Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh Hush!

Mr. Daddy:  Hon?

Rachel:  Yeah?

Mr. Daddy:  What is he wearing?

Rachel:  What do you mean?

Mr. Daddy:  You didn't put him in capris, did you?

Rachel:  No.  Those are board shorts.

Mr. Daddy:  No they're not, they're capris.

Rachel:  No honey - they're board shorts.  In size 5 - I cinched up the adjustable waist.

Mr. Daddy:  No, they're capris.

Rachel:  Honey, they're NOT!  They're board shorts and he's cute.

Mr. Daddy:  (grumble grumble)  putting my boy in capris....


Kmama said...


Brandi said...

Oh gosh, I have to split down the middle here and say Mr.Daddy... those do sort of look like capris. However, Rach, he's stinkin' adorable in them (and my boys have shorts very similar to that)! ;)

What I noticed most in this pic was the shoes, though, b/c BB has some very, very similar to those (Old Navy?), and every time I put him in them I laugh to myself and wonder when DB is going to say they look like the boy version of Mary Jane's b/c that's sort of what they make me think of. HAHA! :D

Foursons said...

Yeah, I'm split on this one too. They are the length of capri's, but he is cute no matter what. And for the record, when we went to Germany several years ago, all the men were wearing capri's so maybe the fashion statement has made it this way.

Shana Putnam said...

They look like some skater shorts Blaze had that were camouflage. I think they are adorable.

HeatherOz said...

They are a bit capri-ish, but definitely darling!

Anonymous said...

He is handsome in his "manpris"... how's THAT for a compromise? hee... (and we had the same situation around here at the same age!)

Presley family said...

I LOVE them! I think he is a cutie!!!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Mr. Daddy-

Ummm, what in the heck are "capri's" and how is it you know what they are? Just ask'in...

Mr. Daddy said...

Well Bill, you have met my lovely wife Rach, and as it is her favorite type of pants to wear...


just saying..

Tracie Nall said...

He looks cute whatever they are.

At that age, it is hard to get any length completely right on shorts or pants.

Amy said...

ummm I agree that they look like capris.... but it doesn't matter cause he is cute as a button in them!!!! So adorable!!!

Kelly said...

Oh boy, those do look like capri's....

Unknown said...

Umm...sorry girlfriend, but I'm going to have to side with Mr. Daddy on that one. Those are TOTALLY capris!

Susan said...

Dear Mr. Daddy,
Rachel is right. Those are, indeed, board shorts. I have 10 grandsons. Trust me on this. The end.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

They look a bit like capris, but his cuteness cancels that out!!!

Killlashandra said...

Ok, what on earth are board shorts? I have to agree with Mr. Daddy, they sure look like capri pants to me. LOL

Dyann said...

I have yet to be indoctrinated in the knowledge of board shorts. They look like capris.

Dyann said...

Or some severe highwaters.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I don't know what board shorts are but they look like Capris to me. Sorry, Rachel! :)

He & Me + 3 said...

My hubs would have said the exact same thing.

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