Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not Political My Butt - Take II

Remember my letters to Costco?  The ones where I tried to explain that they were entitled to their opinion, but that I would please like them to refrain from using their customer’s email as a free lobbying campaign?


On a quick road trip today, I pulled out the full Initiative 1100 text and read the Statement For and the Statement Against.  Mr. Daddy and I traded thoughts on it until I suddenly gasped and well… kinda sorta lost it.

I’ll spare you the full inglorious transcript, but if you’d like… please scroll down to the last line and see just how the “transcending politics” claim held up…




Initiative Measure 1100

Statement For:

(yadda yadda)


Statement Prepared By

Jim Sinegal, CEO, Costco Wholesale Corporation



Think Mr. Sinegal would reply to an email?

Friday, October 29, 2010

It Could Have Been Worse... Take II

In honor of Itty Bit’s lovely stunt at Eddie Bauer a couple weeks ago (“You’re Not My Mommy!” ring a bell?), our friend Michelle from City Girl Turned Country Girl emailed me an absolutely hilarious video.

It’s not captioned, and to my meager lipreading abilities, there may be a curse word near the beginning.  (Darn that No Captioning!)  Apologies if there is.



Guessing it was a little late for a timeout?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Letters of Intent: Not Political My Butt

Linking up with King Julien for this week’s Letters of Intent!  This week is an actual (long) record of letters that were exchanged…



This week… I just couldn’t help it.  The politics are getting to me.  And when the harassment came from an unlikely source, I admit that I actually did sit down and write a letter.  What follows is why I ultimately decided that THIS was the best course of action:



Dear Costco ~

I thought we were friends?  I mean, you gave me an amazing deal on my camera and kept me posted on each stop in transit to my door.  See, that’s what I provided my email address for.  I did NOT provide it for this:


Yes on Initiative 1100

Dear Valued Costco Member:
You may be asking why Costco is engaged in what appears to be a political issue for the first time in our 27 years doing business here. We view this as an issue that transcends politics. One of our guiding principles is to stand up for the rights of our members and consumers in general. We have been fighting for reform of our outmoded liquor laws for many years. Today you have the opportunity to rid the state of inefficiency and waste, and Costco can bring you the choice and value you deserve. Liquor privatization works in 32 other states. Why not here?


Are you kidding me?  You’re actually telling me how to vote?  And you’re claiming that it’s “not political”?  Well sure, you’re right.

It’s not about politics to you.  It’s about MONEY.

I vote yes, you get to sell more stuff.

Let me make this easy:  if it requires a vote, it’s “political”.  You’re using my private contact information, not for “occasional specials available to our members”, but to convince me that it’s in my best interest to vote how you think I should.

Now, I was nice… I wrote you a polite email stating that whether I agreed or disagreed with you was irrelevant – the fact that you used my email to send something like this was inappropriate.


Good Afternoon -

I just received an email about Costco's stance on Washington State's Initiative 1100.

Regardless of whether I agree or disagree with the position, I'm more than a little surprised by the business decision to directly email consumers who have provided their private email contact information solely for the purpose of their online purchases and to receive occasional advertising.

I sincerely doubt that any person signing up for those reasons ever imagined that they'd be receiving political lobbying information.

I believe it's a rather inappropriate use of our confidential email contact information to advertise your political stance.  Again, it really doesn't matter if I agree with you, but I'm sure that there are other ways for you to advertise your position and support the initiative without resorting to private information from your consumers.

I'm mindful of the position you expressed in the email, but feel a bit like my information was used for inappropriate purposes.

Thanks for understanding.



And instead of at least apologizing to your customer, instead – you defended yourself and added the names of your buddies (like I’m going to be afraid of going out to eat if I disagree).  I added a few comments below:

Dear Rachel,

Thank you for your e-mail to Costco Wholesale. We understand our members have different perspectives and appreciate the time you've taken to share your viewpoint. Please be assured we have not changed from our basic rule to not engage in politics. (And we aren’t even going to apologize for emailing you about POLITICS).

