Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cowgirl Unique Giveaway

Something to be thankful for?  Our friend BK has her own jewelry shop and she’s offering y’all a chance to win a credit for a special treat!

Allow me to introduce y’all:

BK writes at cowgirl-photography and has an absolutely hilarious sense of humor.  (Don’t believe me?  Then go crack yourself up reading her comment on Mr. Daddy’s post here :)

She also has mad photography skilz.






And seriously, who could resist her pictures of her latest pet?



I only say “latest”, because these were recent additions:


OhMyWord!!!  Are they not the cutest things ever?  Couldn’t you just eat them up?

Oh wait, sorry.


That guy on the right?  Totally looks he belongs in our household.


And I stuck my foot in it earlier when I emailed poor BK and asked her for a picture of her calves.  Then caught myself and clarified “the furry ones” – and realized I was just making it worse (sorry BK, Objects In Blog May Be Weirder Than They Appear).

Anyhow; this chick keeps busy - just read her profile!


She sorta forgot to mention that she makes beautiful jewelry.  And when I asked her how she got started, she humored me:

Over the summer I got into jewelry just as a spare of the moment whim... My parents didn't want me to get my ears pierced yet, so I was converting all my favorite earrings to clips ons.  After I ran out of clip on findings, I picked up a basic starter kit at Michaels and never looked back :)  A couple months ago I was able to get some "lessons" from a beading friend of my grandmothers.  I picked up a lot of new techniques, and better yet I got to go bead shopping!!  Like any other hobby, I think beads are one of those things you always think "oh, if only I had --- then I'd be set!".

My personal favorite has to be the turquoise stuff.  The Southwest Color Necklace and Turquoise Chain Earrings are my all-time favorites.


She is talented – just check it out her Etsy shop!


For you turquoise fans:



My personal favorite:il_570xN_180124309


And perfect for Christmas!il_570xN_177098205  

How sweet would it be to win a $20 credit good for one of those lovely pieces?  Just in time for the holidays – treat yourself or pick a perfect gift!


To enter:

Leave a comment telling which Etsy piece is your favorite.

Leave another comment letting me know you’re a follower for an extra entry.

And for a bonus entry… leave a separate comment with a suggestion for a name for BK’s kitty!


We’ll pick a winner this Wednesday!


Allenspark Lodge said...

I have always been a big turquoise fan.

Allenspark Lodge said...

I am a follower, heck I'm almost a STALKER.

Allenspark Lodge said...

The kitten could be "Fuzz". Descriptive, and passes the "shout" test.

Foursons said...

I absolutely LOVE the Southwest color necklace.

Foursons said...

I follow. I follow you blindly without thought.

Foursons said...

Name that kitty Winston!

Amy said...

What is it about turquoise that is so beautiful? I love the earrings!

Amy said...

follower :-)

Amy said...

I like the name Buzz for the kitty (since we are in the middle of a Toy Story fest at our house!). Or maybe something more sophisticated like Casanova.

Buckeroomama said...

I think her green beaded bracelet is just divine....and I love the amber memory wire necklace, too!

(By the way, you totally cracked me up with your "furry calves" story!)

Buckeroomama said...

I'm a follower, I'm a follower!

Buckeroomama said...

Furball or Furbs for short. I like Furbs.

myletterstoemily said...

i am a follower, but please don't enter me.
for some reason whenever i follow it says
i am 'shelby rice', my daughter. weird.

the jewelry is just lovely, but i have all i
need, thank you!

how about 'static' for the kitty?

Michelle Pixie said...

Okay so I really like all of her stuff but my fav is the Ladybug Bracelet!

Michelle Pixie said...

I am a follower of course! ;-)

Michelle Pixie said...

As for a name he looks like a Mr. Pickles to me! A little tart but so yummy. =) He is adorable...assuming kitty is a boy?!

Anonymous said...

Teenager? Seriously? Good grief, in 5 decades I haven't amassed half the resume she has in less than 2. I would whine about that not being fair, but then I would sound like Mr. Daddy. :<P
I do seriously need her address to send her a LOAD of beads and finding that are just sitting here. I got into beading several years ago and loved it, but I have NO.. nada. zero time for it. And I am tired of the stuff just sitting around. She can have it. For realz. :<)

Shana said...

OK my favorite is also your favorite but it wouldn't be long enough for me. I LOVE the colors though. But I also love these earrings here and they always fit lol.

Shana said...

I follow you!!

Shana said...

I would name the kitty Echo. I love unique. Although I think you may know that haha.

Simplify O Simplify said...

My favorite has to be the green bracelet. .. I love the different shapes and colors of greens. Reminds me of the free spirited artist that created it ! Cool and neat at the same time !

Simplify O Simplify said...

I love to follow . I can visit through the window of your lens and see other parts of the world through your great photos!

Simplify O Simplify said...

I say kitty looks like "Kitty" .
Works for either boy or girl and when you go to call your kitty , it already knows it's name !!!
Here Kitty Kitty !!! hahaha ..

Or you can really mess with everyone and name your kitty d.o.g. . now say it fast , d o g , (sounds like

Tiffany said...

Ok, my favorite is the leafy grean wire necklace. But, seriously, all of it is incredible. And BK is seriously still a teenager? Ok, I will subdue the insane jealously levels that are creeping into the red as I type.

Tiffany said...

And I obsess ... I mean stalk ... I mean follow...

You understand.

Tiffany said...

And I think the precious baby should be named Fuzzy One. You know, to distinguish itself from the other fuzzy things at her house. Like calves.

Allenspark Lodge said...

This is my 4th comment so it doesn't count, but I really REALLY love the windows in the adobe ruin.


Anonymous said...

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Stacy said...

That green beaded bracelet is beautiful. She does great work!

Anonymous said...

I like the ladybug!

Jeremiah 31:3

Anonymous said...

I follow you.

Jeremiah 31:3

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