Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wordful Wednesday - A Small Town Parade

So I got called out on not posting more pictures after letting it slip that I’d taken 2500 photos so far in July.

*cough* Beth *cough*

All that means y’all, is that I need to figure out my camera and I have maybe 200 shots worth keeping.  Heck, I figure it’s only batteries and memory card space, right?

So in lieu of our sleeping True Story Tuesday carnival, I thought I’d show y’all a bit of how us small town folk have fun when the weather finally heats up…


First off, make sure you’re dressed to impress the ladies:


(or at least the mommies… )

Waaaaaitaminute… I think I have that one figured out…

brad pitt aviators (Google - I knew the boy had style :)


Back to the parade – start off with some of our famous motorcycle drill team fellas:


Yes, they were that close.

This was half of the drill team doing fly-by high-fives with eachother.  Except the dude on the left was high-fiving the crowd too.  Wait… who’s driving that thing?


Allow me to vent for a minute… parades mean you’re not supposed to use streets that are blocked off, right?

So when you see the motorcycles zooming by, don’t squeak past the signs and pull out in front of them.  Yep, the entire parade paused to allow a brilliant pickup driver to go his merry way down Main Street.

During that little intermission, let’s introduce Cutie Left and Cindy Lou Who… cuz we love ‘em to pieces:



Then Itty Bit warned me…


Was it the local band?


The giant backhoe loader?


The way cool antique tractor?


The military truck?


The blackpowder  guns firing?


The Mudstang?  (Oh yes, the MUDSTANG)


The giant shopping cart?  (Yes, we know how to do it up right)


Couldn’t be this wee thing?



But it just might have been the biggest durn motorcycle you’ve ever seen???


See, big cities don’t have it all :)


And of course, we had the requisite campaigners, cheerleading teams, and royalty.  Including this exhausted little doll who had to prop her princess waving hand up… look closely, hee hee!


Can’t miss the line of classic cars:




At long last, my favorite!


Isn’t her ride just beautiful?!?!


All was fine and dandy until someone breached that “crossing the street in the middle of a parade” thing again.

A woman with a little one in a stroller and another little one trotting alongside walked directly behind one of the equestrian teams.  UGH!  Talk about people who are clueless about safety.

One of the horses had enjoyed their fill of all the loud attractions described above, and that stroller was the last straw.  A few pictures couldn’t quite capture all the action:




The horse started backing in figure-eights.  A man pushed the horse away from the crowd, but it looped around to back into the other side.  Ultimately the safest solution was  a rather sad sight.


(Any of my horsey friends – would love to hear your take)


So we finished off with our own horsey rides:



And we figured out just how big that motorcycle is…

IMG_4242 (hint, Mr. Daddy is 6’ tall)

(So Beth… there ya go.  A verbal landslide of pictures… are you sorry you asked? :)


And that is how you rock a small town parade.


Muthering Heights said...

Oh my goodness...he is TOO CUTE in his hat and sunglasses!!!!

Shana Putnam said...

Ok my take on the horse issue. I would have first of all kept the horse working. She should have turned the horse in the opposite direction of where it was going so it would have to change it's direction of thought. Then I would have held the reins and made it circle and then stopped when the horse gave completely. Parade or no that is not acceptable behavior. If it didn't give we would be pulling circles again in the opposite direction and then try all over. And who was that guy? Was he some one that lady knew? If not my boot may have found a way into his backside...lol. You ahve to discipline them then and there so they associate the work with what they did wrong and you showing them what to do right. All in all the best advice is keep them moving forward. If they are moving forward they have to concentrate. Just my opinion of course. By the way I love small town fairs and in ours now the horses have to wear poop catchers. That is quite a sight. By the way, Itty Bits' nose looks almost just like Brad Pitt's. Is there something you aren't telling us Rachel?? Just kidding. But he is adorable in the hat and glasses.

Lisa said...

I am in full agreement with Shana that Itty Bit could SO pass for Shiloh's slightly older brother. Wowza. At first I was gonna make a Magnum PI remark about the glasses until I scrolled down a wee bit. (Sorry Mr. Daddy. Pitt upseats PI in this one) I LOVE parades like that. (Except the unfortunate horse incident.) I have some horsey pictures/slide show that is my word*less wednesday too. That time of year, I guess!

Kmama said...

That shopping cart and motorcycle were awesome! Looks like a great parade!

Kelly said...

