Monday, April 25, 2011

True Story Tuesday - But I HAVE to



GAH, what a week it’s been!

Mom was taken to the ER, transferred to another medical facility, had an emergency operation, and was released from the ICU yesterday.

And watching a central line be removed… I suddenly remembered that I usually have sudden bouts of vertigo when witnessing medical stuff like that.  How embarrassing if I were to hit the floor as a visitor to the ICU?  Would all you nursing friends please tell me how to quit that?

I realize that it’s time for some funny.  And the blog has been sorely neglected and deserving of funny.  But do y’all realize that someone unfollowed me during this crazy time?  I’d call you out, except that, obviously, you’re not around to be scolded, hee hee :)  For shame, for shame.


(And yup, I’m just as confused as you… never thought Bieber would be on the blog.)


Thanks for sticking around.  Chemo and radiation start this week – those prayers, we could really use them.  Thank you for the amazing support.  My email has been overflowing with kind words of encouragement that make me cry.

And now for the short and sweet funny for this week’s True Story Tuesday.  Brought to you by none other than the barely-still-four-year-old.


You know, sometimes there is just no preface for some of the things kids say.  They just jump right in and blurt out whatever randomosity is on their mind.

For some reason, bathtime seems a most perfect time for the things that qualify as “I’m so glad you didn’t say that in public, honey!”

And the other night was no different.  Sitting in his tub full o’ suds, Itty Bit looked thoughtfully my feet as I sat by the door tinkering with my phone (turning the blasted auto-correct off, thankyouverymuch).



Yes honey?


(very seriously, vewwwwy seeeweeouswy)


I can’t stop eating my boogers.




What did you just say?


I can’t stop eating my boogers, Mama.




(Aint gonna lie - my mind totally went back to this)



Honey, yes you can.

No I can’t!

Honey, just don’t pick your nose.  And don’t put them in your mouth.


But…Mama, I have to!  I HAVE to!


And finally, the guffaw I was choking on made good its escape and I heartily laughed at him.

Actually, I really and truly laughed with him.


Love that kid!

Got an amazing, hilarious, miraculous, outrageous, and true tale?  We love your stories!  Just grab the True Story Tuesday button from the sidebar, paste it into your post somewhere, and come back to link up below for some comment love!


Angie Vik said...

Sorry about all you've been going through. It's hard to watch someone you love suffer. Illness has an uncanny way of helping us to realize what's really important. Hope you guys are doing okay.

I know you live in Oregon but I'm not sure where. My Mom's in the hospital in Oregon too. She's in Portland Adventist but will soon be transferred to a rehabiitation facility where she can get the physical therapy and intensive care she needs.

Thanks for the True Story good laugh. Your son has the makings of a comedian.

Tina said...

I will be praying for your mother. My mother is a cancer survivor. It was so hard to watch her go through her treatments, but God took good care of her. And I know He's taking good care of your mother too.

Your son is a hoot! Too funny! My grandson and I had a conversation like that once. He thought if he took them out of his body, it shouldn't be such a big deal about putting them back in there through his mouth. He thought his body would just recycle them!

Katie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law! Sending prayers your way!

As for your conversation with your son - I literally laughed out loud! Thanks for the smile. :)

Buckeroomama said...

Oh, what is it with boys and their boogers? J told me that they taste good, "kinda salty." Eww!

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

rofl... I love the things kids say.. truly I love them.. but be thankful that you do have girls.. my 9 year old strolls into th e kitchen.. and says.. " so what exactly is a yeast infection/"

Still on my knees for your family...and the medical staff.. and every single one of your followers.. that they stay to pray and not run off..

Floortime Lite Mama said...

OMG I love that kid

I cannot believe you lost followers - that is bizzare -
you have the best blog ever and I want to hear it all - funny story AND the painful bits - your Mother in love is continually in my prayers - cause I heart you guys

Heather said...

I really hope your mom is doing well today.
How do you keep from cracking up at that kid? I just want to laugh when I see his little picture!

Kmama said...

Buster and Itty Bit would get along so well. Booger eaters unite. LOL

Continued prayers.

Kelly said...

