Saturday, January 01, 2011

Because there's never enough excitement around here

We interrupt the belated Christmas Catch-Up series to bring you the sad tale of our New Year’s Eve.


It started out great – hanging out at the park for a wee bit.

Negotiating with Daddy for a hand in reaching the rings:



When I saw this look, I knew whatever came next would be a rather butt-shinsky thing to do:



You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch…




Thankfully there were no witnesses around to see the poor guy’s Super Wedgie.

Wanna know WHY there was no one around?  Cuz we were the only idiots brave enough to venture out in to the


How cold was it?  Well, this isn’t a puddle.  This is a leaf-filled FROZEN LAKE.



Brrr!!  Wildly unfair to have it dip below 20 degrees and give us frost instead of snow!



And I snapped away, having no idea that this would be the last time I get this view in awhile…



We headed off for some fun ringing in the new year with cousins who are suddenly getting taller than me.


(Is it just me, or are kids really and truly getting taller these days?  Don’t call me Fun Size… *smack*)

As you can see, Itty Bit was a wee bit wired…


(Mom, I’m too old to spank and I can run faster than you.  But I do think this is proof of where Itty Bit gets his moments of “exuberance”.  Thanks)


We had some fun watching Cousin A’s domino mastery:


See that rock wall and slate ledge behind him?

That’s where our celebrations came to a screaming halt.



Itty Bit was rough-housing (imagine that), and flipped himself backwards.

Cousin A – whom he adores – had inserted himself between Itty Bit and the fireplace.

So instead of getting burned, Itty Bit’s head bounced sickeningly off the slate ledge.



I scooped him up.  And felt my stomach twist as stickiness coated my hands and ran down my arm.

I began to pray aloud as Itty Bit wailed in my arms.

Dear Jesus, heal his head.  Heal it.  Make it all better.  Dear Jesus heal him.


As his sobs subsided, he screamed each time someone moved the towel from his head.

He soaked through the first one with nauseating speed.  Grandma had just left a few moments ago, so we packed up Itty Bit and sped to her house.  (Besides her Nursing School experience, Grandmas have a certain sense for these things…)


Realizing that drunks in car accidents would get triaged over a preschooler’s split head on New Year’s Eve, we did all we could to avoid spending hours in an ER.

Grandma carefully shaved the back of the whimpering kiddo’s head to assess the cut and accompanying dent.  I’m continually blown away at how tough our little guy is.

That bugger soaked through again, and finally stopped bleeding this afternoon.



And this kid?  He was out within 5 minutes of the car ride home.

Happy New Year.




Krulls in Haiti said...

Oh my word! I just about freaked out and he's not even my baby! I can only imagine that feeling, you're right, he is one tough kid, and you're not so weak yourself! I hope you had a good day today!

Foursons said...

Oh my word- OUCH! Poor, poor guy. I just want to scoop him up and hug him until the pain goes away and his hair grows back. Thank goodness for Grandma and her nursing knowledge!

And Mr. D- shame on you and your power wedgie!

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

goodness sakes!!!! WQhat I never forget from my ER days is that a bump needs to pop out on the ole noggin.. if it doesn't, put something cold on it.. and that helps stop the bleeding to...I heard that sounds with both of my girls.. nothing makes a mama's stomach twist harder than that sound.. GLad that Itty Bitty is fine!

Allenspark Lodge said...



Not too surprised he is tough, though. Mom and Dad are no slouches, either.

Way to go Momma P!


GunDiva said...

Momma P didn't Super Glue him back together? That's my favorite trick of all time. I've glued my kids and my nieces and nephews together more times than I can count. I shoulda bought stock when the kids were little.

Poor Itty Bit; give him extra big hugs from me (and Momma P, too).

Saimi said...

Holy Cow Rachel! Man there's nothing like a head wound, they bleed like crazy!! So glad he's alright, poor little guy!!

What a rough day. First a butt screaming wedgie then a major head bonk....He is a tough one!

Happy New Year...I think!

Unknown said...

OH my word I would have passed out at the blood. Ok maybe not totally cause it would have been a baby and I would have held it together till I knew someone else had it together then I would have fainted. Poor little man. Hoping he heals real quick hun.

Pam said...

Oh my gosh, nothing more scarier then a child with a head injury. I know, I have a son that was taken to the emergency room three times before he was 3! Great pics.

renee said...

holy cow!!! so glad he didn't have a concussion!! happy new year!

Unknown said...

You guys give "never a dull moment" a run for it's money. You remind me of the missionary wife we serve over in Costa Rica. Her youngest daughter fell face first into concrete, hard and the first thing she did was scoop her up and pray aloud to the Lord. I am so so so glad Itty Bit is ok, bless him. I'm sure that was one scary moment.

sara said...

life is so adventurous with boys, isn't it?!!! I hope his head is not hurting too bad today!!!

Heather said...

