Saturday, March 19, 2011

Country Living


Do I regret it?


There are days where I miss the suburbs and the ability to stop at the bank, hit the gym, and grab some Thai food (not necessarily in that order) all in a two mile radius.


But then I’d miss this on the way to the bank,



and there’s no way I’d see this on the drive to the gym,



and I couldn’t get this view at the Thai restaurant,



Nor have a soccer and baseball game in the backyard – at the same time.



And somehow, I don’t think you’d find stacks of hay in the city.

Ones that hide tiny secrets,



And speaking of hay… there’d be no room for these slightly obnoxious but beloved creatures,



Which reminds me of that psycho hose that I have to use to water them…


(trust me, the tales I have about this beast are chilling)


There would be no way to freak poor Joey out



By making tracks with this,



and pulling this,



There’d be no antidote to the snow-covered fields… no harvest season.



There’d be no quality time spent on big machines,



No time spent attracting dirt in the barn,



There’d be no creek to take an animated little boy across,



And no amazing view to greet us on the other side,



No homeowner’s association to tell me I can’t plant a dozen Quaking Aspens in the backyard,



Considering that all of these shots are Straight Out Of the Camera… I think God did a bang-up job coloring my life.


So I guess I’ll just save that Thai food cravings for “going to town”

and be glad for falling in love with a redneck.


But lest you think it’s all pretty prairie sunsets and flowers… I leave you with this:






Ahh, life is sweet in the country.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Ouch! Chores, and it's almost HALF A WHOLE LOG!

Don't you miss the smell of exhaust in the morning? Eh, not I.


Saimi said...

Your post always make me smile but this one takes the cake! You truly have more than a slice of heaven in that good ol country living!

Can you see the moon tonight in that country sky of yours, it's pretty awesome!

Rachel said...

It's so weird Saimi! It is PITCH BLACK out! We can't even FIND the moon!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

I grew up in the city and I don't miss it one bit. If I had my way we'd be much farther out than we are. Just can't afford to get there, is the only reason we're not there already.

Nice post and love that view of the mountain.

GunDiva said...

I remember hauling firewood like Itty Bit when I was a kid. Now that I'm all growed up, I can carry *two* pieces.

Shana Putnam said...

Ahh, makes me feel right at home. I love my country life and my redneck and firewood toter too. Yes I said toter. ;) That last photo is a keeper. Love them all though.

Unknown said...

I grew up running through fields, building forts in the forest, feeding the donkeys next door, and wading in frog ponds...I wouldn't change it for the world and would love for my boys to have those same memories (working on that)

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

I miss it.. but I get back there a lot...color me green but thank you for a peak into your view.. I will eat som eThai food for ay for lunch! Mkay?

sara said...

love your pictures!!! so beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

Soo pretty and I love living in the country myself. Of Course I don't have the horses, but I do have a bull mastiff that is almost as big as a pony does that count???

Foursons said...

Ha! He just thrilled with y'all right at that moment isn't he.

kc said... almost made me want to move to the country and then stark reality :-) Beautiful pictures!!!

Leiah said...

I never knew this city gal would love living in the country so much. That Man laughs at me but when we're out at his place I love love love it when he lets me ride the tractor and move things around with it. That and get on the lawnmower and mow for a couple of hours. Ahhh...paradise on Earth!

Brandi said...

HA! That face! Not big into the chores, eh? ;) I'm not a big fan of the city... nice to visit, but I like rural areas much better. The horsey in the snow pics are breathtaking!

Mama4Real said...

Oh I'm going to cry. I miss the Northwest so much!

Krulls in Haiti said...

I'll admit it. I'm jealous, so very jealous!

Anonymous said...

I am also jealous. However, Hubby is starting to give in though. City life is overrated.

Unknown said...

Yes, you make the country look/sound amazing!We want lots of land one day...close to Thai food of course though ;)

Unknown said...

Oh you bet your sweet country bum it is!
Loved all these gorgeous photos Rach!

Debbie said...

Looks like you got more than you traded in! What a great life and wonderful place to raise a family.

robin said...

Wow! What beautiful pictures! Sounds like you live in an absolutely beautiful part of the world! Aspens too?!? Awesome!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Those pictures are beautiful! Especially the first one-what a view!

Stacy said...

I miss living in the country, too. I wish I could have the best of both worlds. I love my short commute to work, but I miss the quiet and solitude and all the animals. Beautiful pictures of your world, Rachel. :)

Emmy said...

Okay this post made me almost want to move to the country! Beautiful pictures

HeatherOz said...

So beautiful! So much different than our dry, brown desert!

Furry Bottoms said...

I would totally live in the country if I had views like that! As long as there was a Target at least 5 miles away.

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