This issue is so closely related to our business we felt compelled to have our voice heard. (You’re right – your BUSINESS = MONEY)  We understand some of our members will disagree with our decision to make a first time exception in Washington State. We did not come to this decision lightly. I-1100 is actively supported by the Association of Washington Businesses, the Washington Restaurant Association, the Northwest Grocery Association, the Washington Retail Association, and has been endorsed by most major newspapers across the state. (Therefore you are a dummy if you don’t vote our way)  We understand that we risk the disapproval of some of our members and want to make sure you understand the reasons for our decision. We value your business and thank you for your patronage.   (Still not gonna apologize Nyah Nyah)
Thank you,

Costco Wholesale Corporation


At that point, I was more than a little annoyed about it… I mean, surely Costco can afford to just put a billboard up, right?  Here’s my second attempt to explain “Dudes… leave my email alone”


Thank you for the reply.

To restate - I do not question your position on the Initiative, but rather the choice to use your membership private contact information to advertise this.  Surely you can include a link to your position on the website, or advertise it on television with the number of other supporters.

I consider myself to be voter who tries hard to be informed.  It simply left a bad taste in my mouth that Costco resorted to using my email address basically to advertise the position without cost.  I am interested in the position of businesses in this Initiative... I just don't wish to be contacted about it through the email address that I provided to do my purchasing through.

Respectfully, I guard my personal information carefully and am certain that I am likely not the only one who was bothered by this.

I hope you can understand why it seemed rather low-brow to have received the information personally this way... I would much rather have seen a link on your website to understand the factors in your support of the initiative.  I hope Costco will consider the potential unease at customers at having received the unsolicited political information via their personal email (I realize Costco is not calling it "political", but truthfully, if it is an "Initiative" and requires voting, it is in the political realm).

Thank you for allowing the input.



At last, a reply with an apology.  Then several paragraphs of explaining why they weren’t wrong:


Dear Rachel,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We apologize for inconvenience or disappointment that you may have experienced.

Involvement in a political issue is highly unusual for us. Although I-1100 is in the political arena, it is very closely related to our business and the interests of our members. It was critical, therefore, to have our voice heard, and in connection with that we wanted to make sure our members understood the reasons for our involvement.

Since 1983, when we started our business in Washington with the first Costco near downtown Seattle, we have made it one of our key principles to stand up for consumers. Our mere presence in a market usually improves competition for consumers regardless of where they shop because of our reputation for delivering value.

We did not come to our vocal support of liquor privatization lightly.  The vast majority of our members around the country are able to buy spirits from us. In addition, I-1100 is actively supported by the Association of Washington Businesses, by the Washington Restaurant Association, by the Northwest Grocery Association, the Washington Retail Association, and has been endorsed by nearly all major newspapers across the state.

We are concerned about the protection of our member’s personal information, as well as the way in which it is used. We tell our members that one of the ways in which we may use their personal information is to help serve them better and to tell them about opportunities of interest and our most recent communication is part of that effort. While this is the first time that we have reached out to our Washington members in this manner, you can be assured that this will not become a normal occurrence.

Should you wish to opt out from receiving emails from us in the future, please click unsubscribe.

Karen Lee, General Manager Contact Center
Costco Wholesale Corporation



Got any letters to write?  Click the button at the top and link up too! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Etsy Favorites

Apologies:  this is long.  If you like, just browse through the pictures and click on them to be taken to the seller’s site.  But if you have patience, there’s some fun at the end of the post!)

I was so excited when I realized that we’d finally hit 300 followers!  I did the happy dance and then grinned at the perfect timing!  See, the picture in the Followers widget matched the seller of one of my longtime Etsy Favorites!

Meet Jennifer from Hope Studios!


Now how perfect would that be at my place?  Especially after a certain little boy pulled a certain little trick, no?  Jennifer has loads of great custom quotes and beautiful fonts!  Check here out at her Hope Studios Etsy shop!




For those of you who need a bit of grown up prettiness in the middle of a BOY household… isn’t this gorgeous?


Oh yes it is!  It’s a petite cloche with a teeny nest inside!  Get this, she’ll even personalize the egg for you!

Check out her shop on Etsy: Dearjes!  I am currently salivating over her handmade pears!




And I have been coveting one of these for the longest time… it simply makes me laugh out loud every.single.time I look at it.  And that my friends, is the mark of a worthwhile treasure!


