Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Long Climb - Part Uno

I am woefully behind in the pre-Christmas posting department.  Forgive me?  And prepare for bleeding retinas?

The first happy dance was done when we received a box of these from GunDiva:

magic window cookies

I shamelessly stole the picture of the magic window cookies off her blog – because I just as shamelessly “ran out of the subject matter” pretty darn quick.  Thanks GunDiva and family!

(Just check out the official directions – don’t ask, I ain’t giving up the family secret sugar cookie recipe!)


Then it was time for Christmas shopping.  Trust me when I say there are a couple of TST’s that are begging to be told.  One with a stalker and one with a gun… thankfully not both in the same story.


Then the trip that wasn’t.

Getting up at 4am to set sail on this:



Heading for a weekend escape with my favorite girls (can you see the three generation family resemblance?)


On the itinerary:

High Tea at the Empress

And the Holiday Lights tour at Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens


(There’s a whole ‘nother story about the time I got booted from High Tea at the Empress… something to do with a dress code and a pageant girl who was tired of dresses and heels…)


Before we even got on the boat, I had to gasp at this:


(Wow Canadians!  I survived a high-speed crash with someone who had a substance problem… the only reason it was a felony was because I was hurt and she ran.  Please don’t drive buzzed this New Year, we love you).


There was a wee bit of this:


But I didn’t think much of it because it was smooth sailing on our swanky catamaran.  They opened up the duty-free shop, where apparently $65 Marlboro cartons go for $31.

An hour later… they announced they were turning the ship around… rough weather in the Straits made it unsafe to proceed.  A chorus of AWWWWs from the full ship of passengers heading for holiday plans.




(I told you  my hair won’t completely straighten… and you can blame Mr. Daddy stealing my iron and claiming it as a Christmas gift.  Oh yes he did!)

The teenager sitting next to me made my mother’s day when he asked if we were sisters.  And since my mother pretty much doesn’t age, I’m guessing that the amateur hair straightening makes me look older?  Couldn’t be the wrinkles, couldn’t be


Then they announced, “If you have purchased cigarettes from the duty free shop, please return them for a refund”.  Repeatedly.  I started to eye the sudden line to the bathrooms suspiciously.  Smoking the evidence???

We returned to a dreary Seattle


Froze our butts off waiting on the windy dock for them to unload the luggage.

It was still early enough in the morning that restaurants were not open.  We had no transportation, three ladies with luggage walking along the piers.  I made sure to remind my grandmother and mother that I know karate.


We see lights, and like hungry moths to a flame, we head toward the scent glow.

And that glow?  Is a gigantic fireplace in the middle of a parking lot!


It was a hotel.  That 100 other bumped boat passengers had spotted before us.  We’ll just enjoy the setting while waiting for our seats!





Yes, I take pictures of hotel bathrooms.  And I refuse to admit it’s weird.  I mean, the water came out of the faucets in sheets y’all, SHEETS!

Mr. Daddy does not understand why I now want a real birch tree in our living room.


Then we had some company.  You know you’re on the water…


Not like the place was already famous for being right on the water or anything…

We finished our morning with an exotic breakfast and some hot coffee to warm back up.



All I could think of, was how Itty Bit would have destroyed those light fixtures (chain necklaces… genius), and peeled the real bark off the walls.  So I guess it really was a girl’s getaway.  Though I’m a little sad that our rescheduled trip won’t include those Christmas lights. But hey, it’s better than capsizing a catamaran, eh?



Then off to mom’s house to drop Itty Bit off for our anniversary date.


Ahh,  yes.  It must have been the straight hair.  Certainly not that wrinkle in between my eyebrows.


You gotta love a guy who will take you out for steak and lobster, then do this:


We headed out for coffee at a bookstore (home of our first unofficial date), and spent some can’t-get-used-to-being-childless time perusing the books without shouts of “I GOTTA GO PEE-PEE!”

(For the record, Mr. Daddy was kind enough to use a nearby tree before we entered the store, and refrained from announcing it).


So that was Part Uno… and we haven’t even hit Christmas yet.  Wait till you hear what Itty Bit did to the refrigerator… *sigh*

Because any post isn’t complete without a picture of Itty Bit… here’s a peek at how caffeinated the kid was…  he couldn’t even SIGN straight.



(And Happy Anniversary to the handsome guy that  makes my heart happy – my best gift was you).


Burns10rs said...

Looks like it would have been a lovely trip.....but still was a memorable adventure. I LOVE the birch trees in the restaurant! And what a cool bathroom (I take pictures of unique bathrooms too—is that weird?) That's a lovely camera; I don't see the imagined wrinkles of which you speak. And the hair looks good. Pretty easy to see you have your mom's genes. I need a camera like yours that doesn't depict the flaws I think I have.
Can't wait to hear what Itty Bit did to the refrig. The picture looks like he was having a great time!

