Thursday, July 08, 2010

Letters of Intent - Typos and Egg Rolls and Horsies, Oh My

Hooking up with Julie from Foursons for this week’s Letters of Intent!


Julie is still recovering from the herd of gnus trampling her hand as she attempted to stop a band of thieves (okay okay… but doesn’t it at least sound blogworthy? :)



Dear Target,


Umm… I hope you know what’s in your toddler clothing section… and I hope you get it squared away before there’s any more egg  on your face.

Any sign language aficionados out there?


Check it out.  If I’m nice and overlook the attempted “u” (actually a sideways “c”), the shirt spells:




Yeah, super cool and worthy of lightning bolts.


But it ain’t goin’ on my kid :)  Cuz he’s a DUUUUUUDE.



The Girl Who Is STILL Afraid of the Dollar Section




Dear Scott Toilet Paper Company,


I’m all about saving money.  Especially on consumables like toilet paper.

I mean, you know I have a FOUR YEAR OLD who loves to spin those puppies and load up each flush, right?

So it was a cool surprise that you’d snuck a coupon into the package.

But it was not cool, not cool at all – GLUING it to the actual toilet paper.

You do realize what this did to an OCD chick who tore through the first ply, which separated from the second ply, which messed the whole roll up, right?





OCD about my TP



Dear Julie,

Remember when I mentioned my kinda-rough birthday and we laughed about my insistence that God had sent these egg rolls to me?

And I think you were kinda poking fun at me… because I get kinda excited about good food.

Anyhoo – remember me telling you these things were ginormous?


Well Boo-Yah! :)  It’s an egg roll on some planet!


Do not adjust your screen.  These things really are that big!

Now I feel a bit better about you rubbing it in that we don’t have a Chili’s nearby.



The Suddenly Hungry Chick




Dear Joey,


Don’t you dare give me that innocent look.


You and your escape artist ways are totally busted.  Sticking your head through the gate, then lifting it up off the hinges is genius.  And a little unnerving when I consider just how much strength that takes.

Thanks for wandering merrily off to the neighbors at dusk and forcing a gate repair by flashlight.  Thanks also for convincing Cassie that she  needed to check out too.


(Quick note:  Joey and Cassie belong to the in-laws… my fraidy cat Kona stayed right where she was supposed to be and alerted us to the escapees.  Life is never dull with horsey friends!)



The Warden




Dear Mr. Daddy,



I can’t take much more of this.

If he’s this good with Cousin PeeWee…




Can you just imagine how sweet he’d be counting his own sibling’s baby toes?



Ahhhh, they slay me!  For the love of all that is Johnson’s Baby Lotion-scented… may we please have another?!? :)



Your Baby Fever Stricken Wife


Amy said...

I can't stop laughing! Great letters! The shirt is fantastic! I'm OCD too so I feel your pain on the toilet paper! OH MY GOSH, at the egg roll! Loved the horse letter after the post the other day... was it yesterday... oh my days are running together!!!! Baby fever is upon you for sure looking at those sweet pictures! He looks smitten! He would be a GREAT big brother ;-)

Happy Friday!!!

Kmama said...

Oh my goodness. That shirt. I have no words.

LOL at the horses escaping. They certainly do have personality!! ;-)

I won't comment on the baby and Itty Bit, because if I look at it or think about it too long, I'll have baby fever too!

Happy Friday!

Brandi said...

HA! That shirt is too funny!

Your horsies have been quite mischievous lately!

And, OH MY, that egg roll! I want one now! :)

Aunt Crazy said...

AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW Mr. Daddy, I see a sweet little baby in your future...

Mr. Daddy said...


take some Acetaminophen, (quick) that is supposed to reduce fevers...

if that doesn't work think about dirty diapers, and college hedge funds.....Works on any fever I have...(grin)

Anonymous said...

Aww, can we all beg Mr. Daddy for you? I mean just look at that sweet picture of him counting toes.
That is some big egg roll!

Foursons said...

Way to go Target- that's a quality shirt you're selling there. Bwahhahahahaaaaha

That totally bugs me about the TP too. It HAS to unroll the right way.