Shop DazeyChic’s Etsy site for more colors and designs – and a guaranteed grin!




Here’s more birdie fun!


This is HAND THROWN!  (No, Itty Bit… that is NOT what “hand thrown” means!")

I’m just in awe of the cuteness and the fact that someone made this with their own two hands!

Visit micmar002’s Etsy shop for more handmade goodness!




You know that the kitchen is my favorite place to hang out, right?  Somehow, everyone seems to gather around our island (or ON our island, if you’re my sister or me), and it’s a cozy feeling.  I love the retro feel of these towels and I think they’re cheerful enough to make cleanup not quite so boring!


How charming would it be to dry your dishes with these little darlings?  Find some more fun homegoods, visit the Little Birds Boutique Etsy shop!




Don’t blame me if those towels make you want to go all Holly Homemaker and whip up a batch of baked goodies!

I mean… unless you want to share with me – then *ahem* blame away!

But aren’t these the perfect combination of fun and classy?!


I’m half tempted to risk the smoke alarm ;)  You KNOW they’ll taste better if they look this cute!

There are a million more choices at Cupcake Confessional’s Etsy shop!




And we take a break for a public service announcement:  You can click on any picture to be taken directly to the listing for that item (AHEM MR. DADDY).  And to make things even easier, you might leave this blog post open on your computer and place your Paypal user name and password somewhere convenient like on a Post-It note stuck on the computer screen.  AHEM.


(I’m nothing if not helpful, right? :)




Speaking of possible Christmas presents (cuz we were, right?  Riiight???) – how about these lovelies to make your gifts extra delightful?


There are tags for every occasion at the Seasonal Delights Etsy shop!  I have my eye on the ones with jingle bells!




Kind of obvious… I have a thing for stuff on the walls.  I am in love with this Family Rules sign!


See other colors, other words, and other sigh-worthy custom items at the Signs Of Vintage shop!



I haven’t forgotten you new moms!  I am just drooling over the cuteness that Itty Bit has gotten a wee bit too tall for…  I mean, seriously?!?!


I ADORE THIS SHOP.  I am thoroughly puzzled that my husband can resist its charms and not immediately demand that we have another wee thing to dress like this.  Trust me, you have GOT to go see the VW Bus one!  Check out The Wishing Elephant’s shop on Etsy… just beyond cool!  (Anyone else with me in staging an intervention to beg them to carry bigger sizes?  Cuz I would TOTALLY buy!  :)




Now for some heartbreaking news… this item sold right out from under Mr. Daddy me…


The whole feel of this is so perfectly whimsical and romantical.  And don’t forget USEFUL!    I mean, how awesome would some aforementioned cupcakes be on this plate?

Burlap and Blue’s Etsy shop has all kinds of amazing repurposed items… a number of which I’m ready to adopt :)  Go check them out for more beautiful cupcake platters!




Back to babies!  Any of your kiddos need some stylin’ burp cloths?


SewFunByMonique has lots of fun coordinating fabrics and is so sweet to work with.  I’ll have a review of her goodies soon – can’t wait!



And something sweet to carry a spare burp rag with you?  (I mean, if you actually need one…)


I am not even kidding when I say that I couldn’t choose which of jennyndesign’s fabulous compact purses to show.  I love that the straps are long enough to wear diagonally from shoulder to hip – because let’s face it, when you’re a busy DEAF mom, it really helps to be able to use both hands.  Now if only my camera would fit in there…




Are the guys in your life hard to buy for?


This works for the big and little ones!

Imnotspoileddesigns has lots of quotes to choose from – I had a hard time choosing.  Yes, choosing.  I ordered a set of them last year because they were just too perfect!

And here’s where I cheat.  Here’s an additional picture of a certain one that a certain someone bought :)


Is that quote not fantastic?!?




And to close?  Just a wee bit of glitter.


Anyone that knows me, knows that I rarely wear anything but my wedding set.  But this piece of pretty just speaks to me.  I love the princess cut, the sparkle, the vintage styling.  Methinks an ADD TO CART button needs to be used!

Lots of beautiful sparklies to choose from at laralewis on Etsy!




