Monday, October 04, 2010

True Story Tuesday - This Little Piggy

Hard to believe it’s time for True Story Tuesday already!


If yer up for sharing some of your family legends – anything that qualifies as amazing, hilarious, miraculous, outrageous and (mostly) true – just copy our button into your story, link it back here, then add your post to the linky list at the bottom.  We’ll be around for some comment love!



After failing miserably at convincing Mr. Daddy that it’s his turn for a spin around True Story Tuesday this week… and realizing that I couldn’t blog the insane true stuff that is happening in our lives right now; I settled on sharing about one of the lovely side benefits of deafness:




After some hard days as of late, I’ve found myself laughing extra hard at goofy stuff.  Like Bill’s post about making a fist with one butt-cheek.  (Maybe you gotta read it to understand?)  Or Tiffany’s tale that earned her the Saint Poopicus nickname (umm… guess you need to read it to understand too.  And you’re welcome Tiffany :)

But last night, while catching up on those goofy blogs, I realized the tv had been left on.  And what show would be on, but Hoarders?

And of course it was like a train wreck.  Or a kid throwing a fit in Target.  You just can’t look away.


And then I realize that as they’re speaking about “Nadine”… that the closed captioning (the subtitles at the bottom of the screen) goes totally wonky.  It starts scrolling, typing the same word over and over and over again.

An I watched in odd curiosity until I realized what it said:





I was starting to chuckle and decided to change the channel to kick it out of that funk.



Oh yeah!  Ichiro is da man!

And then it got to the score:


And those crazy WEE WEE’s came back.  Only this time they were scrolling super fast and FLASHING.

I started to totally giggle.

Grown up, I know.


I couldn’t help picturing someone standing there typing that word over and over again.


The last straw was when I changed the channel one more time for final confirmation that the closed captioning was indeed possessed:

Anyone want to call it?


weather forecast




weather forecast2


All I gotta say, is that when you have a kid who loves his MinuteMaid… that’s pretty much the forecast everyday.


(And I’m dying to hear all the punchlines my funny friends come up with :)



Please join in and share – I’m sure you’ll meet some great friends.  And they probably won’t wee-wee on ya.

Just sayin…



Allenspark Lodge said...

WEE WEE WEE I can't stand it! WEE WEE WEE

What does this mean? Aliens? Some sort of insult for our friends in the PD? Background music track for the PSYCHO shower scene? PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I won't be able to sleep nights!

Bill (Oh, thanks for the link to my WEE WEE WEE WEE WEE WEE)

Shana said...

Heh heh. I love it. The fact that the closed caption thingy gets that stupid commercial stuck in their head too just cracks me up. Now I am going to try to go to sleep while I am seeing that pig in the suv, hanging out the window with his pinwheels screaming Weeeeeeeeee, we we weeeeeeeeeeeeee, wee wee wee. Not to mention the scary fact that that pig sounds a lot like one of my nephews and I just ate chocolate. So can you imagine what my dreams will be like tonight?? Crazy I tell you.

Jenilee said...

I would totally be laughing too! LOL

Kmama said...

Ha!! That is great!! Now I'm going to have the "this little piggy" thing in my head all day. Thank you very much. ;-)

Mrs Mom said...

LOL Yer a total pisser Rachel! ;)

Brandi said...

That's hilarious!

My kids FAVORITE commercial is the pig in the SUV. WEE WEE WEE! Yep. Thanks. All day long in my head now... WEE WEE WEEEEEEEE!

Tiffany said...

ARGH!!! That annoying pig commercial and the remix of Saint Poopicusgate? GAAH!!!!

I am never going to live this down, am I?

This will be one of those stories that, when we are 97 and senile, we will sit on the front porch in our rocking chairs and say:

T:Remember when you tortured me for a week with that silly name?

R:Oh yes, those were the days.

T:What was that name again?

R:Saint Something.

T:Saint Scooper?

R:Saint Trooper?

T:No, it was Saint Pooper, or something.

R:Saint Poopicus! That's it!

So glad I could be the "butt" of the joke this week. And I'm glad I could make you smile.

Jennifer Haas said...

That is to funny. That poem is going to be stuck in my head all day now.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That is one of the funniest things I've heard in a while. I would have been cracking up!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...


Stacy said...

I've got the pig in the minivan commercial in my head now, too. Thanks for that, Rachel. ;) said...

I LOVE the little piggy commercial!!!

I thought of that immediately.

This is just toooooo funny!!

Amy said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I can't stop laughing! You have the funniest life ever! Only you my dear, only you! hahahahaha! And Oh that little piggy commercial is probably the finniest things I have seen in a loooooong time! Funniest one since the "my milkshake bring all the boys to the yard' one where the guys are shaking the freaking cows!!!! If you haven't seen it you are probably scratching your head right about now... just google hardees milkshake commercial... it's so worth it!

Buckeroomama said...

Okay, I haven't seen the commercial, but having the wee wee wee thing repeated over and over in the closed captioning would have cracked me up!! =)

Foursons said...

My husband loves that pig commercial everyone else finds so annoying. He cracks up every.time.

I'm thinking the typo is all a part of The Truman Show thing you got goin' on. You still haven't convinced me otherwise.

HeatherOz said...

I thought of the little pig commercial too. I think it's hilarious!

He & Me + 3 said...

What was going on? Too funny.

passionofthemom said...

ROTFLMAO I honestly don't know why this is SOOOOOOOOO funny to me, but it cracked me up to an insane degree!! Thank you for that, dahling, since there hasn't been anything remotely funny all day today. I ♥ you! =)

Kameron said...

Someone is totally getting fired from their closed captioning job for pulling that prank! Haha! I think that is awesome!

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