Monday, September 06, 2010

True Story Tuesday - Back With a Splash


Hear that?  It’s True Story Tuesday waking up from a summertime siesta!

While I usually look forward to any number of warm-weather adventures, it’s now the start of Mr. Daddy’s favorite time of the year.  Any guesses?

Anyway… to mourn the passing of summer, I leave you with a True Story Tuesday written by (gasp!) my dad.  They had quite an adventure while on their tropical vacation…


Clash of the Titans


So my folks are on a terrific getaway.  I get all kinds of nyah-nyah text messages like this:


To: Rach

From: Mom

From our lanai     Love You guys




Yeah, thanks Mom.  It’s raining here and you send me that shot of palm trees.  Love you too.


Then I get a text message from my Dad that leaves me really and truly freaked out.  Here’s the verbatim recap:


To: Rach

From: Dad

Don’t let anyone tell you little octopus aren’t strong.

Was snorkeling & while standing to adjust my mask a small octopus latched onto my foot.

It was only 4 feet of water but I thought I'd drown trying to get it off because when I reached to yank it off, it grabbed hold of my hand. I was now basically bound hand to foot, I couldn’t break its grip.

While thrashing around I had an adrenaline rush and with a desperate yank was able to separate my hand & foot. Making it back to shore in record time, I discovered the octopus still attached to my foot, except two of its arms which were still wrapped around my wrist.

Quite a crowd gathered & luckily a savvy local was among them. He covered the octopus's remaining parts with sand & within 2 minutes the thing detached. He said the marks  will fade in bout a month. I guess these incidents are becoming more common.     ALOHA



I may or may not have hit reply and sent some sort of frantic OhmygoshIamtotallyfreakingout message.  And possibly a Youarenevergettingmetogosnorkelingwithyouagain response.

Oh, and, “Are you okay?”


I may have told a half million people that my Popeye dad had just ripped the arms off an octopus as he battled for his life against the crustacean behemoth.

I love my Dad.  But y’all remember his letter to me at camp, right?  *Arghhh*

Yes, what followed next:

To: Rach

From: Dad 


I found some cheap property here. Any of you interested in some Swamp land? LOL     SORRY, I couldn’t resist.



I’ll admit – there was a rather rapid shift from panicked concern to I cannot believe you just did that.

Let’s just say that my response may have included the words, “mean, meanie, and so mean”.



To: Rach

From: Dad

My new shoes have holes in the design & I got sunburned thru them.  Just begged for a story.  FUNNY?     LUV U GUYS!



So… how’s that for a first?  My Dad pranks me with an entire ocean between us.

Any summer goofiness to share?  An awesome prank of your own?  Anything outrageous, amazing, hilarious, miraculous and (mostly) true that has happened to you?



Well, link up!  Just grab the code under the True Story Tuesday button on the right sidebar, paste it into your TST post, then come back and enter your permalink to the list and enjoy some comment love :)

Can’t wait to catch up with all your stories!


Mr. Daddy said...

Yeah! seems as if he punked everyone in the family..LOL

Anonymous said...

That is so NOT the Halekulani hotel is it?! Please tell me it's not?! Check out this photo:

GunDiva said...


I was first!

Wow. Your dad deserves a smack for that. What a great prank!

Shana Putnam said...

Oh my gosh. I believed that too!!! Wow, that is so hilarious. I could only imagine being around your Dad. I am sure I would laugh my head off.

HeatherOz said...

Oh my gosh! That is SO funny! The octopus story is better than the sunburn story!! Is he bored on his trip, or somethin' that he has to prank poor rain victims? LOL

Allenspark Lodge said...

I have heard that when little girls grow up, they marry someone just like good old dad.

Rach, from what I've seen and heard...


City girl turned Country Girl said...

OH LOL he is SO ornery!!! Cracks me up!!

Brandi said...

Went. Right. Over. My. Head. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The light bulb didn't go off until I got to the comments. :D Your dad is fuuuuuuuuunnnnyyy!

Foursons said...

No way! I totally fell for the prank too. I think the picture is what made it so believable. What kind of shoes does he own? Those are some crazy tan lines!

Kmama said...

That.Is.Hilarious. I love your dad.

Aunt Crazy said...

Your dad made me laugh HAHAHA! I wish I lived close enough to buy him a drink! HAHAHAHA

Emmy said...

Lol! That is too funny. I totally believed it, even seeing the picture.

Anonymous said...

That is funny and I was slow on the getting it part. He loves to pull pranks doesn't he?

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

Rolling.. seriously rolling on the floor.. My Dad is not funny like that. He is funny in unintentional ways.. which then adds to the glee...

What a joy to grow up in a household like that... Well except for the part where you cried at camp, I felt for ya there...

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh! What a character your dad is! So glad to see TST's return. I guess I should come up with something, huh?

Kelly said...

you must have missed my post about Cameron and his hearing...I think that's why the hearing aid center came up :)

Check it out, and keep him in your prayers...

Killlashandra said...

Family is so great. ;-)

Pam said...

LOL....your dad is a hoot. Bites and I don't get along well. Have not have a meeting with an octopus but I have had a run in with chiggers....

Anonymous said...

I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You ~Ron

Susan said...

I WONDERED why those marks were so perfectly mirrored. But I'm such a trusting soul, I believed him too. GunDiva is right. Your dad deserves a smack. Ha!

Kameron said...

Your dad sounds awesome! That is all. :o)

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