Saturday, October 02, 2010

I'm Not Even Kidding - Craigslist Follies

Let’s just say that Craigslist has been good to us.


It gave us a new used car after this:



And something to use to pick up the horsie “exhaust”:



And my favorite:

The horsie “exhaust” producer, and the fence posts for her pasture:

Kona Itty Bit


So I thought to turn to my faithful resource when looking for a hard-to-find item on Mr. Daddy’s wish list.

And while browsing, I was floored to see this listing:





Nevermind the typo in the very first word… what on earth are they selling for nine bucks?  And is it legal?




As curiosity got the better of my mouse-button, I had to admit that some people are just a wee bit “creative”.


Folks, for your reading pleasure, the rest of the post:



So glad to know that even though the box is slightly damaged, it shouldn’t affect your ability to perform a medical procedure on yourself.  I have decided I should always travel with GunDiva, Brian, or Julie… so I never have to install a tube in my throat all by my lonesome.

(Says the girl who ended up in Urgent Care with a sliver.  Don’t ask… it’s probably TST worthy…)


And (ahem) speaking of painful (wince)… sorry to whomever I offended and caused to (sob) unfollow :(


Shana said...

Why in the world does one need that?!?! Seriously. If you were that bad off surely you wouldn't be able to perform your own surgical procedure right? Wow. Some people amaze me. Anyway, love all the pics and totally understand the "exhaust" producers lol. I do hope you are feeling a little better too!

GunDiva said...

That's for those who aren't comfortable going the pocket knife - bic pen route :)

Allenspark Lodge said...

Blue Rhino... don't they refill propane tanks or something?

Don't sweat being unfollowed... if someone closes their blog or follows you with another gadget, you may loose them in your count even if they are actually still following you.

Life With the Crazies said...

Since when did a tracheotomy become a "do-it-yourself" procedure?!?! Yikes! But, on a brighter note, nine bucks sounds like a steal :)

Fire Wife Katie said...

Lol!!! Ahhh, craigslist, you slay me! (Literally!)

He & Me + 3 said...

There are some crazies out there. That is too funny. Did you find what you were looking for for Mr. Daddy?

K- floortime lite mama said...

OMG love it .. people are crazy

Foursons said...

OK, so because the world revolves around me I couldn't figure out why you would want to travel w/me should you become injured. I mean really, I'd probably be injured right along with you. Then I came out of my egocentric world and realized that you meant the OTHER Julie. Yup, I get it now.

And seriously, who went to the ER and stole some medical supplies to sell on Craigslist?

Saimi said...

I can't get passed how gorgeous your horse is!! I mean, what a beauty!

Yes, my husband loves his tractor, but I'm the one that has been driving it lately. Seems, I've become quite fond of it too. I guess I'm a farm girl at heart!

I wish we could ride together!

Aspiemom said...

Okay, that's a little WEIRD! Maybe it's for those doctors who graduated at the bottom of the list and just scraped through - or better yet, got their medical degree ONLINE.

Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

I've bought a couple of things using Graigslist but I think I'll pass on this!! :-)

Tiffany said...

Umm...disturbing! And someone dared to unfollow the great and wise Rachel? Doom! Doom unto your home!!!! And grounds in your coffee! And dead skunks on the street.

Oh wait, you already found an owl. I guess that could work.

ModernMom said...

That is sort of ummm scary!!

Brandi said...

HA! That is very odd.

Seriously, are you saying THAT is your pooper scooper??? Whoa!

Girlie, someone unfollowed me this weekend. Punk. I wish there was a 'who unfollowed me' app for Blogger like there is for Twitter. Not that I care about the unfollowing, but it's nice to know who it was so you can be sure to unfollow them back. :D

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Um... I am still following, even though I haven't been around nearly as much as I like. New schedule is kicking my butt... or my bloggy grove.

FUNNY craigslist find. Ha! I'll just keep Nurse Boy by my side.

kc said...

WOW! I didn't read if it has been "slightly used" or not but just wow. BUT, good to know it is out there is I ever feel the need :)

Kameron said...

I'm not sure if that's even legal! lol! I <3 Craig's List though!