Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Giveaways - The Good, The Bad, and The Need A Bath

Remember that giveaway I hinted at? Well this post will be all about giveaways - including one that came back to bite me. Y'all remember Mr. Daddy's OOPSIE after I won this wonderful set of makeup from Shana's site, right?


Well, after I won that, she offered another giveaway that I was majorly drooling over.  So much, that I was checking out prices to simply buy one for Itty Bit…


When she pulled our number out of nearly 300, I was flabbergasted.  And glad I’d waited!

I guessed (correctly) that this would help Itty Bit with his balance.

And then I did what any self-respecting mother of boys does: use it for a photo op.



Umm honey?




Realizing the inside of his firefighter boots were… quenched:


I thought, quick load of laundry… and this will be the end of it.IMG_6967


Boy howdy was I ever wrong.


That adventure brought about an inevitable conclusion:

The Face Plant




It weren’t pretty.  Soaked through two layers of clothes.  I had to POUR his shoes out.

And don’t ask, but yes, it got in his ears.


Yup – an extra bath never killed anybody, right?


(Thanks for the charming not gonna look at the camera moment, son).




But don’t you loooooove giveaways?  Especially ones that let you pick out what you want?

You already know I love me some CSN Stores.    I’m so glad my Rachael Ray review didn’t scare them away!

Rachael Ray

They’re offering special deals for readers of CSN Stores Preferred Bloggers!  (That’d be YOU GUYS!)


CSN Stores is offering a lucky reader a $45 shopping spree!


And because my kitchen looks like this right now:

IMG_6981(bakesale time for anyone else?)

And because someone (cough) MOM (cough) left 16 pounds of delicious zucchini on my back porch… I desperately need some mini-loaf pans for my famous zucchini bread.


And I’d give you my zucchini bread recipe, except that I don’t want anyone to know that the reason it tastes so darn good is that it has four cups of sugar.

But really, let’s be honest.  When I check out CSN Stores, I’m usually drooling over kitchen stuff.  And when I checked out their bar furniture – these stools waved at me and said they needed to come live with me.


And they’d look marvelous with this island, don’t you think?  (Pardon the drool)


So get thee over to CSN Stores and pick out some favorites for your wish list… you just might win!

We’ll be back with a tale of how I became a bumbling criminal, and we’ll get this giveaway started!


Heather said...

Those pictures of your boy were too cute!! Gotta love 'em squishy and muddy!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Look at you : ) Preferred by a big company! I prefer you too! : )

LOVE the little bike. You are the luckiest girl alive. Bare minerals and a little bike! YAY for you Rachel! Yay for you.

Your baby is so cute with his mud splashes and his boots. Seriously. So flippin cute. I want my little kid back again. He is so big now. : (

Shana said...

Man, he was bookin' it wasn't he?? I am so glad to finally see pics of Itty Bit on his Strider. I will back those till the end of time and I think they are awesome. I love the pictures and he looks like he survived the faceplant pretty well. The bath is a plus anyway right?? I tell you what, I love kitchen stuff too and would love to have that same baker thingy you reviewed. It is gorgeous.

Allenspark Lodge said...

Ya know, I don't think it would be possible to stick that lower lip out any more. My folks would tell me to "Look out, a bird is going to land on that thing..."

Kelly said...

OOOOHHHHH aaahhhh...I like the bar stools and the bar!

I love the pics of Itty Bit!

Heather said...

That island is uh-mazing. Pictures were cute!

Anonymous said...

That island is nice.

I like the pictures of Itty Bitty on his Strider.

Life With the Crazies said...

I love those bikes too!

If I won, I thought I'd get something for the kids... but then I thought, "no, this time I'd get something for ME"... like a brand new pair of shoes :)

Beth Zimmerman said...

That IS a gorgeous island! Do we even want to know the price?

Foursons said...

I never did manage to get my giveaway done. But I know I want a slipcover (or two) for my couches.

GunDiva said...

I forgot to reply to my CSN preferred blogger thingy that came in while I was at WPA. Oops, though I do love their stuff! I wouldn't mind finding some bakeware (not that I bake, but I love kitchen gadgets for RCC).

Love the pics of Itty Bit.

GunDiva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GunDiva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kmama said...

I forgot you won Shana's strider bike giveaway too! I hate mud. So glad that Itty Bit wasn't hurt...just messy!

Life with boys, huh?

Mrs Mom said...

LOL Rach, it is probably a GOOD thing my two guys and your sweet Itty Bit don't live near each other!!! Cub and Wrecking Crew are Masters at dirt and stuffing it into every. single. crevice. they. can.

Yep. Some days? We bath a LOT! And OTHER days, they get hosed off out on the PORCH! LOL

Julie said...

My husband took the peddles off of my darling daughters bike while we were camping this summer and she literally was riding in a day with no training wheels!! Crazy how that works!!

Stacy said...

Oh my, he is ALL BOY isn't he?? My little guy prefers not to get too dirty. A mama's dream LOL! Can't say it has helped on the clothes front, though...he still wears out the knees and his shoes at an incredible pace.

I'm sure I could find something in the kitchen area of CSN to use...I need to replace a few over used pots! ;)

Lisa said...

I want a blender and a mini muffin pan.

Dyann said...

The only thing to do with a puddle day like that is to chase it with graham crackers & hot chocolate! It looked great to me!

Tiffany said...

Now that looks like fun! You've got me thinking about taking the pedals off of our girls' bikes, just to see if it helps. I love the island too, but could probably be persuaded by some form of kitchen pan. Can't wait to see the giveaway!

Aunt Crazy said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Tha island is so pretty! I would love to have some mini loaf pans too!!! I want to try mini meat loaves.

Michelle Pixie said...

Oh that bike looks like loads of fun! :)

Oh my I need a new baking dish since my dear hubby shattered mine into a million pieces last week while dinner was still in it! And a table for Monkey to sit at and eat since I have one of those stupid high tables and I am sure she is going to fall and break a leg. You know cause that would be just our luck! Oh I also need nightstands for my room because the filing cabinet that I am currently using has worn out its welcom! :)

Michelle Pixie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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