He is too cute in those sunglasses and hat!

I love the pictures, and I would like to know what YOU would have done.

Brandi said...

What fun! What was the occasion? Now I'm wondering if I've missed a holiday somewhere...

LOVE the pic of Itty channeling Brad. TOO CUTE! And, I'm not a horse owner, but my take is that the lady with the stroller should have been slapped... just a little. ;)

Unknown said...

Oh how cute he is! What a fun parade!

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

LOVE the pictures!!

And yes, I tend to agree that there may be something you are holding back from us.....Itty Bit really looks like Brad. Hmmmm.....girl, you are in trouble! He is SO HANDSOME! Well, Brad too, but Itty Bit is gonna break some HEARTS!

You should definitely have another. ;)

Unknown said...

Great parade! Aren't the fun? Thanks for sharing.

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

You rocked it alright!! I love our town parade.. SImple fun.. but the idiots always amaze me... I often wonder when a horse has a problem in a parade if the moron will be held accountable, or will eventually will we have no horse ...one big rule to protect the 2%.

Your photos rock!!!

Stacy said...

Looks like a great time! Love Itty Bit in the hat and shades. What a cutie!

I have been in many a parade, sometimes as a flag bearer, since many times the rodeos occurred at the same time as a town parade. It was a big deal.

Firstly, don't ride a skittish horse in a parade! #1 rule! If they freak out, then they will probably be walking backwards the entire time. Gives them something to concentrate on other than freaking out. It may have happened to me before. I did have an Arab mix horse at one point. ;)

Stacy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Foursons said...

Oh goodness, Itty Bit is just too cute! Man, do I want to squeeze that kid!

As far as the horse incident- The person pushing the stroller should have had someone walking them.

Brooke said...

What a handsome guy!

He & Me + 3 said...

We definitely need to go to a parade this year. Fun times and awesome pictures.
Itty Bit is so handsome in those shades and hat. CUTE

Farmers Wifey said...

I immediately thought of Brad Pitt after seeing that first photo...oh this parade looks so much fun. The horses are gorgeous!

HeatherOz said...

What a fun parade! A little too much excitement with the brain surgeons interupting the show! That horse should have kicked that lady to the curb........and some helpful bystanders should have escorted her innocent children!

GunDiva said...

Your small town parade makes ours look pathetic. I think that maybe your small town isn't as small as ours.

As for horses; Estes is a parade horse - she loves them and is bomb proof, but there's always some new, inventive idiot that tries her patience. I can't imagine a parade without horses and think that the morons who disrupt the horse (walking behind them, or in the case of a really, really bad wreck a few years ago - throwing firecrackers under their feet) should get in trouble.

brian said...

Is that Julie riding that Appy?

Regarding this now-controversial horse issue: I would have immediately jumped off, un-cinched the saddle, thrown it on my back and given the horse a ride. That way the audience would not have been imperiled. Then back at the stable, I would have taken away all his carrots and given him a stern talking to. Then couples counseling...where we'd talk about our feelings, and his passive aggressive behavior...

Unknown said...

fun! I love all the pictures! :-) especially the brad pitt one - oh I'm kidding, clearly I like your pictures best!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first 2 photos!!!

Mrs. NB

Tina said...

First of all, the first pic of your little man is maybe the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!
And I don't know what I like best from the parade. . .the giant shopping buggy, or the Mudstang. I saw something very similiar for sale in the lot of the Winn Dixie down the street from my house. Except it was a Volkswagon Bug all jacked up on HUGE tires with the biggest muffler I've ever seen. Do you think I should make an offer on it?

Beth Zimmerman said...

I am NOT sorry I asked and that must be one of the best Itty Bit pictures of all time!

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

Brad Pitt has NOTHING on Itty Bit!!!

I LOVE that grocery cart!!!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I love the parade pictures! The shopping cart float is the funniest!
That first picture of Itty Bit is adorable!

Screwed Up Texan said...

I want to take a ride in that Mudstang!

Killlashandra said...

2500 pictures at a parade I can totally see. Love those last shots on the pony. Super cute. :)

As for the horse incident, that bystander who intervened is lucky he didn't get himself whipped with the reins. Holy smokes, I can't imagine someone coming out of the stands to try and handle a horse they didn't know because they got a little antsy in a parade. The rider probably could have handled it if the bystander had not gotten involved. The horse won in that instance and that's a bad thing.

My 2 cents.

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