Saimi said...

I hate when good post have to end! I could have kept reading and looking at all the fun pictures!!

No wonder your little guy is so darn cute, just look at his adorable parents!!

Thanks for sharing that was fun!!!

Unknown said...

And I thought I packed a ton into the "catch up" posts! Wow woman, you have been busy!

Happy Anniversary to you and the hubs. So glad he had enough class to pee in the bush BEFORE going into the restaurant. Cause that could have been awkward.

And I can't wait to hear about the shopping and gun story. Sounds like a redneck adventure to me!

Catherine Anne said...

Blessings to a New Year! Catherine

GunDiva said...

Happy Anniversary :)

Can't wait to get caught up.

kc said...

what an awesome catch-up...can't wait for part dos. :) {I am wondering how I missed the Birch Tree in the restaurant when I was in Seattle earlier in the month....hmmmm, next time}

Happy Anniversary! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! (am I missing anything???)

Taylor said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Foursons said...

Looks like a fun trip even though you didn't make it to your destination. It's all about the adventure anyways, right?

Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. D. What in the world was that he had stabbed on the knife? And did he really pee on a tree in public? No, no, no Mr. D.

Blue is Itty Bit's color. He looks so handsome, in spite of the caffeine high.

Buckeroomama said...

Happy, happy anniversary to you and Mr. Daddy!

I'm sorry your trip to Victoria had to be rescheduled, but hmmm, not sure what you would see at the Butchart Gardens in dreary winter anyway... or so my husband kept convincing me when I wanted to visit there the few times we spent Christmas in Vancouver! We did go on New Year's day one time and drove around and he was right. He keeps saying that it's more worthwhile a visit during the summer. I'm still waiting...

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

Happy Anniversary.. Glad that you were not on a capsizing catamran...ANd I take pics of public retrooms too! Especially when they are ultra cool and unlike anything that will ever me in my home. My last one had rocks in the bottom of the sink... at the W hotel in Dallas( it is on my blog a few posts down). IF ya come to photograph it, call me, we can do lunch!

Tina said...

I can't believe this is just part one, you have been busy. I can't wait to hear about all the Christmas cheer. And I do not think it is unusual that you photographed the hotel bathroom. It was pretty afterall. . .:)

Shana Putnam said...

Yes, I take pictures of hotel bathrooms. And I refuse to admit it’s weird. I mean, the water came out of the faucets in sheets y’all, SHEETS!
(For the record, Mr. Daddy was kind enough to use a nearby tree before we entered the store, and refrained from announcing it).

cracked me up! HIlarious. I am sad you guys didn't get to see the lights though. I love to look at Christmas lights too. So beautiful. I just love your hair that length Rach I really do. So cute. You can your Mom do look like sisters but both of you look young to me. Seriously. Love the pic of Itty Bit. I saw many faces like that myself the week of Christmas. Well, after he felt somewhat normal anyway.

meeyeehere said...

I love the way you write! You have my kind of hair!Happy Anniversary to you and thank you for coming to my blog and telling me about your memory of your dad.Heck, I would have given anything if my dad had tried to spend time with me and he wasn't busy at all just not interested in the ex family I guess. Thank you! I think we would get along in the real world!

Mrs. Mom said...

LOL The evidence vanished quick at our house too Rachel-- all that was left was the pretty boxes the cookies shipped in!

And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and that crazy Mr Daddy!!! Here's to many, MANY more! ;) (And that isn't so we can have more TST's either.. ok.. so only KINDA that..heheh)

Itty Bitt and the fridge huh? Oh this ought to be a GOOD one!


Emily said...

That looks like so much fun!! All of it! And happy Anniversary to you and Mr Daddy!

trooppetrie said...

happy anniversary and so sorry about his head

HeatherOz said...

Aw, that's too bad your trip had to be rescheduled! I would have loved to see those Christmas lights! I have a MAJOR holiday catch-up post too. Saving all the photos to post takes forever! Talk about bleeding retinas!!
Happy Anniversary!

Dyann said...

What hotel was that? It looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

And my soul relaxes a bit in your behalf for being only grownups there. *sigh*

brian said...

"dreary Seattle"?????? I'll take it!

Let's trade houses for a week....

robin said...

Awww...sorry your trip was cancelled. When I saw the pic of your mom and grandma, I immediately thought it was you and your grandma (not because you think I think you look older) but because you look so much like her! :) Happy belated Anniversary!!!

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