Monday, November 01, 2010

True Story Tuesday - Tear It Up and Burn It Down

Can you believe it’s already time for True Story Tuesday?

Where we share our amazing/hilarious/miraculous/outrageous and often embarrassing (mostly) true tales!

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This week brought to you by your favorite blog material magnet couple… Redneck Dude and City Girl!  Special cameo by Itty Bit…




(You’ve got Garth stuck in your head already, don’t you?)

Y’all know that I’m a City Girl, right?  Born and raised on an honest-to-goodness city block where the houses backed up to each other and there was one strip of grass down the center and fences that split it up into tiny backyards where you could pop your head over the partition and see any of your five sets of neighbors.  (How’s that for a run-on sentence?)

So the September through December is sacred hunting season thing is a big deal cuz we weren’t exactly walking around shooting things with horns in my childhood neighborhood.

I’m probably breaking some kind of Redneck Wife code by blogging this, but Mr. Daddy knocked down an amazing buck last week.  With an amazing shot, no less.

The man climbed up this:


And made a perfect shot on this unfortunate dude:


Now, being a city girl, I’m not required to understand the whole “I sighted him at 200 yards and he was 20 feet away from where I hit ‘im.”

Instead, I was awed by the translation of “Okay, so he was about from here to the house across the pasture and across the road.  And when I found him, he was about from here to the back porch.”

Thanks honey.

Visiting the taxidermist was a completely different blogworthy story, but I need to process some of the trauma before I can write about it.

Anyhow – Mr. Daddy is reveling in his Macho Hunter-ness and we decide to revisit the site of his conquest. 

The only hitch is that he’s gonna make ME drive.  In the new-to-us toy that I’ve never set butt in.

Friends, meet Fezzik… our trusty 4-wheeler:


Mr. Daddy in:  Who said you could name my rig Fezzik?


Well, I was driving until Mr. Daddy pointed it toward this:


Umm, that’s RUNNING water.  No thanks.

So we switched and over much loud protesting from Itty Bit, crawled our way through it.

(Yes, the water got inside, yes, that is Itty Bit’s boot after Mr. Daddy called, “FEET UP!”)



We hopped out after surviving the creek, and hiked out to the tree stand.



Then back around to see just how far that shot was.

We’re standing where the deer was… bet you can’t even see the tree stand, can ya?

(And if you know how far 200 yards is, feel free to congratulate the hunter husband)





Trust me, there’s a whole field between that tiny yellow arrow and where we were standing.


Itty Bit regained his composure enough to drive for a bit.


Methinks I should be worried that he stares at the steering wheel instead of the road??


Then Mr. Daddy forces me to take the wheel again.  And sneakily directs us into some 4-wheeling areas that he knows will freak me out.

What’s that smell?  Is it from the water in the engine from the creek?



Turn here (hee hee)

Honey!  This is not even a trail!


The entire conversation repeated itself once more.

Honey, what’s that smell?  Is it still from the water?



Until suddenly, we both knew something was terribly wrong.

I slammed on the brakes as smoke started pouring from the compartment BETWEEN us.


See that spot right behind the shifter?  Yeah – RIGHT BETWEEN US.


Mr. Daddy has Itty Bit out of the rig before I have time to turn Momma Bear, and I’m frantically climbing over the door kinda freaking out by the look of immediate concern on Mr. Daddy’s face.

I will admit (cuz I’m shameless like that) that I’m enough of a City Girl Who Knows Nothing About Engines, that I wondered if the thing was gonna blow up and if I should take cover.

(Don’t laugh… my last experience in a smoking vehicle was enough for a lifetime).


Mr. Daddy is trying to keep his distance while checking around the engine compartment (doing his best Elastagirl impression from four feet away)



Mr. Daddy In:  Was the picture really necessary?

Suddenly he snags something, pulls out a smoking something, and starts flipping it over and patting the embers out.


A word of wisdom borne of experience:  on your maiden voyage of a fun new motorized toy… do NOT place a garment over the exhaust pipe.

It never ends well.





Any craziness happen to you this week?  Any family legends created whilst costumed?  Any trick-or-treaters give you some blogworthy moments?  Link up below and we’ll be around to enjoy your tales!


Allenspark Lodge said...

Loved that movie as a kid. "BAM!bi"
Love the 4 wheeler, but, um...Fezzik?


Oh yeah, good shot!

Anonymous said...

I'm dying over the fact that you named the four-wheeler Fezzik -- that's just perfect! And I love the pic of Itty Bit trying to keep his feet out of the water. I think I'd be freaking out, too, if smoke started pouring out of the center console of any vehicle that I was in...glad everything was OK in the end (and sorry about your shirt!)

Great shot, Mr. Daddy!

I haven't linked up w/ True Story Tuesday in eons -- I lost my blogging mojo for a while there --
but I finally had something to share this week! ::happy dance::

Mom of M&Ms said...

Nive Shot Mr. Daddy.... Well done!