Now that you’ve survived the marathon Favorites post – let’s talk about YOU!  I know several of our bloggy friends have their own Etsy shops.  We’d love to include you in a future Etsy post!  Christmas is only EIGHT weekends away, so it’s the perfect time for some free advertising!

Let us know if you’d like to do a review or a giveaway or offer our readers a special – we’d love to promote family-friendly products and support artists, mommies, and talented people!  Just leave a comment with a way to get in touch and your Etsy shop link – can’t wait to hear from you!

Monday, October 25, 2010

True Story Tuesday - Ask First... Always

Y’all know what this means.  Time to saddle up for this week’s True Story Tuesday!

What qualifies?  You’ve probably already posted one!  It’s an amazing/hilarious/miraculous/outrageous and (mostly) true story that has happened to you!  Find that last family legend you posted about, add the True Story Tuesday link into it (copy and paste the code below the button on the right sidebar into your post), then come back and add your post to the link beneath this week’s tale below!

(Please click on your actual post title, then copy and paste the “permalink” that will get us to your actual post – that’ll keep us from getting lost! :)

This week brought to you by a mother who dearly loves her child, but believes some payback may be in order…


Always Ask First… ALWAYS

I need to preface this with a note to all persons who do not yet have children:

They start like this:


And all is really and truly wonderful.

If you still want to have kids, I offer fair warning that this may be rather traumatizing…


Still here?  You must be one of these kind:

kids magnet

On with Mommy’s tale of woe:

So I was minding my own business, helping Mr. Daddy reorganize his Hunting pictures file.

Cuz Lord Knows you need to keep all of your bloody pictures in one clearly labeled folder to prevent family members from unintentionally stumbling across one of a headless carcass hanging from someone’s garage crossbeams with a couple of unshaven dudes in camo holding a heart and liver apiece.


You can’t erase that mental image dude… you just can’t.


Upon realizing that it was approaching the much maligned hour of BEDTIME, I casually threw out a “go get your pajama bottoms on honey” to the cute little kiddo that was racing past.

Well, that little racer went into a skid and his feet went out from under him as soon as his socks hit the wood floor of the dining room.

He screwed his face up in a dramatic OWIE expression and attempted a few (pathetic) fake whines.

“You okay honey?  You’re okay.  Go grab your jammies, alright?”

Itty Bit disappeared into the bedroom.  After a few seconds, this is what I was expecting to see:

(the pic is from a couple years ago, but I LOVED those pj’s and that’s the floor he slipped on)


I went back to moving the pictures into the clearly labeled Blood and Guts file as Itty Bit suddenly came around the corner and held his finger in my face.

He whined and whined and fake cried some more.

I was rather distracted and leaned forward, grabbed his injured finger and kissed, kissed, kissed it.


He whined some more.

“What honey?”

“Mommy Mommy …unintelligible…”




“Mommy, I said, SMELL IT!”


Friends, I cannot even begin to explain the sudden horror at understanding his words.

It was like a verbal stun gun.  Maybe more like a nasal stun gun?

I looked at him in shocked silence.


And haltingly, the words returned.

With wide eyes, and utmost control:

“Honey?        Where      was      your      hand?”


Anyone else remember that he has ALWAYS been able to make this face?


Heaven help me.

That boy grinned that terribly mischievous little grin

and slowly stuck his hand down the back of his Lightning McQueen underwear.




Mr. Daddy howled with laughter.

Howled in a very unsupportive and unsympathetic way.

Howled and howled and nearly fell off his chair.


As I wiped my lips on his shirt over and over again…



“Smell my finger!”



Why yes, I did brush my teeth 14 times that night – and Mr. Daddy still won’t kiss me.




Your kids give you any payback-worthy stories?  Or perhaps your parents have some blackmail items on you?  Link ‘em up below and we’ll be around for some comment love!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wrinkles and a Winner

I’m a cheapskate.  A busy cheapskate.

I subscribe to exactly one magazine and it’s only because it came free with a purchase.

And as I perused this magazine, there was an article about wrinkles.  Which I actually just kinda skimmed over because  hello… have you SEEN my mother?

