Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank You Very Much - It's Criminal

It's free therapy time, courtesy of Kmama and the Daily Dribbles!



It’s been one of those weeks… the kind where a million things are on your mind and things turn into a comedy of errors.

See, my mind was busy – hitting the grocery store in the late evening and trying to rush.  A huge list with lots of bake sale ingredients were cluttering my brain.

A big Thank You Very Much to whomever needed ONE EGG.


Cuz, you know, I DID.

And I was in such a rush that I didn’t check the crate and came home with well, the opposite of a baker’s dozen.

Thank You Very Much to whichever criminal walked out of the store with a SINGLE EGG.  Would it be wicked of me to wonder if it somehow didn’t make it out in one piece?




That being distracted thing sure didn’t help after soccer practice either. After ordering Itty Bit’s bubblegum ice cream cone and seeing how quickly it was already melting… I asked the teenaged girl behind the counter for a bowl to flip it into.  And when she handed the cone and the bowl to me, I was busy juggling those and a very excited 4-year-old.

So busy that I wandered to a table to watch Itty Bit merrily polish off the mega-sugar creation.

And 15 minutes later, it was not me who gasped and whispered to Mr. Daddy in shock,

“Ohmygosh, I totally forgot to pay for that!”

GoodLord girl, you are losing your mind.

Thanks Mr. Daddy - for smugly refusing to help a girl out and go rectify the situation, Thank You Very Much.

I was M.O.R.T.I.F.I.E.D.

I walked up to the register and just gave her the entire remorseful story of how unbelievably scatterbrained my week has been.  She was truly sweet and totally forgave me… but I still feel like a big cad, Thank You Very Much.


Please tell me I’m not the only one?  Cuz with the holidays coming up,  you know it’s gonna get crazier!


Shana said...

Why oh why would someone take ONE egg? That is insane. And you had me rolling with the forgettng to pay for the ice cream. I would so do that. Thank you Very much. I needed the giggles this morning!

Mom of M&Ms said...

Thank you very much for makin gme smaile!!! And do not think that you are alone in losing yoru mind... Been there, done that, will be there again very very soon!

Kelly said...

Did you know that there is only 11 Saturdays before Christmas?

Just say'n

Kmama said...

LOL!! You didn't check the eggs before you left the store? Or did I misread that? I always check to make sure they aren't broken.

So it's been a week huh?? Me too, me too.

Thanks for linking up!

Heather said...

Klepto-ing the egg is just wrong.

And I can understand how YOU forgot to pay for the icecream, but what about the employee? Where was her head?

Tiffany said...

Oh good golly! Someone took one measly egg? When a dozen costs, what? $1.50? Silly people.

And where was Mr. Chivalry? Isn't that what hubbies are for? Sheesh Mr. D.

Foursons said...

OK, the egg mystery: Someone probably had a carton w/one broken egg and removed an egg from the one you bought to replace it. Now what happened to the broken one? Who knows, but I bet that is what happened.

As far as not paying for the ice're forgiven. I give you credit for not walking out and patting yourself on the back for the free scoop.

Did you get my emails w/the pictures?

Amy said...

Uh oh you are stealing stuff! You MUST be busy! LOL Trust me, I have been there, done that! Trust me though... it will get worst...

From November to January it will get worse! LOL

That really stinks about the ONE egg! Who does that?

Emily said...

I am still cracking up (pun intended!) at the idea of someone stealing an egg!

kc said...

totally not the only one!!! I almost left the office I was in today with a $125,000 part. I was in a hurry to get to the airport...shutdown the laptop, threw it in the bag grabbed it, grabbed the part to drop off at the front desk for a customer to pick up for testing or to the rental car and hmmmm -- well, that's awesome!!!! Possibly someone should have stopped me from taking it out of the building.

Nope you are def not the only one having that sort of week....

Anonymous said...

Must agree with foursons on the egg deal... Done that myself actually *ahem* :)

Saimi said...

My mind is already lost!

Buckeroomama said...

My husband had lunch at a restaurant and totally just walked out without paying; he forgot! We then went back to the same restaurant, had dinner there, and when it was time to pay the bill, we told them that he forgot to pay at lunch and wanted to pay for that as well, they just looked at us as if we're mad. It was probably so busy that they didn't even noticed!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

I am trying to envision what that theif did to smuggle that egg it bad that my mind is going to so many bad places :)

Kameron said...

Not to be practical Patty here, but the egg probably fell out and broke in the store and they just left the carton with only 11 in it. lol :o)

Dyann said...

I think Julie hit the nail on the head.

It reminds me of the picture that my new hubby took of me on our honeymoon in Banff. I'm walking back to the ski store to return the toque (knit hat) that I'd walked right out with. Oops! He still razzes me for that, too.

And the lady at the ice cream counter probably was surprised and glad that you actually remembered and was honest.