Monday, January 31, 2011

True Story Tuesday - Grandpa Bear

You know those stories that practically write themselves?  Ones that you just can’t wait to say, “you won’t believe what happened…”?  We’d love to read yours!  Join your post up for True Story Tuesday and share your tale!

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This week brought to you by the dauntless hero, Mr. Daddy.




Let’s begin with a round of introductions:

These here are the grandkids:

Cutie Left and Cindy Lou Hoo:


And their photogenic parents:



And the Mr. Daddy/Grandpa who happens to adore those kiddos… I think it’s mutual:


And of course, yours truly and Itty Bit were along for a playdate at the mall.

And this is what a normal social situation consists of:  those three kiddos making friends with any and all other little people there.  They have a blast:


They can get rowdy, but not rough.





Well, yesterday afternoon the playground was a bit busier:


And by the time our hero had occasion to show his valor, there was a crowd of nearly 15 kids swarming over every toy.

The scene of the showdown was this prized piece of real estate:


No, not me.  And not my camera (though I fell over backwards in an effort to protect her).  But the slide.  The glorious slide.

See that little munchkin on it at the left?

She was about to meet this little munchkin.



A tiny little bully wandered in alone and positioned himself as King of the Mountain Slide.

Any child who dared to step foot on it was summarily shoved, pulled, hit, kicked, and generally beaten up.

Several times, I approached him with smiling entreaties to “be kind, be gentle, no hitting”, while looking around pointedly for his parents.

A little girl braved the slide steps and made it to the top.  With a firm shove, she was knocked backwards onto the floor onto her head.

Her eleventy-month pregnant tattooed mother jumped up and yelled,

“HEY!  You don’t do that!”

As the playground quieted, she looked around and said loudly,

“I’m sorry, but NO ONE touches my kid!”


No parent stepped forward.  The adults began to murmur.

Whose kid is he?  Did anyone see who he came with?


The woman put her crying daughter’s coat on and left the playground.

Another dad came and removed his son.

And yet the little bully persisted.

Hitting, kicking, grabbing, shoving.  The kids just wanted to play.  And he hurt every single one of them that ventured too close.

And then he made his fatal mistake.

He reached for Cindy Lou Hoo and pulled her by her shirt.

He reached up and grabbed her by the hair.

In a flash, her mother and I were up.

And a voice thundered across the wide space.



As the bully grabbed another tiny girl, Mr. Daddy stepped over the seats and strode toward him.

With his finger nearing the meanie’s face, he bellowed,



The entire mall went eerily quiet.

The kid stared at Mr. Daddy.

And twice more pushed his luck.

Mr. Daddy strode off to the security desk to find out who the meanie belonged to.

And in those several seconds, the boy took aim and kicked Cutie Left in the stomach.

Aware that some sue-happy parent could threaten me, I picked up the lightweight bully and removed him from the slide.

I stood him up in front of me and said loudly,

“Honey, we don’t hurt other people.  Where is your Mommy?”

He smiled at me.

“Where is your Mommy honey?”

Another smile.

I looked around in desperation, to be met with looks from other helpless parents.

Mr. Daddy returned with a teenaged security kid.  Who had no luck getting the kid to identify his parents.

Mr. Security Kid gently took the bully’s hand and led him out of the playground.  The kid broke free and ran to a man who was sitting on a bench.

Friends, this kid’s father was seated 50 feet away from the slide, watching the entire scene without caring.

Here’s the setup… see that bench behind the shoe rack?  The slide is several more feet to the right.


He had a badly obstructed view.  There’s no way he could have kept an eye on his son.  But there was no doubt he saw me pick up the kid and set him down off the slide.  There’s no doubt he heard me ask where the kid’s Mommy was.  There’s no doubt he made eye contact with me and sat there looking mildly amused.

As Security Kid began talking to him, the guy seemed totally nonplussed.

In fact, he made a show of seeming comfy on the bench.

Parents were shocked.  He’d been there all along watching parents leave with crying children.  I was stunned… If anyone had picked up my child,  would have been there in a heartbeat… facilitating a Come To Jesus meeting.

(Can I get an Amen?)

Oh but that wasn’t it!

We watched as he continued to sit there, ignoring Security Kid’s pleas to leave.  He let his son run back into the playground and hit a couple more kids.

Security Kid called for backup.

Bigger Security Guy showed up.

They continued their little chat.

And TEN MINUTES LATER, the guy was still sitting there all comfy.

And then the heavens parted and the dude stood up.

with the kiddo



Parent Fail Dad is escorted toward the exit and decides to suddenly get talkative.

He stops next to Mr. Daddy, leans in  and says,

“You yelling at my kid?  You wanna take this outside?”


Oh Lordy.

Mr. Daddy steps back, puts his hands up, and says,

“Hey man, he was hurting the kids”

The womenfolk had gathered their kids and we stared at the scene.

Bigger Security Guy cut in,

“Hey now, that’s enough, let’s go, let’s go”.

I realized pretty darn quick, that between Mr. Daddy and his oldest boy, there was no way they’d be on the losing end of any fight.  But it didn’t keep me (and about 12 other parents) from nervously looking around for the next half hour… waiting for Gunning For A Fight to return.

