Saturday, July 31, 2010

Taste of Bachelorhood

What on earth did I do to you dude?

I know my cooking can’t be that bad.

I mean, bad enough to warrant this?


Which for some reason, must be prepared quite specifically – I mean, considering the *ahem* exotic ingredients.

Mixing the butter with the honey in one bowl.  The syrup and peanutbutter in another bowl.

Yes, ensuring that you dirty twice the number of dishes and mixing utensils is crucial to the taste.

I mean, I’d say you did that just to be a smart alek, but when you made this face:


…and then promptly ate three in a row…

I’m just gonna assume you actually LIKE them.


And it has nothing to do with your wife’s cooking.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Letters Of Intent - Staving Off Retaliation...

Still waiting for Julie to come up with some kind of terrible revenge that – though directed at Mr. Daddy – will wreck havoc on my humble blog… so to stay on her good side, I’m joining in with this week’s



Dear Ah-Ma and Papa,


You are the coolest grandparents ever.

I mean, how many people honked at you guys as you brought over this little gift?




Your Kid Who Is Still Waiting For Her Ride


Dear People I Love,


Would you PLEASE let me know when you’re doing the FUNNY shot?

I look ridiculously naive here, LOL.


And just to give you a taste of your own medicine sweetie… here’s a shot of you that I know you’re just dying to share with our bloggy friends… you showing off your “ear piercings”

IMG_3865 (Whoa… can you say “Welcome to the gun show”???  *faint*)



The Clueless Picture Girl



Dear Itty Bit,

You poor kiddo.  You only ever puked once and it was when you were a baby.  So this time around was pretty traumatic when you couldn’t figure out what was happening (as you upchucked bananas and chocolate milk all over Papa’s truck… 2 hours away from home).

When Daddy heard you were visiting cousins Little Jo and May-May while sick, he figured all of them would come down with it too.  Some kind of payback or something because you only ever get sick after hanging out with them.

Then he realized that you probably ALREADY got sick from hanging out with them last weekend…


Though I’m somehow less worried about the germs and more concerned with the expression on Little Jo’s face and the fact that you are beating on her to put you down.



Your Momma Who Is Now Running A Fever



Dear Ju,

Seriously?  You’re gonna hound me on Facebook (meaning, PUBLICLY), about not posting pictures of the weekend within 12 hours?

Sure, I got some great shots.  But by the end of that whirlwind, I was plumb tuckered out… kind of like your youngest:


But if you ARE gonna try to guilt me into churning them out Polaroid style… I’ve got some takes that I know you’ll just loooooove:

(You had it coming… don’t dare whine now)


What are you getting ready for, Sister Dear?

Oh that…


(look how worried Cousin A looks!)

Ready set go!


Okaaaay.  A little more!


Whaddya mean you’re stuck?

(That’s right folks… a dead stop at halfway in)


See, I knew you’d love these!



The Sis Who Thinks You’ve Learned Your Lesson? :)


Sorry folks, I don’t have a whole lot of blogging in me right now… It’s been a long day with a feverish kiddo.  We finally broke 103 degrees before midnight, but he’s been battling to keep it under 100 today.  Please pray that his kidney will handle it without a problem.  Thanks!


Now… I’ve gotta figure out who is gonna be peeved worse… Julie or Ju!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The REAL whereabouts of King Julien

Well you all know by now that Julie at Foursons has been making this big deal about her recent trip.

(Rach In:  When I saw her "subtle" jab at Mr. Daddy, I ducked for cover!)
What I really want to let you in on is that, being slightly delusional, she felt the need to conceal the truth about her real whereabouts.

...and being totally convinced of her blog domination, and popularity that goes with the King Julien status, I have it on pretty good authority that she was no where near NYC, but on the opposite side of the United States.

(If you listen closely and concentrate really hard, I'm sure you can hear her singing I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT)

I'm guessing that she googled a few pics, then photoshopped them to throw you all off the track of her location.

She is actually a full out crazy as a loon Mariners fan.....

(Rach in:  What does a loon have to do with crazy?)

...which is substantiated by this pictorial of evidence:

My Oh My, it's her own husband heading to the infield!

And where is our Oh So Humble Leader?  Sitting in the stands ready to cheer him on in her snappy Mariners gear.

Whoops!  What's that?!?  It couldn't be!?!  King Julien has seen the light and traded her Nikon for a Canon??!  Rachel would be so proud!  Cuz you know, Canons are hardier than Nikons when it comes to protecting your camera-holding hand from certain pulverization...

(Rach In:  And this last photo perfectly captures the final Yankee insult.  I mean, we've got Dan the Man, Bad to the Bone Buhner, Make Mine A Double Martinez... and you went and took our A-Rod?!)

