Thursday, July 29, 2010

Letters Of Intent - Staving Off Retaliation...

Still waiting for Julie to come up with some kind of terrible revenge that – though directed at Mr. Daddy – will wreck havoc on my humble blog… so to stay on her good side, I’m joining in with this week’s



Dear Ah-Ma and Papa,


You are the coolest grandparents ever.

I mean, how many people honked at you guys as you brought over this little gift?




Your Kid Who Is Still Waiting For Her Ride


Dear People I Love,


Would you PLEASE let me know when you’re doing the FUNNY shot?

I look ridiculously naive here, LOL.


And just to give you a taste of your own medicine sweetie… here’s a shot of you that I know you’re just dying to share with our bloggy friends… you showing off your “ear piercings”

IMG_3865 (Whoa… can you say “Welcome to the gun show”???  *faint*)



The Clueless Picture Girl



Dear Itty Bit,

You poor kiddo.  You only ever puked once and it was when you were a baby.  So this time around was pretty traumatic when you couldn’t figure out what was happening (as you upchucked bananas and chocolate milk all over Papa’s truck… 2 hours away from home).

When Daddy heard you were visiting cousins Little Jo and May-May while sick, he figured all of them would come down with it too.  Some kind of payback or something because you only ever get sick after hanging out with them.

Then he realized that you probably ALREADY got sick from hanging out with them last weekend…


Though I’m somehow less worried about the germs and more concerned with the expression on Little Jo’s face and the fact that you are beating on her to put you down.



Your Momma Who Is Now Running A Fever



Dear Ju,

Seriously?  You’re gonna hound me on Facebook (meaning, PUBLICLY), about not posting pictures of the weekend within 12 hours?

Sure, I got some great shots.  But by the end of that whirlwind, I was plumb tuckered out… kind of like your youngest:


But if you ARE gonna try to guilt me into churning them out Polaroid style… I’ve got some takes that I know you’ll just loooooove:

(You had it coming… don’t dare whine now)


What are you getting ready for, Sister Dear?

Oh that…


(look how worried Cousin A looks!)

Ready set go!


Okaaaay.  A little more!


Whaddya mean you’re stuck?

(That’s right folks… a dead stop at halfway in)


See, I knew you’d love these!



The Sis Who Thinks You’ve Learned Your Lesson? :)


Sorry folks, I don’t have a whole lot of blogging in me right now… It’s been a long day with a feverish kiddo.  We finally broke 103 degrees before midnight, but he’s been battling to keep it under 100 today.  Please pray that his kidney will handle it without a problem.  Thanks!


Now… I’ve gotta figure out who is gonna be peeved worse… Julie or Ju!


Rachel said...

Just a quick addendum to this post... Itty Bit just mentioned that the horse poop Mr. Daddy was talking about "smelled WONDERFUL" to him.

Then without missing a beat, he saw the picture of Mr. Daddy with his "ear piercings" and said, "Daddy is BEAUTIFUL!"

Hee hee

Unknown said...

lmbo gotta love blackmail photos. I am sure I will get the same complaints when I come back from Va beach next week. Sorry your little ones are sick and eww on what she threw up. I bet that smelled loverly especially if it was hot outside

Big Mama Cass said...

Those are great! Hope you are both feeling better soon. I'm not sure what's wrong with his kidney??

Leiah said...

Aw - so sorry to hear about Itty Bit. I hate throwing up - I will do anything I can to avoid it. And is it wrong that when you said this was only the second time he threw up I immediately thought of that 'Seinfeld' episode about the very same thing? Didn't realize Mr. Daddy was now modeling for that home-party jewelery company now. Sweet. (hee hee hee)

Kmama said...

I'm sorry about the little man beign sick. I hope he blows through this without a problem.

LOL at those pics. Your sis is going to be so mad at you!

Kameron said...

Throwing up is traumatic even if you know what's going on! I hope he feels better soon!

Jody said...

Oi, I hope Bit feels better soon!