I am essentially her one-and-a-half-inch-taller clone (and YES, half inches are supremely important to us Fun Size people).  No one believes she’s my mom.  I’m not going to out her age on my blog, but she is royally kicking butt in this “getting older” thing.


Oh waitaminute… I have a personality shot from the same day.  This is the REAL Mommio:


(The hills are alive…)


Anyway, one of the ways it says to avoid wrinkles is to SLEEP ON YOUR BACK.  Mr. Wrinkle Expert claims he can tell which side you sleep on because the wrinkles will be more obvious.  (Wish I were kidding…  see here)

Anyone else who cannot sleep on their back?  Not even while pregnant… I am a diehard side sleeper (who must be touching Mr. Daddy with at least one cold foot at all times, sorry Dear).

So I guess there is no hope for me.  But do you think it’s really going to matter by the time I get this stage?

wrinkled puppy

Meh, it isn’t worth worrying about.  I mean, I can’t avoid laugh lines if I keep visiting your blogs y’all!



And onto the part that everyone is really here for, the winner of the $45 CSN Stores giveaway!


First, a big thank you to CSN for this awesome prize!

And second… here’s your winner!



Congratulations to Ms. Sara, the future owner of a new food processer!


sara said...

I would get a new food processor! Mine is about to die!


Please shoot me your email within 48 hours to claim your shopping spree!

This was so much fun y’all!  And would you believe we have more giveaways coming right up?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thank You Very Much - Let Them Eat Cake

Linking up with Kmama this week for some free therapy!



This one is for Itty Bit -

When you beg for carrot cake at the store (you are your father’s son after all), I fully expect that you will be appropriately appreciative.

And not just lick the frosting off and put it back in the fridge, Thank You Very Much!



Now… it was wildly unfair that you wasted your cake of choice and went after mine.  I mean, you know how I am about my cake, right?  It’s like mommy’s little happy place, thank you very much.



Waitaminute… I never blogged this picture.  I knew it… it’s not that you don’t like carrot cake… it’s that you LOOOOOOOOOOOVE chocolate. 


But still – leave Momma’s cake alone, thank you very much.



If it could just stay this gorgeous brilliant early autumn, I would be absolutely grateful.  No need to bring on the rain, really.  I mean, we can handle a little more of this, thank you very much.



And is anybody else totally ready for the Christmas season?

quotesandnotesetsy (Quotesandnotes on Etsy!)


I mean – I can’t even hardly wait, thank you very much!  So if you need a headstart on your gift list… don’t forget to head over to our $45 CSN Stores giveaway!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let's Dance Y'all - a Giveaway! (now closed)

I apologize.

I stood there on the sidelines and absolutely lost it.

See, we may have been a bit too ebullient in our praise of Itty Bit’s baby steps in soccer.

I mean, it’s one thing to listen to the coach for a change… quite another to actually kick something past her.

And when he did?



I’m not even kidding you…


He did the chicken dance.



And it just wouldn’t be my child if the story didn’t include us howling with laughter as he crowed:

I’m wondering if they give a trophy for most entertaining player?
(At the very least, he confused all his teammates with it).

Anyway – you may be doing your own little chicken dance with this giveaway… cuz who wouldn’t love to spend $45 at CSN Stores?

Umm, I would.  But I’m being nice since they made me a quote unquote Preferred Blogger.  How cool is that?!


So here’s how to get a shot (or two) at winning that little shopping spree:
1.  Tell me what would top your wish list at CSN Stores… there’s enough to keep you shopping for hours.
2.  You get an entry for being a Google Friend Connect follower – just leave a separate comment to say hi!
3.  For extra credit – in a separate comment, tell me something your kid does that makes you laugh out loud :)

Winner will be chosen Saturday – go forth and enter!


Monday, October 18, 2010

True Story Tuesday - Shopping With Preschoolers

True Story Tuesday is upon us!  I’m betting you guys have lots of tales that qualify – you’ve probably already even blogged about them!  We love reading about those amazing/hilarious/miraculous/outrageous, and (mostly) true things that have happened to you!


Super easy to play – just copy and paste the True Story Tuesday button into your post (the code is underneath the button on the right sidebar), then come back and link your story up below for some comment love!

