Thursday, May 26, 2011

Letters of Intent–Outta Juice


Dear Texaco Manager,

You know it’s bad when the GAS STATION runs out of gas, right?

It would have been really helpful if you had put up some signs or something.  Instead… you watched me through a window as I tried 1400 ways to make the pump work.  Then moved my car to try another pump.

out of gas

And in the end… I got exactly eleven cents charged to my credit card.

Being the OCD chick that I am, I certainly DO need that receipt…

And it sucks that you were out of PAPER too.



So I sent Mr. Daddy in to get a receipt… not because I was ashamed of asking for an eleven cent receipt, but because I was getting really grumpy that we stopped for gas and were late to Itty Bit’s t-ball game - and STILL running on fumes.

(You’re welcome… Mr. Daddy was much nicer than I would have been.)


So I grumbled about the

“they shoulda put a sign up about being out of gas”

and the

“can they at least refill the receipt thing?”



the kicker was still to come.


As we pulled out, I realized that you were back in your previous original spot… sitting outside of the pumps on concrete step…






(insert sound effect)


You’ve Officially UnEarned My Business



Dear Itty Bit,

I’m sorry.

I couldn’t help it.

Genetics are impossible to predict.

But I sure am sorry that you got your Momma’s OUCH gene.

Tickle Ouch

(How did we both do this in the same week???)


Your Momma Who Is Helmet Shopping



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Kitchen Belleicious said...

i LOVE it. I would have done the same thing but insted of getting the mister I would have gave him a piece of my mind myself (depending on how mad I actually was) you see mister doesn't get mad like that and he would have been to nice in my book! LOL!

Kmama said...

I can't believe they didn't have a sign. And just how do you run out of gas?? That's just crazy.

stephanie said...

That's crazy- smoking at a gas station is way up there on the list of worst ideas ever!

Shana said...

That is insane about the gas station but oh my goodness, the cuteness that came from that giggle made my day!! Bless his heart, bonking his head like that lol. You two can wear matching helmets ;) Check out Facebook to see the new member of our family by the way.

Susan said...

You managed to show life's balance perfectly today: the frustrating ineptitude of some adult people.........and the child's perfect giggle—which is the BEST bandage for most of life's annoyances.

heather said...

What an idiot.

I don't expect him to be in business much longer. Luckily.

Foursons said...

No gas??!! What in the world? And the smoking- Idiots. Proof positive that you don't need to be intelligent in order to have a job.

Itty Bit's giggle is the best sound EVER. How does it sound to you? I hate to think that you miss out on that.

Thanks for linking up admist all your stress. Praying for you daily.

Foursons said...

Oh and him hitting his head on the arm of the chair- that SO would happen in my house too. Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

He has the most contagious laugh!!

Heather said...

he has the BEST laugh.

Tamar SB said...

There is a gas station near my mom's house that is out of gas 360 days a year - seriously! And they have a sign but you need a microscope to see it! And I am with you - I always get a receipt!

And that video - he is too cute!

Saimi said...

Smoking + Gas = Stupidity

Cute boy + infectious laugh = ADORABLE!

GunDiva said...

Guess he thought it would be okay to smoke out there since they were OUTTA GAS! Idiot.

And Itty Bit - totally saw that one coming. You two will be the concussion twins :)

RaD said...

Awww... all those giggles put a smile on my face, even with the poor boy's bump on the head.

Yeah, a sign woulda been nice. Maybe you need to give them a sign (and no, I don't mean the finger). :)

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