Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letters of Intent: Second Chance Girl


Dear A,


Has it been three years?

It seems impossible to believe until I look at pictures of Itty Bit from then.  And I see how he’s grown.  And I realize that I took a million more pictures of him in March 2008

That boy:



Three years.


I’m a bit humbled when I try to figure out just what I’ve done with my second chance.



Not enough.


You and I walked away from this.





I spent the evening in the emergency room, then gratefully returned to my family.

You ran through the woods.


Two fatal car accidents pulled the investigating officers away from our collision.  It reminded me how much worse it could have been.


We met.  I wore a black shirt and tugged at my pants.

You wore an orange jumpsuit and tugged at the handcuffs.


I said the words that I’d lain awake for a week of nights trying to find.  I think you understood through my tears.

You threw away your written response and said you were sorry.

I still don’t know you.


You look like me.

And your Father loves you every bit as much.


Did you know your grandfather chased us down in the elevator?  He loves you.

He came because he loves you.


And your friend who chased us down leaving the courthouse?  She loves you.

She came because she loves you.


Two years is a long time to wear that suit.  But I haven’t stopped praying for you.  Thinking about you.  And wondering if you are living your second chance with a bit more awareness of just how blessed we both are.


Funny how one 50 mph moment can change us.






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Shana Putnam said...

I am always in awe of how quickly life can change. I think some people don't get the fact that they are not invincible. That puts them and everyone else around them in jeopardy. I am so thankful that God spared you and that we met. I do hope HE worked in the other dirver's life also so this never happens again.

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

I pray for all the second chances too!! What a witness to Christ's love that you are able to pray for this one particlular second chance!

Unknown said...

Well great as if I haven't been weepy enough lately I had to go back and read all of the background and find myself weeping again. So blessed and I like you hope she has made the choice to change, that she has someone she loves enough to not imagine losing. Just beautiful

Radar's Mom said...

A seocnd chance truly is a gift. I share your hope that second chance girl has not wasted hers. Poignant post!

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

I really hope she finds her way here and reads these kind words, I hope that she has taken her second chance seriously and that the love she has received from her family, and from you (even though she did nothing to earn anything from you) makes her realize how much more to life there is.
And now...
since I cry ugly...
I have to go hide in the bathroom at work and try to clean myself up before anyone sees me.

Kmama said...

Have you ever thought about writing to her? I think this would be a perfect letter to send her.

stephanie said...

You really have a way with words- touching, moving. I hope that some way, somehow she sees these words.

Saimi said...

Wow Rachel what a touching post. I went back and read the one you wrote about the accident, it's times like this that confirms God was watching out for you.

You're an amazing person!

kc said...

i love this letter!!!

Foursons said...

Has it really been 3 years since that happened? How is your wrist by the way? Did that bump come back?

Thanks for linking up, I absolutely love that shot of Itty Bit looking up at Mr. D. Talk about tuggin' at the heart strings.

Unknown said...

I am so grateful for that second chance. God knew each and every one of us would need one, even her.

Amy said...

Your writing takes my breath away. Praising God with you for your second chance Rachel. It only takes a second to make you realize just how fragile life is. Wonderful letter friend!

Stacy said...

I really hope she took advantage of her second chance, too. That story still makes me tear up.

LBDDiaries said...

Wow! I need to find my old Polaroids of my major and defining accident & remind myself of my second chance! I like the tone of your blog (visiting via fake It Til You Make It)!

LBDDiaries said...

Oh and p.s. - I can't believe I forgot to say this: WHAT AN ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL LITTLE BOY!!!!!

natalee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
natalee said...

OMG... You need to send this to her.... What a wonderful letter my friend......

Emmy said...

Holy cow this post gave me chills, going to read all of the links in the post now. said...

WOW! Powerful stuff. Amazing. xxx

Anonymous said...

Has it really been that long? Oh my. I didn't know you then, but it wasn't really ALL that long afterwards. Time has flown. But I think I know you well enough (even without meeting you face to face) to KNOW that you will not forget. And, having had to rebuild your own life around hearing loss and then to step far too close to the abyss with Itty Bit at the very beginning of his life.. well, you know. How precious every breath is. How every word really should mean something. How we need to drink in life as if we might dry up and blow away otherwise. You know. And THAT'S why I come back... year after year...
love you. SO glad you are living out your second chance, and yes, my dear... you ARE living and loving it well...

Unknown said...

I loved reading your blog and learning all about your life today. What an amazing letter of intent... you write with such feeling. Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving some love!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

This was a beautifully written post!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

you are so amazing Rachel
I know I tell you often but you really move me to tears often

HeatherOz said...

Oh Rachel, so glad for your 2nd chance!!

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