Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Escapees do Denver

So I saw Bill’s post about the High Country Rendezvous over here and just couldn’t stop laughing.

(Yes, that’s me – the fuzzy grey blob standing in a stream for the first time ever on a horse)

Nice guy that he is, he didn’t bogart any other blogger’s pics, so I’ll add our little picture story here too!

If we start from the beginning – it would include a True Story Tuesday-worthy story… one that had me thinking that two flight attendants were risking their jobs less than 12” from my face (*ahem* FRONTIER AIRLINES).

On we go!  Let’s just say that I’m not used to camping out in nice hotels… so when we flew into Denver, I might have gotten a little snap-happy…


What??  I’m the only one who finds mirrored elevators funny?

My mom can attest that I squealed when I saw this:


And umm… I think counted a grand total of FOUR coffee shops in all of Colorado?  What is the matter with y’all?  ;)

We headed out to a joint that served bison… and were tickled by the quotes on the walls.



Then encountered the irony of this guy PARKING IN THE ROAD with a “how’s my driving” number on the truck:

(I dare someone to call it ;)


Saw this cool building:


And was a wee bit confused by the contradiction in advertising…



But downtown Denver was COOL.  Like public pianos cool.



Like cows on buildings and Vespas cool:


But maybe these were a bit too cool:


As evidenced by someone’s opinion-via-sticker on the Museum’s sign…


But nothing, absolutely nothing, was cooler than seeing a random blue cow in the middle of the street and getting this money shot:


And if you don’t see me for a couple of days, you might want to check her alibi… just sayin.


Check in soon for when the real rodeo begins… us bloggers hitting the trail!  Let’s just say that I didn’t ride out on the horse I rode in on ;)


Leiah said...

Yay - she's back!

Love love love the pic of your sweet momma!

(And Lewis Grizzard was one of my favorite Southern humorists ~ God rest his soul.)

City girl turned Country Girl said...

BAHAHA LOL that is the GREATEST picture ever of your Momma!!!! Maybe you should frame it for her ;)

Those piano's are cool...But a bit strange...

Lisa said...

Oh my lawd.... the one of your momma on the cow just takes the cake. I kinda liked the weird white pole people! lol

Anyway, hate to leave a teaser like this, but you are gonna roll over and die when you see the pictures i took of this little girl at a local amusement park we took dylan to last sat. She could be your daughter. Down to the "double eye brows." Seriously. Like, I took about 10 pictures of her. They are on my computer and I am at my moms, so i will get them to you asap, you just aint gonna believe it!

Kmama said...

LOVE that pic of your mom! That is awesome.

Emily said...

That is cool! The husband and I are going to Denver in a few weeks...I'm excited! Where did y'all stay?

GunDiva said...

Next time you're here, we'll take you to Boulder. Now there's some strange feces (no offense to you Boulderites). We'd take you to Ward, but that's a bit too...well, you heard Bill's stories about Ward.

Foursons said... The shot of your mom is priceless. It looks like you had a great time, I'm glad you went and even more glad you got to spend that time w/your mom.

Tiffany said...

Ok, the reason you couldn't find any coffee shops is because you were in stinkin DENVER!!!! Nasty dirty hippy town. Come down to Durango - we've got at least a dozen. And tell your Mom that she can ride mountain lions down here. Yup, Dgo is just that much cooler. But, I'm still glad you had fun.

Allenspark Lodge said...

I have always liked to stand in elevators facing the back wall. It kind of scares people...


Kameron said...

I hope you're having a blast!!

HeatherOz said...

That "money shot" is hilarious! I kept worrying that you guys were gonna get in trouble. Were there signs that said to stay off the cows? LOL

Tina said...

The pianos are really neat! My kids would have went wild seeing stuff like this!!

Killlashandra said...

Tell your Mom she totally rocks! What an awesome picture. ;)

Dyann said...

I love your mom.