Thursday, January 06, 2011

Letters of Intent - A Gift PSA

Dear Readers,

I am hereby giving up on any comprehensive recap of our Christmas.

However… I feel that there is one thing I owe y’all if I truly care about you.


This Public Service Announcement brought to you by one dumb shopper.

Whatever you do, ensure that you are in full control of your mental faculties whilst Christmas shopping.  Do not let a 30% off sale entice you into buying anything that could trigger household discord.


Illustration #1




Illustration #2




How on earth did I forget what a good shot my man is?

And that sucker holds something like 634 bullets.


Nerf stings.


You’re welcome,

Dumb Shopper




Dear Readers,


If you forget about that lesson illustrated above,

make sure you follow that gift up with an extra-special one for your 4-year-old.


Preferably something that requires the offender pictured above to expose his appendages to “lifelike tools” wielded by a really enthusiastic preschooler.



The only reason I cannot show you a Before and Just-After shot, is because it is hard to take pictures when you are hysterically laughing.

I completely lost it as Itty Bit whacked Mr. Daddy’s fingers twice in quick succession before the man got them to safety.  I probably laughed an un-Christian amount at the man’s howling.

But remember guys, 634 bullets.



The Girl Who Might Have Ordered a Bigger Nerf Gun For Herself



If that weren’t enough… Amazon got in on the action.  Now, I still haven’t forgiven them for this, but they had to rub it in by sending me this email:


Let’s just say that the Nerf Tactical Vest is gonna be a NO.

As well as the Whistler Darts (come on, like a deaf chick is gonna hear ‘em coming anyway?)…


Join in with King Julien’s Letters of Intent!  And join us next week for our first True Story Tuesday of 2011!



Dyann said...

Okay, I'm just amused that the Nerf was for HIM. We bought one for the 4yo + refill darts for big brother's gun, but one for Dad? No way. I ain't goin' there.

Kmama said...

We have a ton of NERF guns/darts in our house, and yes, they DO hurt. And the whistler darts are so annoying. Be glad you can't hear them!

Is that construction set you got Itty Bit from Target? If so, I looked at it and thought about getting it for Buddy, but didn't.

Kelly said...

We have so many nerf guns at our house!! Cam and Wes love to fight with them.....Cam actually got the one in the picture from my Sis in Law for Christmas.

Last year we got my nephew one that is like a tommy gun. It's just this round cylinder that holds a bunch of the bullets and you just spin the wheel and they shoot....maybe you should arm yourself with one of those!

Aunt Crazy said...
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Aunt Crazy said...

Tell Mr. Daddy if he shoots you ONE MORE TIME with that Nerf gun, you'll make him a Daddy again...bwahahahaha

Mr. Daddy said...

I used to like you Aunt Crazy...

That vest and those darts would be such a cool way to accessorize....Don't ya'll think...


Heather said...

Gifts that keep on giving' ;)

Anonymous said...

If you did order a bigger Nerf Gun then good for you!!! I love that funny picture of yourself.

Have a great weekend!!

Allenspark Lodge said...

"whacked Mr. Daddy’s fingers twice in quick succession before the man got them to safety"

Maybe a nice set of hockey gloves for Mr D next Christmas?

Mr Daddy- If you have never goofed around with paint ball guns, you should look into a set of them for next year as a family present.


Allenspark Lodge said...

I thought you should get the tactical vest for YOU, in self defense. Yes, most definitely check into paint ball 'markers' (PC, you know!). They are a blast, but I would wait a couple more years for IttyBit.

Shana said...

Hilarious. I would never buy Chris a nerf gun...ever. I would never get out alive.

robin said...

LOL! I have never heard of a Nerf Tactical Vest! My kiddo got his first nerf gun from another kid recently...I'm glad it fell by the wayside. I kept having to retrieve those things off the ceiling and behind heavy furniture! :) He just isn't as good as a shot as Mr. Daddy!

Saimi said...

Ah the memories!! My boys grew up with Nerf guns, we had bullets flying all over the house and yard!

It's what boys do...even the big ones! HA But the hammer on the finger that is too funny!!! I would have been cracking up too...actually I am!!

GunDiva said...

I like the Nerf tactical vest :) Aunt Crazy, you're my new hero. Let me tell you why...Mr. Daddy keeps mentioning on FB that Grandma GunDiva has a nice ring to it. I am FAR too young to be a Grandma. Mr. Daddy, on the other hand...

Angie Vik said...

Two against doesn't sound fair. Defend yourself.

myletterstoemily said...

you are too cute, and i can only imagine the damage
inflicted by that hammer!

when our 24 year old daughter was 3, she stood by
her daddy as he hammered in nails for multiple
pictures. she picked up the same hammer and wailed
away at the wall three good times before he could
recover and remove it from her maniacal hands. :)

Presley family said...

HAHAHAHAHA...... Oh, how funny! We always get the boys in the fam nerf guns.... becuase we LOVE their parents so much! wink!!!
On a side note: I just wanted to say... Thank you friend, for always leaving the sweetest comments and for just being you. You are a pretty special gal and I am so lucky to have you in my "life"

Foursons said...

OK, the vest is WAY cool, but we priced it at Walmart. $30!!!!! Crazy.

And my boys got 2 new Nerf guns (each) for Christmas to add to their arsenal. Seriously, I think we own every Nerf gun on the market.

And the hammer- let's call it paybacks for the super-wedgie. :D

Thanks for linking up even when you thought you were not going to!

kc said...

As the only target (because I can't shot Topper -- by all means nooooo don't torture the cat) I feel your pain....but then again I feel Mr. D's too. Those darn hammers kinda hurt. LOL Great post! :)

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

I had NO clue about these nerf guns till we went and visited with a friend and her grandson had one. Holy Nerf shots! My mouth fell to the ground. But of course I had to shoot it too.

Too funny!

Happy weekend!

Buckeroomama said...

Itty Bit's got your back! =)

I've only "discovered" what Nerf guns are when we had Christmas party over a friend's house and their 8yo has the COMPLETE set! I was totally aghast at how totally delighted the kids were at how many Nerf bullets could come out in one round. When in Rome...

Heather said...

My nephews have nerf guns too and at Thanksgiving, Aidan took one in the head! I totally thought he'd burst into tears, but he was laughing hysterically and demanding my nephews reload ASAP. Oh BOYS.

And since when do you EVER put your fingers in the way of a hammer, toy or not??? Lesson learned, Mr. Daddy!

Fire Wife Katie said...

Lol! Who knew Christmas could be so painful!?

Brandi said...

WHO got that man a Nerf gun??? LOL! Too funny. :) Hmmm... playing with Nerf guns is awful young of him, don't ya think? ;)

K- floortime lite mama said...

you guys are sooooooooo much fun ( and gorgeous )
Love it

Tiffany said...

I never thought I would say this, but I am so glad my mom got the girls Zuzu pets instead of nerf guns. I do not even want to picture the chaos that would be caused by nerf guns and Madi.

Michelle said...

Hahaha! I was just thinking Mr. Daddy may need to read The Travel Guide to Heaven before unloading the 634 bullets on you! :)

Miss. Jinny said...

Oh my lanta I laughed so hard at the part where Mr. Daddy got his fingers hit hehehe! I hope you had lots of ice for his poor fingers hehe! :)