Poor thing.
Head wounds bleed more than a person would think possible.
I am glad he is ok.

(I must say that is a mischevious look on "Daddy's" face. Love it!)

kc said...

Itty Bitty is such a trooper! Glad he is ok!!! How scary though...

(def coffee next time I am in the area)

Kmama said...

Oh my goodness. That Itty Bit is going to make you grey, isn't he?? I'm glad he's okay. How scary.

Presley family said...

Oh how scary for you!!!! I am so sorry that poor little Itty Bitty had to go through that.... BUT what a tough guy he is!!!! He is in my prayers for continued healing on his sweet little noggin. BIG HUGS my friend.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Oh, how scary! I've been there, and it's terrifying. I hope he heals quickly. Our boys have more in common than their looks. Dylan had to have the back of his head stapled shut when he was younger!

Unknown said...

I read about it on facebook and was praying ever since. So glad he is a-ok. Could he be any cuter? I don't think so : )

Shana Putnam said...

I am so sorry for the poor boy. A hard head smack is no fun for anyone involved. I hate that sound too. I am so glad that he is doing ok though. I am praying for him and for you guys.

Buckeroomama said...

Oh, Rachel!! *I'm still cringing at how much that would've hurt* So sorry that you all had to go through that on New Year's Eve. I hope Itty Bit feels better and is healing well. I hope you have recovered from the scare as well. {Hugs and prayers}

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Rach - that must have hurt soooo bad - its giving me the shudders as I imagine what you must have been feeling
he is soooo brave
I hope you guys are all recovered
Children are soo resilient -

Loved your and Mr Daddy's comments on my new year resolution post
Focus is such a great word for the year
and please tell Mr Daddy that someone as wonderful a husband and father as him - should have no thoughts of feeling guilty about not being as perfect as he wants to be
Though I know what he means
I struggle with guilt myself - especially as a mother but in every aspect of my life too
As I fall short of who I want to be
But then I remind myself that there is only one who is perfect- the one above - and that is a great comfort to me

Kelly said...

Oh bless his heart!!! My stomache just sank when I saw the shirt. I'm glad he is okay!

robin said...

Ugh! I had that yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach as I read fast to see what happened! I'm glad Grandma was there to make it all better. I hate those head wounds...they bleed scarily and forever! My MIL used to bump her head a lot and it always looked worse than what it was. Glad Itty Bit is fine! On a good note though, loved the pics that went along with your story...

Aunt Crazy said...

OUCH!!! Poor little guy, it's so hard when they are hurt. I hope he's back to being himself and having oodles of fun!

Rising Rainbow said...

Those head wounds bleed like a bugger. Glad he's doing ok.

HeatherOz said...

Oh Geez!
I knew it as soon as you said,
"See that rock wall and slate ledge behind him?"
My brother timmberred in to a similar fireplace. Right between the eyes!
Did you have to take Itty Bit to get stitches?

Sandra said...

I loved this post! Yes, you certainly do seem exuberant so you and I would either adore each other, or exhaust each other within minutes.
I love the shot of the Super Wedgie...if you hadn't called it, I was totally going to!

Dyann said...

any stitches?

thank Heaven for Super Grandmas.

the Super Wedgie is so perfect, as is the look on Mr. Daddy's face. what a stinker he is.

good on Cousin A for protecting Itty Bit. what a good boy.

thankful all ended better than it could have.

brian said...

Ouch! Tough guy...

Kameron said...

I'm so glad he's ok! I am still amazed that we have yet to have a major first aid incident with Nate. *knocks LOUDLY on wood* I have been on a bloggy break, but I'm glad to be back and see what everyone is up too. Happy New Year sweetie!

Furry Bottoms said...

AUCH, kids are amazing creatures, I tell you! It's amazing what they can bounce back from so fast. Thank goodness for Grandma!! :)

Psst, the husband has an Agent Gibbs thing going on. You know, from NCIS?

Killlashandra said...

New Years can be such an adventure sometimes. I slammed my head on a cinder block when I was little, some how such things are par for growing up. You know!

Nice to see a picture of your Mom, tell her hi for me. :)

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

You so ROCK! Thanks for voting for me in iheartfaces...Still praying that itty bitty's head is healing...

meeyeehere said...

OH MAN! I would have taken that to the hospital,because heads take so long to heal. I hope that thing does not open up again! My niece is the queen of head injury and when she splits open,it is so very hard to heal.My sister keeps surgery glue on hand for such cases.
Thanks for coming by my blog.Yeah,the dimples make me look younger,I hope!
Poor kiddo,hope he doesn't do that again,EVER!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I am so glad he is ok. These are the moments of parenting that I can't stand! So scary... thank goodness we serve a BIG God!!

Mrs. NB

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OH MY GOSH Rach!!! That is so horrible! I'm so glad Grandma was able to fix him all up but poor baby!! I can only imagine how it broke your heart! So tough being a mommy sometimes!!

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