Sunday, December 05, 2010

Making a list... checking it twice




Honey, what else do we need?  Do we need bread?

No babe, we have half a loaf left.

M-kay.  I’m heading to the store, back in a bit.



Mommy, I want a peanutbutter sandwich.

Okay Itty Bit – just a minute.




Honey?  I thought you said we didn’t need bread?

There’s bread.



Okay, so I had some toast this morning.



You had some toast?

Well, we had a half a loaf, babe.

Honey, we didn’t have half a loaf.

Yes we did.

There were five pieces, including the heel… which nobody eats.

What’s left?

The heel.




You ate FOUR pieces of toast for breakfast???






Mommy, I want a peanutbutter sandwich.






Would you like to explain this one dear?








Come on buddy, let’s go to the store.


Rachel said...

In case anyone is wondering... we live out in the boonies, so a quick run to the store is another hour. Love you babe :)

Shana said...

Aww, bless his heart! Yeah running to the store takes a little while here too.Around an hour to get there and back. Love the pictures though.

Foursons said...

Ha! Men. Yes, Mr. D- I just through the "Men" gauntlet down. Poor Itty Bit, he just wanted a peanutbutter sandwhich.

robin said...

LOL! That kind of conversation sounds....vaguely familiar! And I've had a similar face that you had doo, still lol!

Itty Bitty's pout is just too cute! Poor thing....all he wanted was a sandwich...and there wasn't ANY bread... :( lol!

GunDiva said...

I love potato bread!

Sorry you had to go get some more, though. That always puts me in a foul, foul mood.

kc said...

I asked Doodles the similar questions on the way home from church...all we need is chocolate milk mommy!!! (Yeah, I have been gone for a week) We get into the store and the child starts tossing stuff in the cart like he has never seen the inside of a store. It was pretty funny.

I love that last picture of Itty Bitty!!! Too precious.

Cheeseboy said...

Hey, I eat the heel!

The classic bread conundrum. Hope all was worked out.

Allenspark Lodge said...

The pic of Itty Bit is cute, but I 'bout soiled myself with the deer in the headlights shot. Timing is everything.

Kmama said...

The pictures that accompany your stories are priceless. Love them!

Amy said...

If you only knew how many times this has happened in our house (minus the toast part) you would laugh.

"Babe are you sure there is bread"

"yeah, sure."

"Babe we have two pieces! That does not qualify as 'having bread'!"

(back to the store for bread so my carboholic child won't starve!)

sigh. I have learned to just get the bread anyway... even if he says we have it. If by chance we really do have some, I can always freeze it! LOL

Susan said...

Pictorially (is that a word?) perfect! And who can't relate to this?? Even if the store is 5 minutes from me, I get frustrated if I haven't checked the supply at home and get back without one of the staples that's almost gone.
It's a good daddy who makes sure his boy has his peanut butter sandwich. :0) Who could resist that precious face anyway???

WhisperingWriter said...


I love the deer photo by the way.

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

OMG, Rachel, you are HILARIOUS!! That final photo made me both laugh and cry all at once!! You have a very expressive son! Thanks for the giggle!!

Anonymous said...

OH his expression was hilarious!

Michelle Pixie said...

Exactly why I buy extra loaves and freeze them. Hee Hee

Lisa said...

Okay Rach this is what you do next time.....come closer so Mr. Daddy doesn't hear.
You blow off the dust off your breadmaker and I'm sure you have one I think everyone got one when they were first introduced circa 1999?
You place it on the counter and you ever so lovingly open up the instruction manual for him.
Then you turn to itty bitty and tell him his sandwich is comin' right up as soon as Daddy'O' who ate the Bread-e-o whips that yeasty concoction up.

Then that image where itty bitty is lookin all like "Where's my bread Daddy, I just wanted a sandwich Pahleeeze!! You have that taped next to all the ingredients.
It'll make him work faster.

Thanks for the fresh bread Mr. Daddy sandwich for Moi!!!

Farmers Wifey said...

We call the heel the crust!!! Just saying..

Stacy said...

LOL...I love your conversation with the emphasis in pictures! :)

We are not allowed to run out of bread or peanut butter in this house. I'm fairly certain the natives would revolt if that happened. ;) We buy mass quantities of both at Costco.

K- floortime lite mama said...

love it !!!
Peanut butter sandwich is a true emergency IMO

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