So Jules... consider yourself lucky to get off easy this time... ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wordful Wednesday - A Small Town Parade

So I got called out on not posting more pictures after letting it slip that I’d taken 2500 photos so far in July.

*cough* Beth *cough*

All that means y’all, is that I need to figure out my camera and I have maybe 200 shots worth keeping.  Heck, I figure it’s only batteries and memory card space, right?

So in lieu of our sleeping True Story Tuesday carnival, I thought I’d show y’all a bit of how us small town folk have fun when the weather finally heats up…


First off, make sure you’re dressed to impress the ladies:


(or at least the mommies… )

Waaaaaitaminute… I think I have that one figured out…

brad pitt aviators (Google - I knew the boy had style :)


Back to the parade – start off with some of our famous motorcycle drill team fellas:


Yes, they were that close.

This was half of the drill team doing fly-by high-fives with eachother.  Except the dude on the left was high-fiving the crowd too.  Wait… who’s driving that thing?


Allow me to vent for a minute… parades mean you’re not supposed to use streets that are blocked off, right?

So when you see the motorcycles zooming by, don’t squeak past the signs and pull out in front of them.  Yep, the entire parade paused to allow a brilliant pickup driver to go his merry way down Main Street.

During that little intermission, let’s introduce Cutie Left and Cindy Lou Who… cuz we love ‘em to pieces:



Then Itty Bit warned me…


Was it the local band?


The giant backhoe loader?


The way cool antique tractor?


The military truck?


The blackpowder  guns firing?


The Mudstang?  (Oh yes, the MUDSTANG)


The giant shopping cart?  (Yes, we know how to do it up right)


Couldn’t be this wee thing?



But it just might have been the biggest durn motorcycle you’ve ever seen???


See, big cities don’t have it all :)


And of course, we had the requisite campaigners, cheerleading teams, and royalty.  Including this exhausted little doll who had to prop her princess waving hand up… look closely, hee hee!


Can’t miss the line of classic cars:




At long last, my favorite!


Isn’t her ride just beautiful?!?!


All was fine and dandy until someone breached that “crossing the street in the middle of a parade” thing again.

A woman with a little one in a stroller and another little one trotting alongside walked directly behind one of the equestrian teams.  UGH!  Talk about people who are clueless about safety.

One of the horses had enjoyed their fill of all the loud attractions described above, and that stroller was the last straw.  A few pictures couldn’t quite capture all the action:




The horse started backing in figure-eights.  A man pushed the horse away from the crowd, but it looped around to back into the other side.  Ultimately the safest solution was  a rather sad sight.


(Any of my horsey friends – would love to hear your take)


So we finished off with our own horsey rides:



And we figured out just how big that motorcycle is…

IMG_4242 (hint, Mr. Daddy is 6’ tall)

(So Beth… there ya go.  A verbal landslide of pictures… are you sorry you asked? :)


And that is how you rock a small town parade.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Greatly exaggerated rumors




Grandma:  Yes, Angel Boy?

(looking woebegone with the weight of the world on his shoulders)

My mother died when I was just a baby.

Grandma:    (Gasp)  What???  No she didn’t.

My mother died when I was just a baby.

Grandma:  No she didn’t honey – your mommy is Rachel and she didn’t die.


Grandma:  Yes Angel Boy?

My father died when I was just a baby.

Grandma:  What?  No he didn’t.  Your daddy is fine honey.


My parents died when I was just a baby.

Grandma:  Honey, no they didn’t.  Your mommy and daddy are alive.


My FRIEND died when I was just a baby.



Just an average “what on earth?!” conversation with Itty Bit on a Thursday afternoon.

The culprit?

You’re not gonna believe it.


tom and jerry


Apparently this sweet and innocuous little cartoon is a version of “The Little Princess” and is royally sad for a 4-year old.  Yeesh – y’all know I can’t lipread cartoon characters… but I thought Tom & Jerry would be a safe bet???


Anyhow… the rumors are greatly exaggerated ;)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

SOOC - A Summer Well Spent



My sister… and her beloved flip-flops.

Three summers and counting, and she refuses to believe another pair could match their comfort.

It’s true – there’s nothing that fits like a pair of old shoes.



Joining up a wee bit late with Melody from Slurping Life.

Slurping Life



Since my picture folder for July is telling me that I’ve taken over 2500 pictures this month – I think we’re about as busy as y’all seem to be (yes, I’m rather jealous of all the fabulous vacation photos I’ve seen lately!)

So while I’m sure the blogging material probably won’t give me a break, I think True Story Tuesday could use a little summer siesta.


In the meantime, watch for some Battle of the Blogs as Julie and I duke it out to prove who knows their followers the best :)  See you back with TST soon!

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