Monday, August 30, 2010

The Escapees - Allenspark Adventures

So we left off at the end of the High Country Rendezvous trail ride… where Baggins still wanted to toss his head, despite the switch in riders:

Equi-Leah 062

(Killlashandra’s photo)

But backing up to the drive from Denver to Allenspark: we oohed and ahhed our way through the rocks:


I think I thoroughly annoyed my mother when we drove through some boulder areas and I couldn’t stop saying, “You give me gum gum, you better run run”IMG_5380

(Fifty OnceUponAMiracle points for telling me which movie that comes from)


The sun behind the landscape was incredible:



A random little store with a great little advertisement:


Oops!  Probably unkind of us to snap this picture.  Especially because were two chicks in a strange town by ourselves with no cell phone coverage.  Don’t worry, car trouble caught up to us later.


Check it out… can you see the sleeping Indian?


Here’s the lodge – rustic and beautiful:



We checked in and met this little charmer (Killlashandra’s E.C.):



And the lodge’s furry, feathered, and quilled mascots:




And of course some quality time with the equine residents (GunDiva with my mom and Estes):


We received a quick education on the dangers of foraging bears:

IMG_5672(Yes, that is an electrified garbage container… all the more reason for the hubs to have trash duty!)


We discovered that altitude DOES make a difference:



We took a stroll and were tickled by this random antique pumper truck parked outside:


After setting the timer on the camera…

IMG_5612I rushed back to get it and wound up with my most colorful souvenir from our trip.  Three inches of my shin are finally turning from blue to green… that darn shale! :)

Killlashandra’s husband Shorty was kind enough to give her a chance to ride – and you can see that E.C. didn’t mind having Dad to himself.



This next shot totally reminded me of Itty Bit launching himself off Mr. Daddy… no wonder this little guy was such a charmer!



Let’s just say that every single meal was DELICIOUS and I am bugging Juanita to start a cooking blog.  Trust me, if Mr. Daddy had come along, he would also be begging Juanita to spare me a few tips ;)

And this my friends, was the end result of Mr. Daddy’s consolation prize for his entry into GunDiva’s contest… a consolation prize that I happily polished off while watching my plate to ensure no “samples” were taken.


That, my friends, was a cherry cream cheese pastry… the likes of which you will never taste unless you go here.

This one was another favorite:  Blueberry Pot Pie.  See?


We took a field trip out to Estes Park to see the elk.

And this is where my camera totally betrayed me and just gave me that yellow blink of death.  No pictures, but rest assured that the beasts were big and unafraid and we had to wait for them to cross the road.  Eek!

We strolled the town and snapped some pictures:





Then headed back to the lodge.  Or so we thought.

A half mile from home, Juanita pulled to the side of the road.  A packed van, sleeping baby, and a flat tire.

So GunDiva, mom, and I started out… walking the mountain road with only the moon to light the way.


(Absolutely user error… I was running to keep up with the other chicks for fear of being eaten by bears!)

The next morning, there were hugs all around and we said goodbye to the Sleeping Indian.


Until next year!


GunDiva said...

I love the way you tell stories with pictures!

Can't believe we forgot to get a picture of the flat tire. Bad, bad bloggers. But I love the picture of the moon :).

It's too bad VW Bear didn't make an appearance (while we were safely ensconced in the lodge of course)- that would have really made the weekend.

GunDiva said...

Oh and Killlashandra, I'm not really leaning away from you. Well, I am, but not because I don't like you - it's 'cause I felt like I was squishing you. Didn't realize how bad that looked until I saw the picture. I was just trying to give you some room, promise!

Rachel said...

LOL GunDiva! Here I was thinking you were just being chummy :) I'm a hugger, so it's alright, hee hee.

And I *ahem* seem to recall a recent "story in pictures" about someone's car ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures looks a wonderful place to visit!

Kmama said...

Night at the Museum!!!!

Great pictures. EC is adorable. And umm, where's my blueberry pot pie???

He & Me + 3 said...

Seriously...what a trip. Everything sounded so wonderful, relaxing and the pictures are just beautiful. I am so jealous. What a great time.

brian said...

Nice fire engine!

Killlashandra said...

Nice recap dearie! Honestly I think the launching EC and the blueberry covered EC are such character telling shots for later years. :)

Pam said...

Sounds like a great vacation! Beautiful pics also.

Tiffany said...

Darn it! KMama beat me! Night at the Museum was one of many movies viewed from our couches this weekend.

What a wonderful adventure you had. Although I am totally giggling at the bear comments. We have a TON of them here - they come down in the morning to eat out of all the restaurant dumpsters. Most people around here have locking dumpsters, or paint ball guns. Both work well, althought I think Mr. Daddy might enjoy the paintball gun remedy better.

Foursons said...

OK, wait. It's Night at the Museum 2!!!

Looks like a great trip Rachel. And you're right, Mr. D definitely needs to join you next time. Glad things were so fun. I love all the pictures and I totally saw the sleeping indian. So cool!

Beth Zimmerman said...

That looks so awesome! I think I'd enjoy that trip WAY MORE than BlogHer! :)

Beth Zimmerman said...

That looks so awesome! I think I'd enjoy that trip WAY MORE than BlogHer! :)

Presley family said...

First off..... LOVE this!! How awesome does this trip look!!! Ok, and secondly missy... you brought me to tears tonight. Your sweet little guy is so wonderful. I love that he does not see Bubba's disabilities.... he see's his smile... He see's Bubba.
BIG HUGS my friend!!!

HeatherOz said...

You're going back next year? With Mr. Daddy next time?
There has been lots about CO going on in blogland recently and it is really making me want to go there!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

One of the best parts of that movie (Night at the Museum...and yes I know as always I am late to the game :)

What a wonderful getaway! Looks like it was a lovely and relaxing time!!

Kameron said...

That's awesome! It looks like you had a great time! How long were you gone??