Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Caption This: Telling Tales

Just a little business first:  my mother actually emailed me (you have to know her to know how significant that is :) to ask me to fix a couple items from yesterday’s post.

Apparently I should have double-checked the family legend before posting about Uncle Caesar’s little sleepwalking adventure.  So here’s the scoop – his wife was the one who found him in our bathroom.  And he had actually gotten so far as to open and close the shower doors but kept walking around like a mime in an invisible cage, praying and pleading for God to help him get out.

So there you have it – the official TST version :)  I was too chicken to try to mess with the original post and risk losing all your link-ups!


Joining up with Mama Cass this week for Caption This!  Do you have a photo that is just begging for a great one-liner?  Something that has an great story behind it?  Here’s the perfect place to see how creative your pals are!

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This week brought to you by Itty Bit and his crew.  What on earth is he telling Big Bro and Cutie Left?


Have a great Wednesday y’all!


Allenspark Lodge said...

My big brother's foot is THIS big.


The Simple Life said...

One day when I grow up I'm gonna be this big like my daddy

Kmama said...

"And oh my gosh. It was about this big and green, with yellow eyes. Yes, it sure was!"

Ms. Salti said...

No! Seriously! The monster in my closet had a tail AT LEAST that long!

Mariliz said...

I ate all my dinner, and when I wake up tomorrow, I'm going to be this tall!

Big Mama Cass said...

"I don't know where the guy came from but he was about this tall and he just snatched the shoe right off his foot!!" lol

The Simple Life said...

I just love the comments on this post.

I left you another award on my blog

Melissa said...

I'm clueless!
but I love the comments from others!

Michelle Pixie said...

"You have to be this tall to get on the ride...I am almost there!"

Itty Bit is so dang cute!!

Killlashandra said...

Obviously, it was this big! ;)

He & Me + 3 said...

Daddy said that the fish was this big...do you think I should believe him?

Jewelz said...

....anyway Jewelz said we were to look for someone about thiiiiiiiiiiis big with the word VOLCYUM written on his shirt! Uncle, do we know anyone that fits this description?
Jewelz said she'd give me chocolate, CHOCOLATE UNCLE!!!
Uncle, do you have a shirt with the word Volcyum on it?????


K- floortime lite mama said...

And there was this UFO that flew this close to me head "

"If I have a little brother or sister I always want to be atleast this much taller than them "

Beth Zimmerman said...

I'm not sure but you really need a cast of characters on your blog so I can keep everybody straight!