Thursday, May 05, 2011

Letters of Intent: T-ball edition


If you ever take a single piece of advice from me, here it is:  Get thyself to a t-ball game STAT.

You will laugh.

You will (happy) cry.

You will quite possibly wet yourself while giggling madly.

This Letters of Intent brought to you by King Julien… the ultimate Baseball Mom:



Dear League Officials,

Whose idea was it to name our team the “Scrappers?”

Because when that t-ball game schedule went out, it listed all our games as “Scrapers”.

Which looks less sportsmanlike and more kitchenlike to me…



Just sayin’…


A Scrappy Scrapey Mom




Dear League Officials #2,

But I think I prefer the Scrapers.


Especially when I see part of the uniform and suddenly think we’re the CRAPPERS.

Which wouldn’t be appropriate at all.  Because these are a bunch of 4-year olds… they call each other doo-doo heads.  Thankyouverymuch.


A Cute Doo-Doo Head’s Mommy



Dear Other Team,

My bladder may not survive another game with you.

It started with your 3’ tall shortstop who reeeeaaaallly had to pee.  And I didn’t have the heart to capture it with my camera (cuz really, what mom wants to stumble across a random blog with a photo of her preschooler doing the pee-pee dance during a game?)

And while us parents had a good laugh at that… it was the following scenes that played out over and over again that had us dying on the sidelines.

See, your team has been coached to go hard after every ball.  EVERY KID AFTER EVERY BALL.

So thank you, Team Dogpile, for the craziness that was watching you get into pint-sized scuffles over each grounder:





(I completely missed photographing the insane 9-kid pileup that occurred in right field in the second inning… it was EPIC.  I think the catcher even jumped into it for good measure).

I’m only slightly afraid to send my kid to school with you guys…


The Momma Who Can’t Wait To Play You Guys Again




Dear Team Dogpile #2,

You guys deserve another letter.

The base race after the game was taken to a new level of hilarity as three of you boys decided to put on a lovely little belly dance for us.

Thank You Lord, I had my camera out.





Muchas Gracias for the chuckles,

The Woman Who Thinks That Coach Has His Hands Full




Dear Itty Bit,

I knew you could.


Your first at-bat with someone pitching to you…

and you hit an in-the-park homerun.


Nevermind that homeruns don’t exist in t-ball rules…

So stinkin’ proud of you, little bugger.



The Momma Who Embarrassed Your Daddy With Her Screaming




Ahh, there’s nothing quite like t-ball.  With any luck, I’ll get to pee myself tomorrow again too…


Buckeroomama said...

Woo hoo, Itty Bit!! =)

I really admire coaches --especially coaches of little kids' teams. I guess they get their "reward" from experiencing firsthand all the funny, amusing stuff the kids do. Now just imagine if these coaches are bloggers, too. Good blog fodder!

Allenspark Lodge said...


I'm sure you can post videos!



Lady Old Soul said...

x'D That is precious AND priceless!! Preciless? ;) Thank you for making my entire night!

singedwingangel said...

When my nephew was in Tball many moons ago we spent the whole game nearly falling off bleachers laughing. Like the fact that my nephew ran the bases backwards when he hit the " we don't call them home runs". One kid went to 3rd then over to first and tried to skip second all together cause he just like where 3rd was. We had the pee pee dancers too and he insisted on running the bases with his knees wedged together so tight a piece of paper could not have slid between them

Mom of M&Ms said...

I LOVE t ball.. but my girls have moved on.. and i thank you for letting me laugh until i wet my pants with itty bitty.... I miss it.. not that there is not fun to be awaiting you with coach pitch and player pitch.. although maybe it is more serious with baseball.. we play softball ya know!

Foursons said...

Girl, you are speaking my language. Or maybe that should be writing my language. I just sat and grinned through your entire post. I've been witness to the dog piles, the pee pee dances, the belly dances, and even the homeruns. It's always exciting and I make a spectacle of myself at almost every game.

I absolutely love the look on Itty Bit's face when he is running the bases for his homerun. Such determination!

When he gets a little older be sure to spend some time near the dugout. The conversations in that sacred place are priceless!

Thanks so much for linking up and I am glad that you are having such happy moments during such stressful times.

Kelly said...

ahhh....T-Ball....those were the days loaded with fun!

T-Ball in our town is very different, it's more babysitting than teaching, but still lots of fun!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Wonderful pictures! I loved watching Dylan play T-Ball. The games were so funny to watch! I almost wish we had opted for a second year of T-Ball instead of moving up to baseball!

stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, I literally laughed out loud. The crappers! I heart t-ball games!!

Tamar SB said...

Oh my goodness, you are too funny! And it is so true these games are the funniest and cutest by a longshot. A few days ago I walked by a tee-ball practice at the park by my apartment and saw the coach teaching the shortstop to throw to first. Well the short stop did that and the first base kid just stared out into space as the ball went wizzing by his nose! The moms and I were in fits of laughter!


kc said...

yay for t-ball season!! :)

Beth Zimmerman said...

Kids sports are filled with funny moments! Too bad not everyone can relax and enjoy them! Thanks for sharing the stories and the pictures!

Carrie B said...

Oh I loved T-ball! Too funny!
Soccer at that age is equally (funny) enjoyable. :)

NaomiG said...

I had NO IDEA what I was missing with this whole t-ball thing. Oh my goodness!! The dog pile team cracked me up! And itty bit--really? Could he BE ANY CUTER?! What a doll. I'd be screaming too... I'm the swimming momma who holds her breath with her children in the bleachers, and only breathes when they breath. Sometimes if I don't notice that they took a breath though, I almost pass out. Ha!

tattytiara said...

Way too funny. I'd definitely watch more sports if the players were kids!

Bethany said...

Love the pictures and the stories. I wish I could've witnessed one of those pile ups. Oh. MY. Word.

Way to go Itty Bit! That's awesome that he hit a home run!

Shana said...

Oh man, I am so missing out. Can't wait to sign Blaze up, even though I hate sports. Wait, why do I want to do this again? Oh yeah, for the I loved all the pics and Itty Bit, you are the man! Homerun baby! Rules, schmules, you did it.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Oh, you have 100% scared me to death for Asher to start T-ball next month!

Amy said...

Love the home run picture! BTW, are fans of your son's team called the "Scrappers' Clappers?"

K- floortime lite mama said...

adore the pics
sooo cute
a very happy mothers day to you
also wanted to with your mum and your mum-in-love how is she doing ?

Susan said...

Congrats to Itty Bit on the home run!! I'm having a GREAT time watching my 5 yr old grandson play pitched ball/T ball (if they miss the pitched ball three times, they hit off the T. What goes on in the field, though, is what brings us out to the ballpark for the laughs. I think we have some doo-doo heads on our team too. They still haven't learned that they're not supposed to leave the field to play with whoever's dog is in the crowd of fans.

robin said...

Hilarious!!! LOL!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

HA!! Are you sure you weren't at our game last week - it sounds pretty similar!!! The pig piles, the fights for the ball...the small children running with desperation in their eyes, hoping to ge tto the potty on time!!

Aunt Crazy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE t-ball!!! When Chance was in t-ball, Uncle Bubba was his coach. Uncle Bubba is of the mindset that no parent would think he gave his kid special treatment, so Chance batted at the bottom of the order and played outfield. This infuriated my sweet 5 year old, who only want to bat FIRST and play PITCHER, cuz all t-ball kids wanna bat first and play pitcher, even though they don't pitch. During one game, we look to the outfield to see Chance climbing over the outfield fence. When we got to him and asked WTF he was doing, he said if he couldn't bat first and play pitcher, well then he was just GOING HOME!!!

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