Ok Rach, even though you're in on LOI I don't think Julie is going to ignore Mr.D's post, even if you are feverish! Oh and does your sister have a blog? Because you may have just started another war ;).

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

prayers that all illness is gone.. praying for rotecting that kidney.. and for t he protection of bloggers who start wars.. Must say the earring picture is hystrical.. but then I have close relatives that look like that on purpose everyday.. Maybe MR. Daddy is a relative..( gun show looking canon user)...

Foursons said...

I love the Toy Story chair on the bike. How cute and funny. :)

Chris loves making bunny ears in photos and I am usually the naive one smiling away.

And I have pictures of Chris wearing "earrings" too . LOL. I cracked up at your gun show comment. :D I think you'll be paying for that one!

Poor Itty Bit- he was serious about getting even with Little Jo and she was having way to much fun at his expense!

Your sister stopping halfway down the slip-n-slide is hilarious! I need to take a lesson from her because I would have gotten a huge running start and probably broke something in the process. So maybe stopping half way isn't such a bad thing.

I hope Itty Bit is better today. Poor little guy. Hang in there girl. Summer fevers are no fun.

Thanks for linking up!

Amy said...

Oh my! Poor guy! Kids vomiting is the worst. I can handle lots of bodily fluids, but vomit is NOT one of them! I hope he gets back to normal quick and that his kidney does just fine!

I can't believe they rode over with that chair strapped to the back! HAHAHAHA! I am sure they got several honks!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I bet your sister will not bug you for pictures again! Too funny!

I hope you get to feeling better soon! said...

I am so sorry the ity-bit is sick!!! I am praying for his little kidney!

you and your clan always crack me up! Talk about endorphin release :) You are the best! What fun :)

Mr. Daddy...hmmm...the earrings...hmmm...very chic- You are going to set a trend :) I love that ity-bit thinks they are beautiful :)

I hope that kiddo is doing much better! ~Julie

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you have the stomach bug, hope you both feel better soon.

That chair stapped to the back is too cool.

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh poor baby...hope he is feeling better soon. I remember the first time my boys vomited and they FREAKED! Loved all of the pics of your sis on the slip & slide...too funny! And love the Toy Story 3 chair...'specially on the back of the motorcycle!

He & Me + 3 said...

Thanks for the free admission to the gun show :)

What a cute Toy Story seat. Adorable! I know another little boy that would love that too.

Hope your baby boy feels better soon.
Love the slip and slide pictures...your sister is too cute.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

I hope darling Itty bitty is feeling better now

Love this whole post
Your family is amazing and adorable

Mr daddy thank you for the lovely comment and amazing quotes on my post

HeatherOz said...

It is just plain wrong for kids to be sick in the summer. My kids just went back to school and I am just waiting til they all start getting sick! It always happens. Praying for all of you to get better SOON!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OH I love the chair!! My J had a plushy Toy Story chair some 14-15 years ago with the original movie!!

I sure hope Itty Bit is feeling better!! And Momma too!! Praying for you all!

I am very concerned with the look on Little Jo's face!! LOL! That's some shaking she's doing!

Oh and your Sis...She's a RIOT! Of course you already knew that!!

Julie said...

So sorry about the sickness..seems like the summer bugs are going around.

Love the little chair. Too cute.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Ha! This was a great glad I stopped over. Will have to check out some of your other posts.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I bet Mr. Daddy loved being described as beautiful! Hope Itty Bit's fever (and yours) have broken by now but will send a few prayers up just in case!

danette said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon! The "chocolate burps" (Bitty's term for vomit) are no fun :(.

Those pictures are a riot, hope you don't have to worry about too much payback (lol).

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Those pictures had me laughing! I hope sweet little Itty Bit feels better soon!

Marice said...

Aww! I SUPER like that chair. I just wish my little one wouldnt see this as we'll gonna have trouble on finding one.

sorry for the late visit.

Aunt Crazy said...


Killlashandra said...

Your sister is a brave soul to risk the slip and slide. ;) Nice shot. As for the silly picture, you look great. Nice smile.

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