That eggroll looks divine. Much better than anything you can order at Chili's.

And I can't imagine how much your uterus was aching at the sight of Itty Bit w/his cousin. AWWWWW!

And Mr. D, no amount of Tylenol will cure that, Just sayin'.

Thanks for linking up chica!

He & Me + 3 said...

Yep I got FUFE too. That is just crazy...Itty Bits twin will not be wearing that shirt either.
That egg roll is ginormous. YUM
That piggie counting picture is too much...Now I want another one.

Melissa said...

You always w/o fail, crack me up! I too cannot stand the TP sticking together...grrrr, it bugs me just thinking about it!
So looks like we all might be getting some baby news soon!???

Anonymous said...

Bad Target. Really.

Itty Bitty with his cousin is too cute, he would be a great big brother. I can understand your itch.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I do love you! And I apparently wasn't following you yet in March so I had to go back and read the Target Dollar section story. (I think I came on the scene with the JWs with a special ministry to deaf Asians.) Itty Bit is adorable as always! I applaud your decision to steer clear of the t-shirt. And I'm going to resist commenting on your efforts to get Mr. Daddy to help you treat your baby fever because I might ruin my stellar reputation! :)

Killlashandra said...

Whahahahaha! She escaped too. Ah that sounds like Cracker who can lift a gate latch with the best of them. We have to put little locks on all our gates to make everyone stays put. ;)

Love the TP comment. I don't know what to say, mine think it's far to fascinating and I've lost track of how many rolls have been spun out all over the bathroom rather than put to good use. LOL

Marice said...

YUMMMM on that eggroll! Can you roll it over here? ;) and whohooo! another baby sooon! ;)

happy weekend sissy!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Yeah, COME ON Mr. Daddy!!! Now, if you will excuse me while I go order some Chinese for dinner...

Mrs. NB

Tina said...

This post is full of so many different emotions!
Confusion on the Fufe
Anger with TP
and so sad & happy all at the same time seeing your son with that baby!
I hope you have another one soon. Keep trying to convince Mr. Daddy.

HeatherOz said...

I am HUNGRY now and I need me a monstrous egg roll! Oh that sounds sooooooooo yummy!
How could Mr. Daddy resist Itty Bit and the little baby? So sweet!

Dyann said...

Yeah, I got 'fufe' too. And since when are we teaching toddlers to throw gang signs?

Crazy horses.

Stuck TO the tp? Super irritating. I'd have to spend too much time removing every particle of tissue from the sticky coupon before I use it. That's just me.

So what happens if you 'accidentally' count wrong/miss a day/remove/whatever you do and get a 'surprise?' I.B. is way too cute with those toes. He definitely needs a sib.

Where can I get me one of them egg rolls?

K- floortime lite mama said...

love this
soooo cute

And in response to your comment on my log - you and your little family are welcome always in any where i have

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Oh, that last plea just about broke my heart! Come on, Mr. Daddy! Be a sport!

K- floortime lite mama said...

oh and Rach just read your comment on my post Weekly update
Can I just say that I totally heart u
u are probably sick of reading this but u really are something else

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That shirt is cracking me up! I noticed the mistakes right away. I think you need to send your letter to Target. ;)
Mr. Daddy, Just give in. Itty Bit needs a sibling. Just imagine another cute little kid running around!

GunDiva said...

Not sure I can add much to this...bad Target (who proofs their stuff anyway?) and bad TP people. I mean, really, why would anyone think that packaging a coupon that way would be a good idea? Idiots.

Stacy said...

Yeah, I totally think Itty Bit needs a younger sibling!

And that eggroll looks dangerous on the diet...but really good. :)

Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama said...

Fantastic letters! I'm just dying here over that shirt! That's a pretty hysterical fail right there!

Baby fever is rough. I know.
And those pictures of Itty Bit with his cousin are just too incredibly precious.

And now all I want egg rolls. Seriously, nothing else will do. I think I'm going to take a dramatic fall off the diet-wagon and beg for Chinese take-out tonight...and it's all your fault!

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