Kmama said...

Oh my gosh. Thank goodness you figured out what it was! How did that get over the exhaust??

Jdaddy is a hunter too, though he only goes a few times a year (gun hunting season starts Nov. 15 here), but I get a lot of stories like that and I just nod and say "mmhmm" and "oh really?"

Heather said...

I seriously don't know how one family could have so many unbelievable stories! I mean I do believe, because you just can't make this stuff up...and there are pictures!

Glad everyone is ok! (And I would have immediately thought "it may blow up" too)

Aunt Crazy said...

Great shot, nice buck!

Sarah said...

I FINALLY thought of another story. Sadly it has no pictures, but that's hindsight for you.

Mrs Mom said...

LMAO @ "Fezzik"!

Nice shot there Mr Daddy! And I can't wait to hear what happened at the taxi-dermy man's place! hehe

Anonymous said...

I LOLed at the Fezzik! Too funny. Good shoot, Mr. Daddy, but both of my deer were shot at around 200 yards (198 and 220), and they dropped in their tracks. Touche!

Amy said...

That is movie making material right there! I can't stop laughing! I am quite glad that Charlie is not a hunter and doesn't drag me out like that. You are much nicer than me! I would have been enjoying the nice quiet house instead ;-)

Stacy said...

Congratulation on your buck, Mr. Daddy! He's a nice one. :)

Oh, and Rachel, you did know my dad is a taxidermist, right?? I have actual done it, too. From fleshing out the deer hide to sewing it on the form. That's probably why nothing my children do ever gross me out. ;)

singedwingangel said...

Nice shot. I live in hunting territory as well so I know what you are referring to. We have turkey season, deer season, quail season, and moose season. Oh yeah they just reintroduced Elk here hapy happy joy joy

Heather said...

Pretty funny. Unless that was your shirt.

Glad no one was hurt.

robin said...

That ATV looks really fun to drive but I wouldn't have volunteered to drive through water either! Our area is full of deer hunters too! I have no experience with anything related to it though (the only hunting my dad did when I was younger was squirrel for stew and my hubby and son just went dove huntinged recently.) The smoking shirt incident would have scared the bejeepers outta me, lol! I'm still amazed that Mr. Daddy could climb up that huge ladder and wait for a deer to pass by (without dropping the rifle!) Kudos!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Love it! My dad just killed a huge 250 pound buck just last night! he is so excited. He and my brother are avid bow hunters! Love this post girl!

Michelle said...

You guys have THE best stories! I hope you'll put them all in a book for Itty Bit when he gets older!

K- floortime lite mama said...

OMG - you guys are sooooooooo adventurous and hilarious
Mr Daddy's hunting skills are par excellence ( though I am a city girl too and would hae been equally impressed had you said he shot at 10 feel )

Jennifer Haas said...

I love reading about your adventures!!! Sorry I cannot post today, I have some stories but just no time today to write.

Tiffany said...

Ok, Fezzik is cool, but only if the gun is named Wesley. And I am totally cracking up at the thought of Rach driving the 4-wheeler! You should have seen the mud we drove through last weekend.

But that is a fabulous shot, Mr. D. Coming from one who knows!

Tiffany said...

And might I suggest a spandex replacement to the pink ensemble we all so lovingly picked out for him? If he's gonna act like Elastigirl, at least he should look the part!

Foursons said...

Doesn't 4 Wheelers 101 cover the topic of exhaust pipe coverings?

Congrats on the great shot Mr. D.

Sorry about the lack of a link-up again today Rachel. Work called this morning and I was gone all day.

Presley family said...

Too funny!! Mr. Daddy would get along with my brother and dad. You and are so funny.... I started in the sticks now in the city. You started in the city and now live in the sticks! wink!!! I am going to have to do one of these posts one day.

Buckeroomama said...

Umm, what would a piece of garment be doing over the exhaust pipe in the first place? Just saying. ;p said...

yikes...when I saw the burnt "garment" I thought it was someones britches that they were a wearin'!

I am with you slick city chick :)

Not against huntin'. Jus' faint at the sight of blood ;)

Kameron said...

Me thinks you should keep the taxidermy story to yourself. Bleh! ;o) Glad it was just a shirt and not the rig that caught fire! lol

Michelle Pixie said...

Oh YIKES! I am glad it was not a fire. And can I just say my hubby explains things to me the exact same way! lol

Becca said...

for some reason pictures of dead deers always give me the heebie-jeebies! :-)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

That story would only happen to the 3 of you... you guys crack me up... and, I agree with Becca. I am such a city girl. The mall is about as adventurous as I get.

Mrs. NB

Shana said...

How funny. I am glad everything turned out ok and I am proud of Mr Daddy's buck. That is pretty cool.

Killlashandra said...

You my husband would be just green with envy for the trophy and the ride. And then he and I would both fall down laughing hysterically over the shirt. I'm glad the cool new toy did not suffer any serious harm. LOL

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