Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ginormous CSN giveaway winner


Thanks to all of you who entered in our fun giveaway!  I’ve never seen CSN put out such a great one and I love that they gave us this chance.

First off… I don’t know if any of you read through the Stupid Human Tricks entries, but I am stunned at how many of y’all can do stuff with your FEET!

In fact, I’m feeling woefully untalented because all I ever did with mine was point, plie, releve, jete… but y’all were busy doing tricks!





















See?  It’s enough to give a girl a complex!

I had to call Mr. Daddy over when I ran the Random.Org… because it picked the VERY LAST ENTRY!  Which goes to show, even those last minute ones count!

Here it is!





Congratulations Liz!  I’ll be contacting you via email shortly and then you can head off to spend your loot!

Thanks to everyone for sharing their funny talents – don’t you think there ought to be a few blog demonstrations in order? :)


Allenspark Lodge said...

I didn't enter. I can only stub mine.


Foursons said...

Dang it.

Brandi said...

Awww, poor Jules. I was cheering for ya! ;) Congrats to Liz!

I didn't even think about the toe thing... it's so common-place for us. We ALL can pick things up with our toes. It's very handy when you are big with child. We call it the 'toe claw.' LOL.

Saimi said...

Okay, somehow I missed all the fun and feeling like a slacker. My toes come in handy for picking things up but like Brandi said we ALL can pick up things with our toes..I'm gonna try writing and if that works I'll move on to blogging...Wouldn't that be a trick..More like a SUPERhuman trick...

Amy said...

MAN I so wanted to win! Oh well.... no hard feelings towards stupid for not picking me. ;-)

I guess I will do a vlog entry soon showing my talented toes off. If anything you and Mr. Daddy will get a good laugh, no? hahahaha! Crazy how many things we do with our feet!

Shana said...

Awww see I never have the luck you have Rachel lol. Congrats to Liz though!!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I knew I would publicly embarrass myself with that one!
Congrats, Liz!

Heather said...

I need your email address, friend ;)

Emmy said...

Congrats Liz. Totally jealous :)

Tiffany said...

How in the world did I miss this? Boo. I can't do weird things with my toes.

Liz said...

I'm so ridiculously excited about this! Yay!!!

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