Thursday, September 02, 2010

Letters of Intent - Herding Cats

Joining up with King Julien for this week’s Letters of Intent!  Click below for some fabulous links and add yours!



*quick disclaimer*  Sucky lens on my camera = sucky pictures… sorry.  Pics were taken over three different days.


Dear Itty Bit ~

You were all excited to play your first organized sport.  I mean, considering that relocating huge piles of dirt with a collection of tractor toys isn’t considered a sport… I thought we were doing well  just to have you interested.

I upped the coolness factor with these:

cleats (Google)

(The kid *loved* his “pokey shoes” and wanted to wear them ev-er-y-where)

So I bring you to your first practice and you act like you’re the one with the hearing impairment:

Coach:  Everybody with your arms out!


Coach:  Okay, everybody squat down!



Mommy:  Honey, what are you doing?  Dancing?  Oh.


Mommy:  Itty Bit, LET HIM GO!



The next practice was a wee bit better.

Starting with you halting the entire field to inform the coach of a nearby train.



Mommy:  Oh I see, you’ll play TAG with the coach…



Mommy: Don’t you dare Boogie… don’t you dare.



But I have to admit that I very unkindly (and rather loudly) laughed when Daddy tried to teach you how to drop kick it and you missed the ball and hit his… well, let’s just say you put him on the D.L.


(I’m just gonna call that suh-weet revenge for the soccer ball in the face in Krogers).

And tonight?  Well you started off the practice terrorizing the coach again.



Though it looked like everyone was doing a great job settling down and listening…IMG_5836





I cannot figure out why you think this game is “run and fall down”?


(For the record, he really does fall down every time he sees another kid drop.  He’s highly empathetic)



Ohmygosh Itty Bit – gooooooooo!!!!



Whoo-hoo!  That’s my boy!



Umm… that’s okay honey.  We’ll just say that girl was a spectator, k?  It’ll be our secret.



And of course… the team huddle would just not be right without you picking your nose.  *sigh*


Honey… just kick the ball.  Listen to the coach.  And keep your fingers out of your nose.

We’re gonna have a great season.





Dyann said...

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

And we really do need to get our little nose-pickers together.

Dyann said...

And I'm a complete dork, but I'm excited to be the first to comment on your post!

Rachel said...

You cracketh me up Dyannie. You must be up late... and yes - we need to let our nosepickers meet!

Shana Putnam said...

Oh my gosh. That was a hilarious story of pictures. We are thinking of putting Blaze in Tae Kwon Do and I am wondering if this is a good idea to give him a weapon to use lol. But I am hoping the discipline part of it will stick! We will see. Hard to believe they are big enough for any of this huh?

City girl turned Country Girl said...

HAHAHA HEHEHE LOL LOL!!! TOO cute!!! Oh the joys of younger days in sports!!

Brandi said...

His 'pokey shoes' ~ OMW! I love the cute things kids say. Soccer at this age is soooooo funny to watch! :)

Kmama said...

LOL at him picking his nose. I've so been there.

Love the "pokey shoes" reference too!!

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

ROFL.. TOo funny.. I so remember those days!

Foursons said...

Oh my word, I was cracking up through this whole post! He is such a funny kid. And when you said he kicked Mr. D I totally thought about paybacks for the soccer ball to your face and then you mentioned it yourself. Hahahahaha

Emily said...

hahaha too funny! Jack would tackle kids his first soccer season. Apparently he saw no difference between football and American football!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Looks more like herding geese than cats(a certain amount of silliness going on out there). I danced a lot in right field as a kid, myself.

Allenspark Lodge said...

Opps! Forgot to sign...
(like you couldn't guess)

Beth Zimmerman said...

Let me just say that I am amazed that no one opened my office door to ask what I was laughing at! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope he enjoys playing soccer and has a great season!

Unknown said...

Oh that is stinkin precious! Reminds me of tball practice with Jerome & Kat!

Amy said...

I can't stop laughing! Soooo cute! Please, please, please video a game and post it!!!!

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

I love it!!! I wish I had gotten more pics of Tommy's first day - but I couldn't since (to my surprise) I was the coach that day. (no one told me that's what being team parent meant. Basically though...I think our first day was very much like yours....isn't it cute?!

HeatherOz said...

Soccer is so hilarious at that age! At my boys' first soccer game we just sat and giggled. Definitely a lot like herding cats! LOL
There was a boy on the team who would fall down at least a million times during the games (on purpose). Each time he fell, Bailey would rush over and pick him up!

Heather said...

Love him stopping everything to point out the train.... that would soooo be my child!

Can't wait until Aidan's ready for soccer... or maybe I can... : )

Buckeroomama said...

Too funny... especially with the pictures! I could almost see the scene unfold. :)

Oh, we have had our share of wacky soccer classes, too, where Z would just lie on the floor and refused to get up... or she would do small kicks on the ball towards the goal, but would stop right in front, bend down and adjust the ball position with her hands before kicking it in. It is just so cute to watch this age group play! :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Too cute. Soccer games for the little ones are so fun to watch. They all do some hilarious things. The parents crack me up too. Oh wait...I am one of those parents. Baaa Haaa. Stunt Man will be doing flag football in late october. Should be interesting. LOL
Cute outfits and I love the cleats.

GunDiva said...

*signing* nanner, nanner, nanner Bill...wait, I can't sign that. Where's Momma P to help me out?

Wait... you can read type, you don't need sign for this...Bill thanks for screwing me up.

Sorry...guess a bit of Itty Bit's silliness got to me too :) I love soccer at that age - it's so much fun to watch (and be thankful that I didn't coach that age group).

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