This  week brought to you by a proud Mommy Moment.




alternatively titled:  WHEN WILL I LEARN?  FOLLY #812


Apparently I’m a tough scholar.  Either that, or I’m an easy sell.  The siren call of a 30% off everything sale was too much to resist.

See, I don’t shop for clothes all that much.  And I literally wore out the elbows of my go-to sweater after fourteen a couple years of use (I discovered my cold elbows during a formal Division Meeting two weeks ago, ask me how fun that was).

Anyhoo… Daddy was out after one of these:

(gore warning)


and I decided to go on the hunt for one of these:


So I packed up Itty Bit with promises of a stop at the toy store on the way home.  Proud parenting moment when I couldn’t even pretend it wasn’t bribery.

Fifty OnceUponAMiracle points to those bloggy friends who are already wincing in remembrance of the utter chaos that it shopping with Itty Bit.  I mean, it usually ends up as a TST, so why haven’t I learned?

The first experience at Michael’s – with the exploding craft paint.

The second tale with the mannequin victims.

The third story with the Target’s Dollar Aisle casualty.

The fourth bit of loveliness with Target’s noise ordinance.

The fifth insanity with yet another *ahem* broken Target item.

And the most recent Target experience with the foul-mouthed shopper


There will be a pop quiz at the end of this post... (if you have any time, read the fist link – it qualifies as a Top Ten Mommy Freak-Out – guaranteed to make you feel excellent about your parenting skills)

Anyhoo, I suffer temporary amnesia and haul Itty Bit into the store.

I’ve learned to speed shop… hunt by color and “roll coverage”, grab two sizes (seriously, does anyone else boomerang between sizes all week?), stack ‘em up over my arm, and check every .27 seconds to ensure Itty Bit is within eyeshot.

Cuz LORD KNOWS what will happen if he ducks into a clothing rack and I start screaming his name while other shoppers look confused as he answers his deaf momma twenty times as I race through the store ducking to search for his feet inside displays.  Not that it ever happens or anything, *ahem*.

Oh dang.  I already outed myself and blogged about it.  Okay fine, so maybe it happened ONCE, in my defense, it was a huge sleeping bag hanging display.  UGH.


My first inkling that Itty Bit was getting close to done with the bonding time, was when I handed half of the huge “try on” stack to the employee and reminded Itty Bit, “stay close to Momma, honey”.

And with that look in his eye that spelled nothing but trouble… (what?  You haven’t seen it??)


Yeah… the little dude says in his OUTSIDE VOICE:



I gasp as every head in the store turns toward the child who has apparently been abducted.


And in these last four years, I have never been more grateful to have a kid who looks so much like me.

“Yes, I am your Mommy honey… That’s not even funny”.


He giggles and dutifully follows me to the dressing room.

I effusively thank the employee who lugged the clothes in there, and tell her that he is the reason I only shop twice a year.

She cracks up and says, “No problem.  I’ll put you guys in the bigger room.”

I am shucking the sweaters from their hangers and pulling them on as quickly as I can.  Praying the entire time that my “does not know how to whisper” little boy does not say anything about any part of my anatomy.

I get exactly ONE sweater on, when Itty Bit says loudly:

“Mommy, I hafta go pee pee and poo poo”


Is it bad that my first thought was “Oh, so NOW I’m your Mommy?”

and my second thought was, “Can you hold it?”

“Mommy?  I hafta go pee pee and poooo poooo baaaad”

(Love the emphasis on that particular bodily function).

At that point I knew half the store was thinking I was some mean kidnapping person who wouldn’t give the innocent abducted victim a potty break.  I also knew that the store didn’t have a restroom and we’d have to walk outside, through the courtyard, and down a brick path to the facilities.

I am not too proud to admit that I tried on three sweaters with lightning speed.  I wasn’t sure I’d have the courage to return to the store after that.

The breaking point quickly approached:

“Mommy?  I’m gonna go POO POO in my pants”


Oh Lordy.  I grabbed my purse, tucked Itty Bit sideways under my arm and hauled to the store exit.  I didn’t even have to explain to anyone… surprise surprise?

We race to the potty, make it in time  (hallelujah!) and Itty Bit asks to go to the toy store.

