Monday, August 23, 2010

The Escapees - Part I

So I kinda kept it low key about a quick little getaway jaunt this past weekend.

I’d been trying to talk Mr. Daddy into a Colorado weekend – but alas, he was besotted with the season of wood cutting and elk scouting.

So I conned talked my mother into joining me for a girls’ weekend at:



From our first moment of pulling up to the beautiful Allenspark Lodge – we were among friends.  With big hugs and a “Come on in, we’re starving and getting ready to eat!”…see, these are my kind of people!

Sitting down to a delicious meal was just what our jetlagged bodies needed.  Plenty of laughter to be heard from the first bite until long after the last dessert plate was licked clean.

Let me introduce y’all":

Equi-Leah 008 Top right is GunDiva and her husband, then Juanita and Bill (the lodge owners), and Mom and I.

Don’t worry, you’ll get a good look at Bill’s smile when we get you up to speed on his antics :)

Killlashandra and her husband also joined us (she took the above photo)


and OH MY LORD… they brought their 14.5 month old bundle of adorableness, E.C.

See why he made me miss my Itty Bit so much?


(Tell me that didn’t make you grin… I would have snuck him home if he wasn’t so busy climbing all over GunDiva’s husband all weekend).


Let’s just say that several things were heard repeatedly throughout the weekend:


Mr. Daddy would have LOVED this!

Yes dear, you totally missed out.  They had elk and I’m sure they would have let you chop wood if you’d insisted.


Oh my goodness, you two look so much alike!

I’m starting to wonder if my mom still looks exceptionally young, or I’m aging to catch up?  Don’t answer that


(No comments about why they may have called me “Pale Rider”… *sigh*)


This would make a great TST!

And yes, we have pictures to prove it :)


I promise… there were lots of blogworthy moments – and I’ll share them once I recover from a combined total of 2 flights, 5 hours of traffic, and 15 hours of sleep in 4 days.

To all the equi-bloggers who made the weekend so hilariously fun – thank you!

(Mr. Daddy… you are coming with me next year.  Otherwise I’ll leave you no clean clothes, save capris ;)


City girl turned Country Girl said...

AWESOME!! I'm SO glad you had a great time!! I keep wishing I could just escape to Tahiti!! I don't really see why that's out of reason?! A girl needs a break, right?!!

ps~ Please share the TST soon!

Brandi said...

Fantastic! Glad y'all had a great time!

FYI - Your mom looks very, VERY young. ;)

singedwingangel said...

OH that looks like a ball and yep that baby face absolutely made me grin..Ha at the warning to hubby too funny

Mrs Mom said...

Diva zapped me and told me that we missed out on an exceptionally amazing/ awesome/ incredibly fun weekend in the high country. (Yep. She had to rub it in!!)

Can't wait to hear more about it from you tooooooo!!!

K- floortime lite mama said...

oh this looks like so much fun
you and your mum do look alike - you are both beautiful woman and you look very young - around 25 I would guess

Anonymous said...

Cool! Too bad I couldn't come ;)

Foursons said...

So glad you had such a great time! And Brandi is right- your mom looks like a teenager still.

Kmama said...

No comments about being pale. I'm right there with you!

Glad you had a great time!

Tiffany said...

You and your mama are just stinkin gorgeous!

And that baby - mmm, he is cute enough to eat!

And the next time you come to CO, WE ARE GETTING TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!

Allenspark Lodge said...

It will be a long time before you all hear the end of this; we had such a great time! I just haven't been able to get my head around all the TST's to get them on paper. Soon....

PS- and thanks to everyone for making this a huge success.

Killlashandra said...

Tell me you put that CD in the mail! I so want to blow that one of EC up into an 8 x 10. :)

GunDiva said...


If you guys feel left out, don't worry, there's another HCR coming next August :)

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

OMGosh you were SO CLOSE!!! One state over! Just ONE state over! UGH!