Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thank You Very Much - Fair Edition

Joining up with KMama for some free therapy for this week!


Starting off with my favorite goober:


When Momma says “don’t scratch you nose”, it’s not because she is mean and wants you to suffer.  But because timing is everything.  You need BOTH hands to hang onto the swing, Thank You Very Much.

Oh Lord friends, if I’d had a video camera… we’d be one grand prize closer to raising money to have a bloggy road trip!  He let go at the highest point, and flipped himself completely in the air in a perfect layout… like this, but he didn’t quite stick the landing:

layout (google)


Since your little “dismount” happened after 15 minutes of non-stop hollering, “HIGHER MOMMY, HIGHER!”… Thank You Very Much kiddo for making me look like a classic “doesn’t know her child’s limits” Mom in front of the crowd of concerned parents.



Speaking of limits… since when are you big enough to go on the fair rides by yourself?!?!


Thank You Very Much for not looking back a single time while your Mommy tried to cope with a sudden bout of “where did my baby go?!”



And Mom… Thank You Very Much  for being such a non-accomplice when the kiddo was begging for more rides.


“Just one more Mommy, just ONE??”


Do you think it worked?




Another $7.50 later… Thank You Very Much…

IMG_3603 (don’t you love how the big kid is cowering?)


(Aww heck, I grew up with that woman’s driving.  I still cower)

(ahem, love you Mom)



For cheating and standing on your tiptoes while they measured you for the ferris wheel… Thank You Very Much.


You know I’m terrified of that thing!



To Papa – an honest-to-goodness THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  You’re as brave as I’ve always known.

And I know you will have words with me over posting a picture with you in it, but technically it’s only half a picture of you…


For the record, Yes I was that kid.  The one who told all her classmates, “My daddy can beat up your daddy.”

Ummm… any questions? :)



Hope you’ll play along for some fun expressions of gratefulness! :)


♥Cari♥ said...

Aww We took our daughter to the fair this weekend and she was able to ride the rides by herself too! I was happy and sad all at the same time! LOL

Melissa said...

I always love to visit, you always make me laugh!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

He is getting SO big!

Mary said...

He looks like he had such a good time! What a daredevil!

He & Me + 3 said...

Those darn rides. I am always such a kids love them too and Model loves the really high roller coasters. That is her and Daddy's thing. YIkes.
Oh no about the swing. Stunt Man is always letting go & falling...I think I might have to tell his teacher no swings for him on the playground. Oh Lord now you got me thinking of all the playground mishaps that could happen. our daredevil boys are sure to give us heart attacks.
Love the thumbs up picture.

Kmama said...

As always, great thank you's (and pics!). I love the last one!

I am such a sucker when it comes to family fun. I guess I figure that we are doing "XXX" to have fun as a family and how fun is it for me to be saying no to everything?

Thanks for linking up!

Christy said...

Your miracle is adorable. I know my kids made me look very bad a couple of times. Luckily, they survived childhood and now don't think I'm so bad. I am following you now.

Kameron said...

Crappppp! Did you go to Lakefair?? We went on Thursday night before we went back down to Portland on Fri. I'm kicking myself that we didn't get to meet up. Hmph!

The Simple Life said...

I'm such a bad mommy, we don't let Cam ride fair rides. I'm afraid of their equipment - and it's so expensive!

We go to a theme park and he can ride all the rides now :( my boy is growing up so fast, and it's so hard to let go!!!!!

I know he had a great time, looks like your mom did too! :)

Tiffany said...

Well, at least your kid didn't launch himself out of the back of the pickup. Explaining to the grandparents what the child was doing in the back of the pick up was fun, let me tell you!

Huge props to Grandpa! Way to save your daughter and your grandson at the same time!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I would be cowering behind the camera rather than getting on the rides too! Though I am VERY entertaining on the rare occasions that I do dredge up the nerve to go on one. I'm usually either screaming or making promise prayers as fast as I can talk! One kid who was riding the roller coaster backwards (so he was facing me) asked Josiah, "WHAT is wrong with her?"

Nothing a little close encounter with terra firma couldn't cure!

Kari said...

That's hilarious. Kids should take gymnastics before they can swing on a swing set. Just sayin...
Loved the photos. Love how you talk about your parents. We would get along great IRL. heck, you've seen the posts on my mom. I hold nothing back :o)
Fun post!

Bridget said...

This is too funny! Not the falling off the swing part...I'm glad he's okay after that!

I'm so glad you came by to visit my blog today, I just love meeting new bloggy friends!!

HeatherOz said...

Aw, that Itty Bit! He flipped out of the swing? I would have totally died. That last pic is absolutely priceless! Love it!

OH, and I just read your letter of intent but I told everyone I was not going to be in blogland this week and I don't want them to think I was lying to them! LOL
Just had to stop by and make sure I didn't miss a THING!
Your hair looks so cute. Does NOT add 15 lbs!! Lily donated her hair to Lox of Love a few years ago. She cut off 10.5 inches.