You know what?  If he’s getting a toy, then by golly I’ve earned one too.  That’s all the confidence I need to set foot back in the store.

We head back to the dressing rooms, where the same chick grins and beats me to it, “…twice a year…*giggle*”

I try on seventeen pieces of clothing in nineteen seconds, which is a record when you’re alternately dragging your peeping 4-year old back out from under the shared stall walls, and closing the door as he lets the entire store see you mid-change.

And did I even buy the sweater?


Don’t ask.

Just don’t ask.



Any soon-to-be family legends happen to you?  Just click on your post title, then copy and paste the WWW address below to link up.  Thanks for playing!


Sunday, October 17, 2010


I got the chance to guest post over at Art’s Chili Pepper recently (thanks for the invite!), and I was trying to put in words something that God has been working on in my life these days.  Here’s the gist of that post – I hope you’ll share your own Ah-Ha moments too.

My little Ah-Ha moment came as I brushed my teeth alongside my 4-year old.  Here’s a bit TMI about our funny little household.  This particular habit has grown out of having a decade of ballet training, but not giving up some of your daily exercises long after your ballet company stint is done…

Just imagine the below ballet exercises:


…being done while brushing your teeth.  After all, the location is optimal for checking your posture in the mirror, you must keep your body lifted to avoid spilling toothpaste on the floor, and you can’t help but be aware of your limbs as you attempt to maneuver between the sink and bathtub!

And if I didn’t think my husband would threaten to take away my blogging privileges, I’d attempt to post a picture of my darling kiddo who loves to give ronde jambe a l’airs his best shot too.

So imagine all this. And then me trying to keep my balance (with a toothbrush scrubbing away, mind you):


Want to know a trick?

The ballet company director’s wife was teaching a make-up lesson one day, and asked us to imagine this:


Why on earth would she ask all her tiny little dancers to imagine a 14,000 calorie treat?

Because it reset our perspective.

Imagine that reward in the distance in front of you, concentrate on it, and suddenly you aren’t thinking so much about not falling over.

And amazingly, your balance begins to naturally shift.  The wobbles lessen, the limbs straighten, and you may have to wipe a bit of drool off your chin.

The point being: when we focus on an ultimate reward that may not be right in front of our faces… balancing our lives can become easier.

As I stood at the top of my toes brushing my teeth, I realized that focusing on my ultimate Heavenly citizenship would help take the wobbles out of what I have to juggle today.

Important vs. Unimportant become clearer when our focus changes.

And that, my friends, is what doing toothbrush exercises with this little premiere danseur has taught me.


(And yes, he whined until we stopped laughing and!)

(And it’s not like my husband could be fazed too much anyway… not after this!)


I hope you’ll come back and join us for True Story Tuesday coming up!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Letters of Intent - Let The Voting Begin

This week's Letters of Intent is all about you!



Dear  Bloggy Friends ~

We’ve been friends for awhile, yeah?  And friends are good for lots of things, right?  Like being really excited when you win stuff?

Like this from Leiah?


Or this from Aunt Crazy?

dress barn giftcard

You guys are always up for some good fashion advice, right?


Because the bombshell is that Mr. Daddy won these ;)


I’m not even gonna tell you how many peeved looks he shot me as I howled with laughter when his name was announced as the winner of the Dress Barn giftcard.  I’m sorry dear.  But it is slightly hilarious.  (And I’m not even gonna pretend I’m sorry for the screaming laughter when the PINK giftcard arrived in a flowery envelope).


So help a guy out – we have a few options (thanks to King Julien and her editing skilz):


For those indian summer days – maybe with a nice matching sweater?


I personally like this little blue number – so classy and a little bit retro!



But really… this last one takes the cake (darn… someone said cake again!)


I happen to think he would look rather fetching in a bright color.  Perhaps with some terrific Dallas shoulder pads and something to show off that girlish figure?  What do you guys think?  Perfect for the work Christmas party?



Oh don’t worry – I’ve got y’all covered.  I’ve put a voting thingie up at the top right corner of the blog… please go check it out so we can figure out where his awesome gift card is best spent!

Thanks!  I knew I could count on you guys!



The Wife Who Is Glad Her Husband is Asleep Right Now



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