Monday, April 18, 2011

True Story Tuesday - The Clean Plate Club revisited


Balance.  We’re trying to find it.

And in all the official terminology overload and medication schedules that require a college degree, I’ve realized that the whole point of all of this… is lost if we don’t LIVE each day.

So this week, I wanted to rerun one of my favorite childhood tales from Mr. Daddy’s family.  Remember, you can’tbe excused until you’ve cleaned your plate :)


The Clean Plate Club

While reading Julie's Letter Of Intent last Friday, what she said about eating everything on your plate, and all the comments that followed sparked an ancient memory.

What she said about the Clean Plate Club, which we will refer to as the CPC for the rest of this story, is not how I remember it from my youth.

Now we must remember that my youth was a couple of decades ago. Wellllllllllll maybe a few more than a couple, but not many.

(Rach In: Honey, you are just TEMPTING PamD now, aren't ya?)

Now my parents being old school, as in being raised in the era of the Great Depression, had cause to be a fan of the CPC. In fact, the stories that they tell it is pretty much a given that you were just plain old thankful to have anything on your plate at all at times....

The purpose of my saying this is not to debate any theological, or social, or moral issues about whether or not you should or should not make your child eat all on their plate or not.

(Rach In: Haha, that was just to try to avoid the wrath of Julie...)

I am not qualified to say that if you make them eat everything they will be obese. Or if you let them leave whatever they want to they will be unthankful...

It is just plain fact that when I was growing up, if it was put on your plate, you ate it... Now in their defense it was always nutritional and balanced meals, with all the food groups represented in tasty and appealing ways (think Leave it to Beaver here and you will get the picture).

(Rach in: Sorry, I am having fits of giggles about that Leave It To Beaver thing... his mom IRONS their jeans, and uses bleach in the carwash soap. I am such an unfit housekeeper next to this family :)


The proportions were never huge unless we wanted more, and God help us if our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. Cause if you didn't finish it for dinner it would probably be served cold for breakfast....

Don't judge them, they are the best parents that I could of ever asked for. They raised three of their own and a hatful of other people's children to adulthood, and for the most part we are all pretty much normal.... normal (twitch) normal (twitch) normal (twitch, twitch)

Another thing I remember was you didn't talk back or sass, and you ALWAYS respected your elders, always....

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. was ALWAYS enforced.

Well we were having oysters for dinner, fried. Now I know that you can have them on the half shell, you can have them sauteed, you can have them grilled, or in soup... My Dad liked them fried. Dip them in flour and seasoning salt and fry them puppies to a golden brown and they are just nummy, now....Back then....Not so much...

If you are to get adventuresome and cut them open (like I did back then) you will even find a little nugget of green seaweed like stuff in the middle that will just gross you out.

Just saying......

So there I was bout an hour and a half past the time every one else had been excused from the table. Pushing my little pieces of oyster around on my plate, and eyeing that little green morsel of goop that was lurking on the edge of my plate...

(Rach In: OhMyLord, every one of us has been there, right?)

Now I'm guessing that my Dad had had just about enough of my postponing the inevitable.... And was going to assert his parental legislative authority, with full enforcement rights. And as the child protective services was just a gleam in some politician’s mind.. I am thinking with no restraints....

So the conversation was probably something like this...


but dad it doesn't taste good.


but dad it is cold.


but da---


Now I know that I am pushing the envelope here. My Dad is one of the nicest people I know now.

Back then a very strict disciplinarian...

dad it's gross


I was pushed past the limits of my 6-year old restraint. Throwing caution to the wind and daring the wrath of my Father. I sat up straight, crossed my arms and with the most petulant bravado that I could muster, I firmly stated....



staring straight ahead I awaited the full fury of my Dad....


I waited some more......

still nothing....

I dared a sideways peek,

no movement at all, just a ramrod stiff stance with a far away look on his face.

another peek.

just a slight twitching of his jaw...

"O" lord I was in for it now.

A little longer glance, A twitch with a slight upturning at the corner of his mouth...

I was outright gawking at him now; and to my amazement he was snickering, which quickly turned to a belly laugh...

And that my friends, is the only time in my youth that I can recall dodging the CPC.


(Rach In:  Aaaaand the irony: we have a 3-year old who would eat nothing but strawberries and peanut butter all day every day if we let him.  No oyster poop for this kid).