Oh that's funny, Cameron (4 years old at the time) told my nephew (14 at the time) that he just loved picking his nose. "I just love it, and if I don't find anything in one nostril, I'll just pick the other" I was driving at the time and almost wrecked the car laughing. :)

Still sending prayers your way..

Shana Putnam said...

Prayers still going up for you all! Love and hugs!! I can not believe what that kid comes up with. Classic. He is classic for sure.

Saimi said...

Wow, I don't know where I've been but I'm sorry to hear about your mom, or your mother in law. Regardless that is such a hard thing to go through. I will definitely keep her and your family in my prayers!

As for that funny little man of yours...well...he's just too dang funny and CUTE!

Beth Zimmerman said...

God is so good to continue to allow rays of sunshine and bits of laughter into even our gloomiest days! Know that we love you and prayers continue!

TIFFANY said...

Still praying for your family.

Isn't it nice that God sends those little ones to bring us happiness during the hard times?

Foursons said...

What is vertigo? 'Cause when Jakob broke his ankle I almost passed out at the doctor's feet when he was showing us the X-ray. Is that what it is? I was sooooo embarrassed.

Jakob- who won't allow a fruit or vegetable to pass his lips- will eat his boogers. Ummmm, what?!

I JUST NOW got my internet back. I'm going to try to whip up my story but our air conditioner went out and the high today is 97 degrees. Can you see me melting through your computer? Oh my gosh- my living conditions are horrible. No internet, no air thing you know someone is going to expect me to live w/out my Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper. What is this world coming to?

RaD said...

HA! HA! HA! That was a great one and I'm sure some much needed laugh therapy for mama.

NaomiG said...

Oh, man, hang in there!

How could someone unfollow you? Phooey on them.

And, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA--you gotta love that he's at least thinking about it!! My 5YO and I just had a talk the other day about booger eating. So funny. She said when she was three she thought they tasted good, but now that she's five, they're pretty gross. The wisdom that comes with age, right?

Emmy said...

Lol! Those must be some good tasting boogers!

Definitely will keep your mom in my prayers

Michelle Pixie said...

I just love Itty Bit! I just got two out of the nose picking phase and now Monkey is joining the ranks. I think I am just going to throw my hands in the air and surrender! ;-)

I am so sorry to hear about the monster you all are battling. I am heartbroken for you and your family. I will send many, many prayers and wishes your way now and always. XXOO

stephanie said...

A. I can't believe someone unfollowed you. Lame.
B. I needed a good laugh- kids say the funniest things!!

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

DO YOU KNOW, I have to RE-FOLLOW your blog EVERY TIME I come to it?? What is UP with that?? Makes NO sense!

AND....just tell Itty Bit that the boogers have BUGS in them. HAHAHA

Sylvia Plathypus said...

LOL!!!! I'm going to nominate Itty Bit for his own show on Comedy Central!! He's funnier than anyone they've got, for sure! xD

I'm glad the emergency surgery went well, and I hope that in the days to come, you will be visited with enough strength to help you through the hellish ordeal of chemo. I'll keep your mama in my thoughts and prayers, and will be thinking of all of you as well!! I'd bet that Itty Bit will have enough humor to keep the laughs coming for your mom, which will make it easier for her to endure what's on the way. ;)

Unknown said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Kids are too funny. I am praying for your Mom. Praying so hard for a miracle. I know God can do it again.

He specializes in miracles and dreams.

Unknown said...

I've never met him, but I love him. We would definitely be friends.

Still praying for you and with you.

Mama4Real said...

Sounds like my 6 year old who's still picking and eating. Gross my stomach just lurched.

Amy said...

That boy is good for a laugh!

If you have to pass out... I would think the hospital is the best possible place! Not sure how to help you stop that though. Just don't look ;-) Nut!

I get so emotional when I pray for you dear. I am staying faithful to my prayer time though, even though it is overwhelming. I know it is nothing compared to what you guys are going through. Much love to you dear!

AiringMyLaundry said...

Your family is in my thoughts.

I always take it personally when people unfollow my blog as well.

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

So sorry about your Mom, I will be praying! And as far as your sweet boy's booger comments, well that's just pure gold, isn't it?!!! Thanks for the smile, I needed that!!

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