We do what we can to keep our little ones safe.


Wanna guess how many relieved parents thanked Mr. Daddy?

I was first in line.



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Anonymous said...

Bravo to your hubby. I really hope more people thanked him besides just you. It really irks me when people do not watch their kids in public!

I am first again! Wow.

passionofthemom said...

Oh holy lord...they would have had to pry me off that guy with crowbars! What kind of moron is that clueless?!? Kudos to Grandpa Bear, from a prolific Mama Bear. ;) Great story this week!! I would have applauded Mr. Daddy...wish I could have seen it! =)

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OMG~!!!! What the crap?!?! Seriously I would have been ALL over that kid! You guys were way more composed than I could have even dreamed of being if I was put in a situation like that! With the kid and the dad! Kuddo's to Mr Daddy for standing up to the kid and dad!! And of course to you for removing him from the slide *giggles*!! I so wish I could have been there!!

K- floortime lite mama said...

"There’s no doubt he made eye contact with me and sat there looking mildly amused."
OMG what is wrong with people
Really it just drives me batty that so many amazing would -be parents have such a hard time getting pregnant or adopting.. while negligent persons have babies at the drop of a hat

singedwingangel said...

OH OH OH I would have gone OFF On the dad when I found out where he was and allowed some of those littles to kick and hit him and his bully child and they could do nothing in retatliation. Then I would have called the cops for his neglect period

Melissa said...

Great story Rach, you have some pretty wonderful men in your life!

Kmama said...

Good for you and Mr. Daddy!! I cannot believe the father behaved in that manner, and sat far enough away to not be able to keep a good eye on his child. Obviously, this isn't knew, based on how the kid acted and responded to your questions.

Mrs Mom said...

Go! Mr.! Daddy!!

Huh. Probably a GOOD thing your little dudes are much nicer than mine. About the time some bully tried to hurt them like that, The Bully Boy woulda got his ass WHIPPED.

To think the jackwagon has already reproduced at least twice. *sigh* There goes the neighborhood.

Furry Bottoms said...

WHAT the HECK?! Was he drunk or drugged up or something I mean geeesh?!!

Mr Daddys pretty awesome :)

Shana said...

Oh Honey let me tell you right now. I would not have been a happy camper. I can't believe the nerve of some people. It really blows my mind. Love the photos though, especially the mean face lol. I would run the other way too!

kc said...

YAY Mr. Daddy!!!! I am so that parent who is in bored parent's face...oh, those parents make my FAIL days look like nothing.

Angie Vik said...

All in the line of a day's work.

The saddest part of this story is the bully is not being properly taught by his parents. He's been allowed to behave poorly with no consequences. Unless someone stands up to him, enforces boundaries, and models good character, he won't be a pleasant person to be around in 10 years. Even though the bully didn't accept correction in this situation, I'm glad people let him know his actions were not acceptable since his father obviously wasn't interested in telling him.

Aunt Crazy said...

I kindasorta wished Mr. Daddy and photogenic daddy had taken that bully daddy outside and taught him a lesson, or at least given bully daddy a throat punch from Aunt Crazy!

Stacy said...

Glad to read the whole story. Oy. Some people just shouldn't be allowed to procreate. That was definitely a case in point. >:(

Anonymous said...

oh wow. so been there. it hurts just to read it all again.(loved all the photos)

Kelly said...

What a JERK!!!!

Sounds like he is in the running for (worst) Father of the Year award.....

Tiffany said...

I said it before, and I'll say it again. Atta way Mr D! Nobody messes with a man's babies.

Foursons said...

How in the world do y'all keep coming across these bratty, bully kids w/out parental supervision? And oh my word- I can't believe the guy sat there the whole time and then wanted to go head to head w/Mr. D. Unreal.

Pam said...

Another great story. Way to go Mr Daddy/Granddaddy!

DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

I was cracking up at your "(can I get an AMEN?)"- YES, YES You can. AMEN!!!!!LOVE YOUR STORIES & the pics that go with them!! Some parents shouldn't be allowed to procreate....sheesh!!

Brandi said...

So, I've been reading for what? More than a year now? And, somehow I'm completely out of the loop on the adorableness that is Cutie Left and Cindy Lou Hoo? I thought they were cousins... or I assumed. My next question was going to be which half of that incredibly gorgeous couple is Mr. Daddy's son/daughter? I think you answered it, though. The guy? I'm telling ya, both of you have, like, freakishly beautiful family members.

And, this story is just SO Mr. Daddy-ish. I wouldn't have expected anything less... so, a big fat well done to him. But, YOU picked up the kid??! LOVE. IT. Yes, my jaw dropped when I read that! ;)

Lori said...

Hi I'm Lori
Just hopped over from Messy Cars and Muddy Shoes.
I love your photos and the picture at the top.
Great story idea--True Story Tuesday.
I might join in now that I'm getting back into the blogging swing of things.
Have a great day.
Lori @

Buckeroomama said...

Definitely dysfunctional. Ugh.

Well done, Mr. Daddy and Rachel, for stepping in somehow!

Kameron said...

I can't believe the nerve of some people. That kid is going to grow up to be a world class jerk just like his dad and that is unfortunate.

brian said...

Right on Mr. Daddy!

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