Loved it just as much as the first time I heard it.  And unfortunately I’ve been the recipient of that now-infamous quote many a time as I brought a home-cooked meal to the table, “If you like poop, YOU eat it…” *sigh*


True Story Tuesdays are all about those honest-to-goodness tales that get told every holiday – those family legends that just won’t die.  Got any?  We’d love to come around for some comment love!  Link ‘em up below and we’ll be by!


Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

I swear I do not remember seeing you at my youthful dinner table... but that conversation took plac my memory, I am sure of it!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

I ADORE this story
no wonder you guys are the vortex of awesomeness- you both have had awesome parents

Beth Zimmerman said...

We had the CPC at our house too! I remember one occasion involving Chow Mein (from a can) and a united front of children (3) refusing to eat it! And another occasion when I told my grandmother to go ahead and package my food up and send it to those starving children in Asia! Those must have been rare exceptions to the rule though because such things were not tolerated well. Especially mouthiness!

stephanie said...

This cracked me up! Because my parents were subscribers to the CPC too and my mom? Likes weird stuff and I mean really, really weird {that's saying a lot coming from a girl who loves raw oysters and sushi!} needless to say I now can eat just about anything thanks to the CPC :)

Diane said...

Ha ha! Love it!

Mrs. Mom said...

LOL I needed that today y'all!


Heather said...

That IS funny.
My dad had the same reaction when he told my brother not to pull my hair any more. He did, of course, and then hid behind the curtains with his little legs totally sticking out. My dad could not spank such devilishness.

Kmama said...

It's just as good the second time around as it was the first. So funny.

Foursons said...

You know, I had to click on my OWN link and read what the heck I had written about the CPC. I shouldn't have done that because now I am all up in arms again over that stupid situation.

I know it's memories like these that y'all are cherishing right now. Hang in there. I wish I could tell you it gets better soon, but you have a long road ahead of you. I'm here for whatever I can do from this side of the computer.

NaomiG said...

Hahahahha! Love it. It sounds as though we had the very same parents. Must be why we're awesome people, right?

kc said...

I must admit that my parents did not prescribe to the fact my mother was something of a 2 meal chef one meal for the family and one meal for me. (nah, I wasn't spoiled)

Great story!!

Stacy said...

How could he not laugh at that?? Too funny! I have been fortunate enough to not eat oyster thus far in life, and I'm pretty sure the likelihood is slim that I will eat them. No poop for me. ;)

Sandra said...

Never been a fan of the clean your plate, however, as a result of it, you've got a quote that will go down in family history: If you like poop, YOU eat it!

Shana Putnam said...

Holy cow, are we related?? Really I was raised that way to a point. My Mom was raised that way to a fault. let's just say my Grandpa was in the Navy and everything was respect, no sass and no mistakes. She was scared to make a mistake lol. My uncle still is that way with kids but my mom never made us clean our plate entirely if we truly ate and was full not just refusing. I just wish I could get Blaze to eat what I cook. I feel like this comment is in circles lol. Sorry. I love the story though and I would have had to laugh too. It would be hard to spank a kid when they said that.

This Lil Piglet said...

LOL; my parents did this exact same thing. I'm still giggling after reading this post; my dad loved to "experiment" so I know how you felt. My mom on the other hand burned everything she cooked so dads cooking was better any day.

Thinking back, I remember feeding my food to the dog under the table whenever they would turn their backs on me, or mush the food around the plate making it look like I was eating. On one occasion specifically during the summer when we ate outside at the patio table, my parents ran inside for something, I threw my cheeseburger over the fence into the neighbors yard. I now laugh at that but what a brat I was; I can only imagine how confused the neighbors were when they found a cheeseburger in their yard. Hehehe!

I meant to comment yesterday after linking up but I misjudged my timing and had to run Mr. Man to the Dentist for his fancy new braces. Sorry, I'm late. My story contribution isn't quite so funny but it is true and no doubt our family will talk about it for years to come. You have sparked a memory from my childhood for next week though that should be more humorous. :)

Kameron said...

Even the strictist of us parents have to crack up at the things the kids come up with! lol

Unknown said...

Oyster poop! Gross me out and call me Bertha! I am glad he got out of it that day.

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