Saturday, May 21, 2011

Uncalled For


There’s a special kind of danger in being a deaf chick who can speak.


I’m afraid this dude learned it today.



See, he called.

And the phone rang and rang and rang until I saw the light.

The beauty of Caller ID: I knew at once that he was the guy I’d been waiting for.


Poor Itty Bit was confused as his momma grabbed the phone and quickly punched TALK.


Hi!  Sorry… not interested… we’re being raptured today!”




Allenspark Lodge said...

Oh Rachel. You need to patent your sense of humor. Thanks for giving my morning a great start!

Allenspark Lodge said...


I once told a door to door salesman that "The voices told me to beware of false prophets today", and then I stared at him intently without speaking until he got really uncomfortable and left.

Yours was WAY EASIER! (And funnier!)


stephanie said...

Too funny!! I'm sure he was like what?!

A MilShelb Mom said...

hahaha! Too funny!

Foursons said...

Oh how I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in his office!

Just looked closer at your header. It is cut off a bit on the right on my computer. Very odd. I'll resize again.

NaomiG said...

Hahahahahaha! Love it. I hate the "bad" hype that guy has given the rapture though... so annoying.

One time a meat salesman knocked on my door. He tried to sell me beef, I said no way, we get it from a local farmer. He tried to sell me pork, I said same thing. He said, we sell chicken and fish, I said, no thanks, we're not vegetarians. He started to argue with me, but I gave him "the look" and he backed slowly away from my door. :-)

Tamar SB said...

HAHAHA that is great!!

sara said...

LOL!!! that is great!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...


Sarah said...

LOL, the perfect excuse!! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE it... and Bill, I shall use your line in the future...

Brandi said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Darn, we were cracking jokes all day... too bad no one called the house. ;)

Saimi said...

A woman of few words, but at least they're the right ones!! HA!! You're a funny one!

robin said...

LOL!!!!! Love it!!!

Shana said...

I will tell you again like I told you before, Awesome. Pure awesome.

Kelly said...

That was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!

Dyann said...

Love it.

Love your wit.

Love you.

And Julie, thanks for tweaking the header. It was messing with my head.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I wish I had thought to do that! It would have made my day all day long! :) You're just a delight to my heart, Miss Rachel! Love you!

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