

ROTFLMAO Itty Bit is quickly becoming my favorite kid in the world...(Don't tell my kids I said so! LOL) I hope one day he can come back and read all of these wonderful things that he said as a little guy and get as much insane amusement and happiness as it brings to myself and the other readers! xD LOVE your post as always -- keep 'em coming! ;D

Kameron said...

The ONE time my hubby made Nate's bed instead of me, he didn't put the matress protector on and he peed through his diaper in the night and left a stain on his brand new (like 1 week old) matress! Yes, we do know a thing or 2 every so often!

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